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10 Proven Strategies To Increase The Page Views Of Your Blog.

Discussion in 'General Business' started by PraiseJoshua8, Nov 17, 2019.

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  1. PraiseJoshua8

    PraiseJoshua8 New Member



    Okay, you've just given birth to a new blog, it looks really cool and nice, you love it, you are very happy about your new blog, and then you sat down, feeling relaxed and waiting for those visitors to come to check on your newly created blog or website.

    You've waited for some days, weeks or months. But the visitors are still not coming.

    You have introduced your blog to your friends, your family members and some other few people have seen it. At least it's very good seeing those page views by your friends and family members a few days after starting your blog are encouraging. But after that, the problem gets frustrating.

    But you are not left alone with those feelings. According to the research that was made by Brand New Blog, 86.7% of 700,000 new websites have less than 10 visitors per day!

    I don't want to hurt you, but I have to let you know. Those statistics are meant to change in time to come, and it will get worse.


    The biggest challenge of a new website/blog owner according to research is - getting visitors to their new website. Making that connection within your article and your visitors is not easy, that is why these days, it is usually been said that spend 20% of your time to create an article, and 80% percent of your time to promote it. That is just how hard it is to get visitors to your site. Is really hard these days


    Firstly the way you think about getting traffics to your website/blog is wrong. Just like I said early, getting traffics to your website/blog is hard, so the traffic of your website/blog won't change, except you work hard to get those traffic.

    Many people dream about creating a new website/blog that goes viral immediately but is not so, is just like playing a gamble, is either you win or lose.



    If you are using Google AdSense, Yahoo publisher or any AdSense network traffics helps your revenue increase immensely. The more page views, the more the money comes in, but how do you get your audience to read more than one page when they visit your site? How do you make them keep clicking on more pages on your blog?

    Here Are 10 Proven Strategies To Increase The Page Views Of Your Blog.

      • Produce Pages Inside The Blog That Contain Reference Material You Visit Usually In Your Posts.

    These static pages will get crawled and indexed by the search engines and as you write posts regarding your topics you'll be able to refer individuals to those static pages as a reference...

    • Use Articles As Static Pages.

    Write quality articles as much as you can. Remember content is king, so have enough valuable content on your website /blog, then refer individuals to browse the articles that relate to the post you're creating. You’ll even add one article as a brand new page on every occasion you create a post.

    • Use Alternative Posts.

    This method is also one of the best methods to implement on your website/blog. Us the alternative post you have created on your website/blog or on another one amongst your blogs whereas posting. This gets the reader to click over to previous posts. you'll be able to even decide your posts by browsing previous posts and deciding that one to follow. Those archives don't seem to be lost and forgotten. Its nice material, (you wrote it right?), so use it.

    • Produce A Page That Links To Your Favorite Posts That Are Dateless.

    You browse your previous posts, realize posts that you just need readers to search out, then build a links page with those posts directly joined. Then add a link to its page from your front page. Make it a favorite post. you also increase your page views by those who click through and follow those links.

    • Make Us Of The "More" Tag.

    You write your post as traditional, then decide wherever you would like to interrupt the post up onto a brand new page. You set the additional tag in and browsers got to click to a brand new page to read the remainder of the story.

    • Write A Series Post, Once Per Week.

    This is a special method for engaging your audience to your content. This method will always make them come back to your website/blog. These square measure a series of articles on a selected topic. You may offer it once per week giving readers every week to discuss it, then have them hanging on for next week's special post within the series. Anytime add links to previous posts therein series.

    • Exploit Your Content From Your Alternative Websites Or Blogs.

    The exploitation of your content from your alternative websites or blogs is additionally an excellent thanks to getting additional page views for all of them. Use the target new tag and check with material on your alternative blogs and websites.

    It'll open a brand new window deed the present blog open whereas they visit your alternative web site or blog. You’ll be able to quickly double up your page views whereas conjointly introducing your readers to your alternative websites and blogs.

    • Build An Inventory Of Ten Previous Posts And Also The Links To Those Posts.

    Build a post in your blog regarding ten stuff you need your readers to grasp and skim just in case they’ve not seen them before, mostly for the new visitors that are visiting your website/blog. At your suggestion they're going to a minimum of go see if they need to browse those posts before, increasing your page views yet again and transfer previous material to new readers. That conjointly lets them understand they must browse the archives for things they need incomprehensible.

    • Exploit That Very Same List Of Ten Posts Or A Brand New One, Visit Alternative Blogs On Your Topic.

    Realize posts that name one thing almost like one amongst those ten posts, then rather than adding a link in your signature to the house page, build a comment there and check with the post that's similar which contains useful data to the blogger and their readers. You may even be increasing your link quality whereas doing this.

    Don’t spam the link. Ensure it really contains helpful data. Don’t be trolls or spammers and you may find yourself with new readers and additional page views for your blog.

    • Don’t Stop Being Inventive.

    Use the information during this article, and invent a number of your own ways to interlink your blogposts along. Produce pages. Do not simply post and forget. That content is efficacious, use it. Don’t let your readers search your blog, they're lazy and busy. Bring it to them, that's simply the best and smart client service.

    I hope this article helps you learn that there are additional ways to blogging than simply writing a post once in an exceedingly whereas or perhaps daily. If you use the ideas I simply gave you, I guarantee your page views will increase drastically, and that successively will increase your revenue if using an advertising program in your blog.


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    SOURCE: https://www.supersuccesstips.com/2019/11/10-proven-strategies-to-increase-page.html#

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