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8 Trusted Websites For Nigerian Freelancer To Get Jobs

Discussion in 'General Business' started by foster04, Feb 13, 2019.

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  1. foster04

    foster04 Member


    Do you have a skill and would want to make some money out of it but you are not sure where you can advertise yourself and succeed as a Nigerian? Not to worry we got you covered.

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    One of the hindrances anyone can face when it comes to freelancing is their geographical location and Nigeria is one of those disadvantage countries.

    The era of having to stick to a 9 to 5 job is gradually fading away and freelancing is taking over as it gives you the freedom to work from where ever you want and at your own pace; you become the boss of yourself and determine how much you make for every job you do.

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    As a freelancer, you are not obligated to be in any office at any particular time or take orders from any boss as you can work from the comfort of your home or where best suits you and get jobs done on your own terms.

    Thankfully in Nigeria today many youths have been exposed to this awesome venture and are using it to better their lives financially.

    Instead of having to employ permanent staff to handle a particular project when the need arises, companies and individuals are turning to freelancers to help get the job done on part-time bases which makes it easy for freelancers to work with as many clients as they want and at any time.

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    PIGGYBANK: a very secure online savings platform that makes saving possible (affiliate)

    Freelancers are beneficial to organizations as they help reduce the stress of hiring permanent staff and the cost of training them is reduced.

    How Do I Start Freelancing

    There are a few things you need to put in place for you to start freelancing and they include:

    A Skill: This is what you will be selling to your clients so as to make money. This may include logo designs, web development, freelance writing etc.

    Freelance Website: This is where you will be able to connect with clients both local and international. You have got to sign up to these websites and set up a profile so people can hire you.

    Most of the freelance website out there are restricted to some regions which makes it difficult for others to access them.

    Who Can Sign Up To A Freelance Website

    This freelance website accepts two kinds of people:

    Sellers: These are for people who have a skill they want to offer to people and in return get paid. There are different skills you can offer which includes freelance writing, web development voice over, data entry etc.

    Buyers: These are for those who need people to do a particular job for them. If you need someone to do a logo for you, you can visit these freelance websites to hire a freelancer

    In this article, I will be listing out 8 freelance websites that Nigerians can join to get freelance jobs.

    Fiverr is considered to be the biggest platform for freelancers as they offer a wide range of services (gigs) people can sell and make money. No matter the freelance job you want to be done you can always get it on fiverr. This is why most companies and individuals looking for people to do a part-time job for them turn to fiverr first before heading over to any other website. I personally love this platform as it was where I got my first writing job and made my first money on the internet before I started my blog.

    Fiverr is free to join and is a favorite for most Nigerian freelancers. Depending on the skills you offer, you can make up to $100 a day using this platform.

    Freelancer can be described as a crowdsourcing marketplace where millions of sellers and buyers converge from all over the world. On this platform, buyers post jobs and allow sellers (freelancers) bid for them and the one with the most reasonable price wins. No matter your skills you can sell it on freelancer.com. Whether you are a professional or a beginner you can join this platform to start getting freelance jobs. This website is free to join.

    When it comes to getting freelance jobs as a Nigerian, upwork is one of the trusted websites to join. This platform allows for easy connection with both sellers and buyers so as to meet each other’s needs. On this platform, buyers can easily browse through the available services on the website so as to pick what they need. Upwork is one of the most secure platforms for freelancers as they have a tool that helps fish out, fake sellers and buyers. This website is also free to join.

    Guru is a freelance website which makes it easy for buyers to quickly hire skilled and professional freelancers to carry out a task. Just like other freelance websites when buyers post a job, sellers will have to submit a bid to get the job. This platform allows buyers to quickly and easily get a freelancer or groups of freelancers to carry out a task using their comprehensive dashboard to streamline their activities.

    99 Designs
    99designs is a freelance platform that focuses on a particular style (designing), unlike every other freelance website. If you are skilled at designing logos, graphic designs, web design etc. then this website is what you should consider join. This platform also gives freelancers the opportunity to participate in designing contest and when you win, you get paid. You can also enhance your skills by using the numerous tips and materials the platform offer to grow your business.

    Asuqu is the place to go when it comes to hiring freelancers from Nigeria. Just like other freelance websites, Asuqu is a marketplace to buy and sell professional services in Nigeria. This website not only helps freelances but is a place for SME’s and startups can get more information and increase their knowledge base.

    Yokebay is one of Nigerians biggest freelance platforms where freelancers in Nigeria can join to get jobs. This website offers a lot of categories to fit all types of freelance job you offer. Irrespective of whether you are a professional or beginner you can always get something to do on yokebay. You are able to set your own price for any service you offer.


    Toptal is a freelance website that is solely created, professionals. You must be well grounded in the skills you offer to be able to get jobs on Toptal. This website is opened to skilled professionals in developing, designing and financial experts can sign up to this website. There are various things that Total looks before accepting a freelancer to sign up which includes: fluent in English, have technical knowledge of your field etc. as a buyer, all you have to do is notify Toptal team of the services you are looking for and they will help you find the right person for the job.

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