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300%ROI on your investment, no referrals, no buying, no selling

Discussion in 'General Business' started by Paul Daramola, Jan 12, 2018.

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  1. Paul Daramola

    Paul Daramola New Member

    Hello, welcome to bitclubadvantage, the fastest growing online investment scheme where your money works for you

    We are in a very dynamic world where a lot of changes are happening everyday

    The way things were done 10 years ago is no longer how it is done nowadays and it has become imperative that for anyone to remain relevant, he or she has to flow with this change or be left behind.

    For those that don’t know WE ARE NOW IN THE ERA OF DIGITAL CURRENCIES…

    Cryptocurrencies is taking over paper currencies and very soon, the banks will become almost irrelevant. One company that has come to adapt us to this change is known as BITCLUB ADVANTAGE and that is the opportunity I am presenting to you in this article.

    Bitclub advantage’s head office is located in Brazil at International Trade Centre and also have head office in UK. The CEO is named Alex Pereri.

    They have commissioned their offices in Hongkong, UK, Germany, Spain, France etc, likewise in Africa (Kenya, Uganda, South Africa etc.)

    Bitclub Advantage was brought from Kenya to Nigeria in May, 2017. The company has been in business for over 6 years in Brazil and other European countries.

    In a very simple term, Bitclub Advantage specializes in trading Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, etherium, ripples, etc. and the profit generated is shared amongst investors. Just like Forex traders trade in hard currencies.

    You will agree with me that cryptocurrencies is trending and millionaires are being made daily from it. It’s our turn to take part in the Global wealth using the platform created by BITCLUB ADVANTAGE..

    The BIG question any smart person should ask is how do I Invest and become a part of this great opportunity?

    There are 7 different packages you can choose to join the company with

    1. Client Partner Invest #12,600

    Daily earning #117.60,
    Weekly earnings #588
    Monthly earnings #2,587

    2. Client Basic Invest #23,100

    Daily earning #235
    Weekly earnings #1,176
    Monthly earnings #5,174

    3. Client Bronze Invest #45,780

    Daily earnings #567
    Weekly earnings #2,835
    Monthly earnings #12,474

    4. Client Silver Invest #110,880

    Daily earnings #1,423
    Weekly earnings #7,110
    Monthly earnings #31,290

    5. Client Gold Invest #215,880

    Daily earnings #2,851
    Weekly earnings #14,250
    Monthly earnings #62,706

    6. Client Premium Invest #432,180

    Daily earnings #5,707
    Weekly earnings #28,530
    Monthly earnings #125,538

    7. Client Black Invest #852,180

    Daily earnings #12,927
    Weekly earnings #64,646
    Monthly earnings #284,449

    This above earnings is without referring anybody. You don’t have to refer people to make money from this program. If you decide to refer anyone to join, that is only an avenue to make more money.

    The company shares profit generated from trading daily with all the investors depending on the package they purchased. There is no easier and genuine way to make money with Cryptocurrencies than this juicy opportunity.

    Understand that the company is not asking you to recruit anybody before you earn. You get paid from Monday to Friday till you have earned 300 percent of your investment within a duration of 50 – 52 weeks.

    If you want to earn more bonuses from the program, just try and invite at least 2 people so you can earn direct bonuses from their investment and indirect referral bonuses from their referrals.

    It would also interest you to know that it doesn’t matter who register the person, as long as they are in your network, you will continue to earn from all registration till infinity.

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