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25 Business To Start With 50,000 - 100,000 Naira In Nigeria

Discussion in 'General Business' started by Lisa, Jul 10, 2018.

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  1. Lisa

    Lisa Moderator Staff Member

    Hello friends, good day to you all. On this article I want to share with all of you list of 20 business you can start with as small as 20,000 naira in nigeria and make good amount of money from in no long run.

    If you have up to 50k in your account and have been searching for the business to start with it then you can give this business a trial and i'm sure you will be happy by God grace. Below are the list just take your time to read it all.

    1. Sales of foreign used cloths, bag and shoes.

    I'm going to start at the point as it's one of the most lucrative business in Nigeria today. This business can be empowered by 50,000. You can as well start this business at a lesser amount and higher amount. If you have up to 100,000 naira then you can go for it in advance way by buying and selling in bulk to end users.

    There are many places you can get this cloths in Nigeria. One of the common place to buy bail of cloths is Lagos. There are several markets to get the used cloths, bags, and shoes at a cheaper wholesale in Lagos state. I have a good idea of the Nigerian army shopping arena, in Oshodi. Just get there and ask for the warehouse section where they sell okreka.

    You cab decide to have a shop or start locally. From this business you can make over 60k profit weekly if you are selling your product faster in Nigeria. In a bale of okreka cloths cost 50 - 70k, inside you could find over 400 cloths and some of this cloths could be sold for 500 naira and 1,000 naira and above. If you should make your calculation very well you will you will discover that you will be making over 150,000 from each bale of cloth you buy. Same goes to shoesand bags.

    To start okreka business, go to any of the warehouse and get the product you know you can sell faster. Good luck my friend.

    2. Yoghurt Production

    Yoghurt is one of the consumed liquid in Nigeria and going into the business is not that hard or difficult to start. As for me I would advice you go into the deep down part of it which is the production. As a producer you nerd to acquire some minor materials such as milk, packaging, brand name, name registration and more of it is deep freezer.

    With 50,000 naira you can start this business but may will be in a low or medium level. However with 100,00 or more you would Br able to start a good medium level. If you have interest in milk productions then this article will be helpfu to you.

    Before you begin let's still discuss more of this business. In the milk drink market today, yoghurt can not carry last however there are so many producer of the product already in Lagos but that doesn't mean you can't start, we only need a new unique advertisement method.

    My idea will be to employ lot of hawkers at the start and when you make money Fron it the introduce it to the Nigeria market fully with advert. You can run online campaign and severe tv advertisements, YouTube is a best place to run tv ads.

    Market your yoghurt to ice cream sellers and so many other wholesale and retailers in the market.

    Take your yoghurt to different states and cities. All of this required money however you can start small and grow to this level if you are focus and aimed success. So many business you see today start small before they grow to this state.

    To start your yoghurt production, you need a space, you can start from your home if you have enough space there or even get a good space somewhere if you think you can afford it.

    Earlier on I mentioned name registration and so on. You can start your yoghurt business 4-6 months before you conclude weather you want to go into it fully. If you ate OK with the nature of the business then you can proceed with brand name registration.

    Note that you need a attractive packaging and more over a nice logo for your brand. I have no idea how much the package carn cost right now but i'm pretty sure it will be between 20-30 naira if you are producing large quality. Label will still be between 10-20 naira depend on the quality as well. You can learn how to register a business name in Nigeria here http://new.cac.gov.ng/home/registration-steps/

    Here is the result i gor when i search for empty bottle producers in Nigeria on vconnect https://m.vconnect.com/nigeria/list-of-empty-bottle-vendors-search_p8435?page=1

    Go on to and start your production. Note that you will as well required to get nafdac approval. It's very necessary. You can learn how to process nafdac approval on the nafdac website here http://www.nafdac.gov.ng/food/

    3. Popcorn Business

    I have always talk about the popcorn business in Nigeria. Most people look it common while some others appreciate it and have started making money from it. On Informationhood this business was among the top businesses to start in Nigeria, this is to tell you the level of the business. You are not a fan of popcorn doesn't mean other don't love having it. If you have an idea it time to elevate it and make money out of it.

    Popcorn business can be advance into a company if you have interest for it and have the mindset of entrepreneur. To be an entrepreneur is to think beyond what others think and put it into practice. If there are coco pops and tom tom sweet company in Nigeria how much is popcorn business.

    Sweet is just 10 Naira. While popcorn is 100 naira. The consumption of pop is 60x higher than consumption of TomTom sweet in Nigeria.

    Today go to cinema's you will find people buying small cup of popcorn for 200 naira and above. Different places and occasions people are buying popcorn. In health, I have read so many health benefit of popcorn including the fact that it help reduce constipation.

    With 50,000 you can start a small scale popcorn production business and with 100,000 and above you can start a standard popcorn production business or company. You only need production machine, corn, milk, honey and sugar. In addition to make it huge you need packaging nylon with name label on it, ceiling machine.

    Marketing strategy

    To market your popcorn is easy. I'm not asking you to start a local popcorn production this time. It time to advance it to a company standard, you can do this if you have the ability to go through the requirements. They are not going to cost you much but they required some physical efforts.

    1. Register a business name
    2. Get nafdac approval
    3. Do some good marketing.
    Register you business name

    You can register your business name easily in Nigeria without stress. It is good to register tour popcorn business name. It will not only make your a company but will motivate you to work hard on it and get more serious. You can learn everything about how to register a business name here https://www.informationhood.com/register-business-name-nigeria-registration-form-needed-know/

    For you to sell you product to the poblic as company you need a nafdac approval. It's not expensive to acquire and doesn't take too much time. You can submit you product for approval easily. You can learn how to get nafdac approval here https://www.informationhood.com/how-to-get-nafdac-approval-in-nigeria-registration-process/


    To archive success in the business is easy with good thinking. You don't need to sell your popcorn by yourself alone the street. This time meet with chips sellers and other cookies sellers and introduce your popcorn to them with good price.

    When you grow you can run tv and redio advert, create a website for your popcorn, run online campaign for your popcorn, get people to know about your popcorn and many more. Time to use your head to implore more idews and grow in this business.

    Note that I will be back to continue this thread. Until it gets to 25 I will not leave the post. If you have idea or any question drop it below. I will make sure I reply on time.
    Last edited: Jul 10, 2018
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  2. olufunke tayo

    olufunke tayo New Member

    Thanks for this post Lisa, kindly assist with business ideas that one can run while still on a job.
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  3. serome

    serome Administrator Staff Member

    You can do freelance jobs
  4. Jide

    Jide New Member

    Please enlighten me on this freelance work pls

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