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5 Places To Get Soft Loan In Nigeria Without Collateral

Discussion in 'Finance' started by Angela, Aug 22, 2018.

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  1. Angela

    Angela Member

    Loan is very important to finance businesses but in Nigeria no bank want to give individuals loan and even with your business, there won't still give you. For those who hope to start new business, there is not need to think about going to the bank to get money because it won't even work. I have make my research and have come up with this amazing places where you can get loan in Nigeria without having to provide collateral or too many things.
    Loan in nigeria.jpg
    This companies will give you money depending on how much you are earning monthly. Some of them give little amount of cash for the beginning and increase your loan limit as you are able to pay back on time. this is to say you will have to pay back loan on time if you want the amount you will get next to increase. Some of them can give you upto 4million naira depending on your business and how much you make from it. This is to say if you run out of cash to place order or you company is facing some financial challenges you can get a loan to resolve it and power your business and but paying back your loan without troubles.

    5 Best Places to get loan in Nigeria without Collateral

    1. Renmoney
    Renomeyng.com is a loan company in Nigeria, you can invest in there or get loan from them. They have good loan structure. You can get loan of up to 4 million naira without hard stress. For things you need to get loan from renmoney you can read this article All you need to know about renmoney loan and learn more about it.

    2. Fair Money Loan
    Fair money is another loan company in Nigeria that gives personal loan, education loan and business loan. Getting loan from them as still very easy just like the renmoney. You can get money within minutes of no stress from fair money. The amount they will give you depend on how much you earn or you business make monthly. You can check their website here for more details. https://fairmoney.ng/

    3. Palm Money Loan
    I have not tried this myself or know of anyone that has collected money from here but a friend of mine recommended it to m e. Thay have app on playstore but i couldn't gather more details from them so i won't be talking much on it. If you care you care you can do the research yourself to know more about them.

    4. Micro Finances Banks
    This ajor of a thing is really causing problem but what can people do since they need money. If you have a good business you can try any micro finance bank to see if you can get good amount of loan there.

    5. Local Daily Contribution Agencies
    Those daily contribution agencies make money from loan they give out. Most times they will be the one encouraging you to take loan from them. You can visit any daily contribution agencies you know to inquire for loan. 85% guarantee you will get loan from them if you have a good reason for the loan.
    Please be careful of anybody that will tell you to pay some amount of money to get loan. It doesn't work like that. Don't pay anybody any money to get loan, they are to give you money not you giving them.

    If you know of somewhere that is legitimate to get loan in Nigeria, you can drop it below.
  2. Lisa

    Lisa Moderator Staff Member

    Wow.. thanks for this post. Your writeup is amazing and with the of helping other. God bless. i will check some of this people out.
  3. serome

    serome Administrator Staff Member

    Thanks for this information, i have tried renmoney sometimes now but they give loan to you only if you are a salary earner or you have your business registered with CAC and thei process is really easy. I'm hearing about the Fair Money how do the operate and what is the maximum amount someone can get from them?
  4. Ebuka

    Ebuka Member

    Can they give a new business upto 500k and what is their teams? I mean Renmoney
  5. BMAC

    BMAC New Member

    Very useful information, thank you.
  6. Folorunsho Michael

    Folorunsho Michael New Member

    How about agriculture loan. Its not base on monthly pay
  7. Tilda123

    Tilda123 New Member

    There are many private firms that can give you a "fast loan" It is a good idea for you, if you need a loan for a short period. What loans are given to all. They do not require many documents. This is very convenient if you need money urgently. But be careful. Do not fall for the scammers who want to take possession of your personal data. There are special services for checking mail. verify email address api is one of this programs. Use it before sending documents!!
  8. Benjamin Ade

    Benjamin Ade New Member

    Are you in need of a quick loan without collateral? We offer quick loans to individual and alsp provides Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) finance/business loans across Nigeria

    Our interest rate is a fixed 10% of the loan amount you received from us, and you are to repay the full amount in 3 months (90 days) with the 10% interest.
    You can borrow as much as N250,000 (Two hundred and fifty thousand naira) without any collateral.

    What you need:
    A valid and active email address,
    A valid phone number we can use to reach you
    A means of identification ( passport or driver licence or voter card),
    A statement of you bank account not older than 3 month.

    To apply, send an email to agent17Ben@gmail.com

    1: You will not be required to make any payment before the loan disbursement. You only begin repayment after getting the loan.

    2: Please ensure that your personal data are authentic and genuine to prevent blacklisting, denial of service.

    3: We will never ask you to share your debit card details.

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