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Benefits Of Goat Business.

Discussion in 'General Business' started by Idris Tolulope john, Jul 29, 2019.

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  1. Idris Tolulope john

    Idris Tolulope john New Member

    Benefits of Goat Farming in Nigeria
    The weather and climate of Nigeria is very suitable for goat farming .
    Goat produces high quality meat and milk for human consumption. And goat products has a great demand in Nigeria.
    People of any profession can establish goat farming business with their current job. Because, goat farming doesn’t require much labor.
    Initial investment for starting goat farming in Nigeria is very less.
    Housing, feeding, caring and other management costs are less in goats.
    Goat farming in Nigeria can be a great source for earning extra income from foreign countries.
    Goat produce meat, milk, skin, fiber, manure etc. and none of those is a waste. Every products are marketable.
    Goat farming is a great source of self employment for the unemployed educated people and housewives of Nigeria.
    You can easily raise 8-10 goats with the same place or feed needed for a cow.
    Goat farming is very easy and simple. Even the care and management process can be done by the children and housewives.
    Goat manure is a great organic fertilizer which directly helps to increase the crop production.
    Commercial goat farming in Nigeria can help to eradicate poverty form Nigeria.
    Commercial goat farming has a great return of investment ratio (ROI). That means you will get good returns of your total capital or investment within a year or two. Good profit starts from second year of starting goat farming in Nigeria.
    Goat farming gives the people economic freedom. And it helps to reduce economic crisis and crime.

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