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Barbing Salon Business In Nigeria: How To Start, Amount To Start And Proper Management Strategy

Discussion in 'General Business' started by serome, Jul 31, 2018.

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  1. serome

    serome Administrator Staff Member

    On this thread i want to share with any proudnairan who is interested in barbing salon business, an idea of how much he/she need to start barbing salon business in Nigeria include the process how to start, and good management strategy of the business.

    Barbing salon is a nice business to consider in Nigeria but many people over look it down, not knowing that there it's a nice business worth investing on. Well the facts is that in Nigeria today, even with the fact that there is no good economic and the masses are hungry, our hair and beards have not stop going rapidly.

    Barbing Salon Business in Nigeria: How to Start, Amount to Start and Proper Management Strategy


    Shaving and barbing our hair is a sure regular thing for we the men in Nigeria. Some people beards grow too often and some of us visit the salon almost every week. If you own a salon in Nigeria in a busy location and you happen to be a professional barber or employ a professional barber, there is every chance you will be making huge amount of money weekly. if you charge 300 for barbing and 15 people came to your salon daily that is to say 300 x 15 = 4,500. This is N4,500 daily, if we should calculate it to monthly 4,500 x 26 = 117,000. wow wow, this is to say you are making "One hundred and seventeen thousand" monthly.

    huh, which company or factory work can pay you N117,000 for one month even if you should study your master in USA?. The good thing is that as time goes, if you are a professional or you hire a professional barbers, more people will start coming to you and as well the chance of them retaining your salon will be high. It may get to a time when you will be making over 200k monthly depend on your effort. I will show you how to archive this, such as things you need to do and when you need to have them done.

    On this business plan i want to show you how to start barbing salon business in Nigeria, the amount to start and how to grow your salon business in Nigeria. First we are going to start from how to start.

    How to Start Salon Business in Nigeria
    Some people think barbing salon business is easy to start but there is some hiding behind it that not everyone can see physically. Though barbing salon business is lucrative in this model time when everybody want to be handsome and neat, there are some things you must put in order in other to archive success.

    Before you start salon business, i would advice that you have you business plan drawn so you won't have to be managing things or go out of control. The very first thing acquire is barbing skill or employ professional barber.

    Get Necessary Equipments
    Don't manage things, i have stated it before and repeating myself again this time. Make sure all that is needed in barbing salon is acquired in yours. Do you know i'm stressing this? For me before i proceed to barb my hair in a new location, the first thing i check if their facilities. I want to be sure that they sterilize hair and their maintenance is good. Do you know that the reason you find bugs all over people hair today are mostly caused by barbers who lack maintenance of equipments? If you salon is not will equip and adopt well tools and hair maintenance, no one will want to risk himself to your salon.

    Below are some of the tools barbing salon must have.
    • Hand Sanitizer
    • Tweezers
    • 4 Types of Brushes
    • Hair Lotion/Pomade
    • Combs
    • Color/Dye
    • Bump Care
    • Towel Warmer
    • Shave Oil
    • Blow dryer
    • Tools sterilizer
    This are some of the tools you will need to acquire to start barbing salon in Nigeria. You can read in details of this tools here.

    I would advice you get sterilizer machine where you put in all your barbing tools to have them sterilize. The machine as well produce heat that you can get to head your client head after barbing to kill germs.

    Rent a Shop
    After getting all the tools you needed for your salon then it time to look for a big space in a good location. Some people go for small space due to the fact that they are starting. As for me i would advice you go for the best comfortable place, this is why i told you to have your business plan writing on time. This should be on the budget. Another thing you should be aware of is getting a space/Shop on a very business location not just busy put residential area.

    If you have a little startup capital then you can rent a small shop and be prepared to gather more money and move to a big place soon. You can have that and still open another big place time to come, so if you don't have much to start, don't be worried all you need to do is just have the tools needed and make sure they are been maintain thoroughly. with time plan to open another big place which should be your major target.

    For those of you who have good amount of starting this business, i will advice that you give your salon a perfect look that will wow someone. That comfortable fitness that will make the person want to come back again when next he/she wants to barb their hair. From you design to it comfortable, make it the best standard.

    Some ideas includes

    • Air Condition: Make your customers feel relax when they are in your salon. If you can afford air conditioner, it will be of good idea to have it in your salon.
    • Water Dispenser: Someone maybe thirsty while in salon, there should be means for you have solution to that, there should be water available for your clients.
    Design Idea
    If you acquire a big place for your barbing salon then i have a good idea for you. The best way to design your salon is to demarcate it with transparent class. There should be seating section and barbing room, only glass should be used for demarcation. The seating section should be fill with chairs. There is where people waiting for their turn to come should be relaxing. The reason i said you should demarcate your barbing salon is easy, it will not seem proper for someone who accompany his or her friend to shave up or barb to have himself filled with hair from others who are barbing. Do you know that as you are barbing, hair flies everywhere around your salon? Demarcating your salon will make it look advance and will be considered as group of reasonable people. This is a fresh idea. If your salon is properly furnished and designed with a professional service, people are willing to come all the way from long distance to have their hair barb at your salon and as well introduce your salon to their friends all because they are proud of you due to the fact that you acquire all they need. You can even charge 500 for barbing and they will have no reason to complain because the feel it worth it.

