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10 Websites That You Can Make Money Online in Nigeria

Discussion in 'General Business' started by Victor, Nov 25, 2017.

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  1. Victor

    Victor Member

    Have you been wandering how you can make money online easily without having a blog or going through too much stress? There are ways this people make money online this days from already existing websites.
    images (1).jpg
    Before now you must have seen some website that say you get paid for every view to the website from your giving link, The truth is that no body will pay you for just a view to their website.

    All this post I will give you a legitimate means yo make money online.

    This time you don't need a blog or any thing similar. All you need is internet connection and phone or computer that work well.

    If you are in possession of this items then you need to move to the other steps but if you don't then you need to get then or consider cyber-cafe as the next option.

    Top 5 website to Make Money Online In Nigeria

    1. Information hood

    Information hood is an online information center, they have live update platform for sharing anything happening in your location, in that update platform everyone can write post easily, give the world live updates.

    Information hood doesn't pay for the live update center, it only made for people to get inform end of what is happening somewhere and everyone is allowed and advice to share details there, though some people now make money with it by sharing affiliate links and so on. Information hood only award the best 5 post sharing whom their post made the best share and views.

    The area make regular money is the main information hood platform. They made that platform to give vital infos to people. To make money you need to apply as their writer. If you any information that you know could be of help with other readers such as how to do, relationship tips, travel tips and experience, where to, when to etc. Information hood pay N200 naira for every informative post. If you made a video for the post and the content if above 2k words, then you get paid N1,000 for each post.

    Some people are currently making N3,000 and above every days.

    3 post with video make you 3k.
    15 post without video make you 3k

    If we should calculate N3,000 x 30days = N90,000 monthly. If you post hit monthly highest view, you also get reward of N20,000.

    I got a pay of N21,400 three (3) days ago for my last two weeks articles.

    They pay every two weeks.

    You can write about anything but it must be unique, they almost ban my account with them 2 months ago when I copy and post content so you must make sure you only post unique article content. I think they need good result for what they are paying for.

    I started with travel article where I was writing how to locate any .... In Nigeria and when I ran out of location I know how to travel to, I ask them to swift me to products review category which I'm also making money from affiliate because they allowed me to add affiliate link to any of my post but must not be much.

    I have find this even more better than having a blog because this month I have hit 28,000 with them which will be paid 4days from now.

    To register for informationhood writer, email support@informationhood.com

    1. Adfly

    Adfly is a link shorter network that allow people to shorten their link. She. You click on a link shorting with adfly, it will first take you to an advert page where adverts are displayed and let you to wait for over 15 seconds to allow you skip advert. That is where the owner make money.

    You need to register with them to allow you archive that. They pay $5 dollar for 10k clicks.

    To make money with this, go to any trending news from any website and copy the link to adfly and then shorting and it share it with your Facebook and WhatsApp friends .

    To register visit https://adf.ly

    I will be back with the next 8 websites soon. I'm still testing them out.

    So for now this are the top websites which you can make money from in Nigeria.
  2. Andrew

    Andrew Moderator Staff Member

    Facebook is another place to make money if you know what you are doing.

    You can as well make money from jumia and konga through affiliates marketing.
  3. ujoh

    ujoh Member

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