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Aliexpress and Alibaba Which is More Safe or Better to Buy Products From

Discussion in 'General Business' started by serome, May 6, 2018.

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  1. serome

    serome Administrator Staff Member

    Aliexpress and alibaba which is more safe and better to buy products from China to Nigeria? Hello guys. happy sunday proudnairans. I want to take this opportunity to ask a very relevant question that I have been waiting to ask for a while.
    alibaba and aliexpress which is safe and better to buy products.jpeg
    For this of us who want to go into importation or products such as phone, accessories, laptop and it accessories from China to Nigeria. Which of this platform would you recommend we buy from? According the recent to my importation guide many who are into importation recommend buying online. Some of you recommended aliexpress and some alibaba while other madeinchina.

    I a beginner with not much money, one have to be careful even with the rate of yahoo boys these day, one need to be extremely careful. I have been wanting to ask, how can one be sure of the seller?

    Very important question, aliexpress and alibaba which of them is more better to import from? I as well mean which one of them is more safer.
  2. Evawere

    Evawere Member

    Aliexpress is very safe but things there are more expensive. Though alibaba is not 100% safe you can as well play safe by using escow payment, which means you will pay the seller but the money will be held in escow, then the seller will be ask to send the item to you. When you get the item then you login to the escow and click received before the money credit to the seller.

    It of good interest to know that there are so many business that are using escow but some people will not accept it. I will advice you only use escow payment if you are dealing with a new supplier on alibaba.

    If you want where things are very cheap and still secure, then try made-in-china.com

    Tell me what product would you want to import? maybe I can recommend a legitimate seller for you on alibaba.
  3. Lisa

    Lisa Moderator Staff Member

    Just as the poster before me make you understood. the best among the two is aliexpress reasons because alibaba allow everyone to register and sell their products in there so many yahoo boys has taken advanges of it posting fake product there, even more of China scammers can as well be find there. But thanks to escow payment. it cool

    Aliexpress allow only registered companies known as manufacturers. this will make you to be sure that you are buying from real dealers. I want you to know that if report is made to aliexpress regarding any of the manufacturer been scam they will immediately review the manufactures and have it account deleted.

    if i would recommend any of the above then i will go with aliexpress
  4. Ladila

    Ladila New Member

    Aliexpress works well, I'm satisfied with their service
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  5. Ada

    Ada Member

    Both are OK and there are real sellers in both however aliexpress takes care of better security.
  6. Andrew

    Andrew Moderator Staff Member

    Thanks to your contribution to this thread, and thanks to the admin of the thread. God bless you guys for your honest reply. I have learnt something important here.
  7. Connor

    Connor New Member

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  8. Tilda123

    Tilda123 New Member

    It is an interesting question
  9. dora123

    dora123 New Member

    I do not know anything about Alibaba.... Tell me more about this. I bought some things at aliexpress sometimes. This is not a bad store. There are quite decent things. In general, Aliexpress and Amazon are my favorite stores. I do not like to go shopping. This is the reason I use online stores. But it is more difficult to buy in online stores. You can not see what kind of goods you take. I do not believe descriptions in online stores. It is created in order to sell the product. I prefer to look for product information on sites with reviews like this https://bestazy.com Great deals you can find here...This is convenient because you can read more truthful information about the goods.
  10. Ebuka

    Ebuka Member

    Both are okay but you have to buy with care on alibaba. I have noticed that things on Alibaba are more cheaper compared to aliexpress
  11. Amanda

    Amanda New Member

    Hello! I always order items on Ali Express. There's a huge selection of everything you need. I always order in huge batches so that everything would come faster. But once my parcel was stopped at the customs and did not want to give up without obvious reasons. I had to contact customs brokers https://clearit.ca/ for help. And after the consultation I was all returned.
  12. kingkentus

    kingkentus New Member

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