    Consider Having A secretary
    Make a secretary desk on your barbing salon office. In terms of payment let them pay at the secretary desk and have them issued a receipt if possible.

    Get POS For Your Barbing Saloon
    This days no the world have moved to a cashless transaction time. No one like carrying money around or want to do the stress of going to the bank to withdraw money before purchasing items. Same imply to salons. You don't expect me to go to the bank or atm machine to stand for long because i want to withdraw money to barb my hair. If possible you can have this done, i would advice you go to your bank and require for POS for your salon so people can make payment easily. The pos should be on the secretary desk for easy access. It will wow your customers and make them know that you are serious with business by operating in advance level.
    Note that for your bank to grand you pos, you must have a current account, which is known as business account. You can use any of the bank current account and pos but i would advice you to look at zenith bank or uba bank current account.

    Have good customer relationship and good manners
    In every business you do, good manners and customer relationship is very important. Only those that are already tired of customers that will neglect this aspect, and in no time they will huge their down fall.

    There is nothing that discourage people than bad service and bad customer relationship. In order to stand your barbing salon, i will advice you to be polite with your clients/customers and as well adopt good customer relationship. This is your office and your must be ready to make your customers happy. Call them sir and madam irrespective of their ages. Gently touch move their head around and always kind to them by asking of review regarding your service.

    Barbing Salon Business Promotion
    Now that everything is done as wanted. The only thing left now is getting people to come to your salon. Due to the fact that barbing salon is not something that someone can order, online will not be useful in promoting your salon. We need to focus mainly on individuals around our salon. You need to start with a little promotion so people can know more about you.

    Though there are many ways people can promote this kind of business, the best which i consider is
    1. Music: Get good sounding speakers and have them install in front of your office so people passing by can get to know that something is happening there and when they make more inquire, they gets to know that barbing salon is there. The music promotion is just to catch their attention that there is something there.
    2. Hand flyer promotion: Host a promotion agency so they go around your salon hood and share your banner hand flyer to people around so they get to know that there is a new salon around them. On the flyer it will be on good idea to list all the things they are to benefit from your salon and also state the cost of barbing your hair with some promotional additional gift on few first people for the first week. When sharing the flyer they need to as well go alone with a vehicle packed full with music playing and advertising your salon with work for those who may not able read or collect your flyer.
    Cost to Start Barbing Salon Business in Nigeria
    To start a standard barbing salon business in Nigeria, you need over 3,000 naira to start. Note that i said it eairlier that you can start this business with small capital and grow it bigger with time. It will funny
    Start Fully
    Now we have all that needed to be done to start and gain success in barbing salon business said. However anyone with good idea regarding this business is free to add to mine. Hope this is helpful. It time to make the money and grow our nation and economic. No dulling friend, start now it's not too late yet.
  2. Skyro

    Skyro Member

    All you have said is true and that is how it is. Thanks for creating this informative thread and your time spend in writing all of this, God will continue to enlarge you and all you do. Please i would love to add something to everything you have said. I want to know if i'm permitted to contribute to this? I have something important to say.
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  3. Favour

    Favour Member

    I don't think @serome will have anything against you sharing information here. Let's here you own idea.

    Boss @serome. I want to say your recent ideas are excellent and that for the effort you are putting into this forum. Yeah Nigeria youths must blow legally.
  4. Evawere

    Evawere Member

    I need a barber in Lagos ikeja area that can manager a barbing salon. Must adopt all that is said on this post. I will be responsible for the financial aspects. My income will be 10,000 naira weekly. If anyone like that please message me here let's talk.
  5. Sakura123

    Sakura123 Member

    Thank you for your pieces of advice, they are really very helpful. But in my opinion, they are not enough to develop your business. I think it is better to turn to professionals if you really want to create your own profitable business, then you better appeal to professionals. This young team https://www.sharptrader.com/course/terms-of-trading/ has revealed to me all the secrets of a profitable business and its development. They can help learn the basic concepts, terms and background of financial markets! Good luck )
  6. kelisjech

    kelisjech New Member

  7. kelisjech

    kelisjech New Member

    I need a barber in Lagos ikeja area that can manager a barbing salon. Must adopt all that is said on this post. I will be responsible for the financial aspects. My income will be 10,000 naira weekly.
  8. olise

    olise New Member

    wow, this is so accurate... i plan on going into the barbing business on my own, i have been learning for a while now, i think am ready to own my business, i read similar articles here at kunaija.com.ng
  9. olise

    olise New Member

    i saw the profile of a guy who made it from the barbing business on biographynaija.com.ng i am praying very hard mine works that way by God's grace only
  10. Neha Tandan

    Neha Tandan New Member

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  11. EntrepreneurNaija

    EntrepreneurNaija New Member

    Great information and very well detailed.
    I like the idea of owning a barbing salon business but I think some other business ideas can be found on EntrepreneurNaija

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