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Best Business To Do In Ibadan Nigeria?

Discussion in 'General Business' started by Lisa, Jul 27, 2018.

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  1. Lisa

    Lisa Moderator Staff Member

    What are the most lucrative business to invest on in Ogun state Nigeria that will make me good amount of money? Please include details how I can start this business and what to look up to. Details needed to get started. Please throw lite on this friends. God bless.
  2. serome

    serome Administrator Staff Member

    Hello dear lisa, there are so many business to do in Ibadan. As you already known Ibadan is a very busy and populated city in Nigeria. There are so many business opportunity one can venture into and make money in this city. below i will give little businesses i think may move better and make you money i Ibadan Nigeria.

    Fish Farming Business
    Fish business is one of the most lucrative farming in Nigeria and i find Ibadan to be a very good place for fish farming city. You can start fish business in Ibadan and make much money. To start fish farming is easy, all that you needed to do is get the training and start your fish farm. For this of you who done know where to learn fish farming from, the process seems easy but not really easy at all. To start fish farm you need some cash up to 3,000 or more depends on the quantity of your intended farm fishes. To start you need a pond fill with water, you can have that done with little amount if you have an open space. You may decide to dig a fish pond or have it constructed for you with tapoling just like the photos below.
    The fish pond above is know as (Mobile Fish Pond) Constructed with tapoling. If you need something like this you can contact the number on the image to request for yours. Note that i have no business with the person with that number, it's an image i find on google but it happen to be with number. So you must trade wisely and i will not be responsible for any result arrive from the said person.
    The best way to go about fish pond is to be with someone who have fish pond so you can gain some personal experience. This post is only to educate you of how things are been done. I have not done that business in Ibadan but i'm well convince this will be a good business idea in Ibadan.

    After setting up your fish pond, you need to get the fish fingerlings. The best fish to farm in Nigeria is catfish. Our weather doesn't affect it badly. It grows after than other fishes and it's more required to others.

    The best way to have this done is to find someone who sell catfish fingerlings in Ibadan and place contact to him or her. Some fish farmers prefer breeding their own catfish fingerlings. If you will want to breed your own catfish fingerlings then you need to learn how to have that done. There are some process to do that wish i won't be able to cover on this post. You can learn how to hatch catfish fingerlings in Nigeria here.

    To make money from catfish business in Nigeria you will need to care for the fishes for good 4-5 months. Depending how much you are feeding your fish and how comfortable are your fishies. sometime it will take you 6 months to be able to sell your fish out. If you would want to know how long it will take you to start selling your fishes then you can read this thread or ask on the agricultural page.
    Learn more about fish farming requirements and how to get started here

    Restaurant Business
    Human can not survive without food. Everyday of our lives we need food, this has proved how important food is to human and how booming the business is in every city. You can start a restaurant business and make good amount of money daily depending on the location you are setting your restaurant business on. As for me i would advice that you set it on a busy locate where is busy and bachelors are plenty. You can as well set it closed to factory or working environment. If i were to be you interested in restaurant business then i will have to advance my skill of marketing were as to visit many offices to approach their workers regarding supplying them meal at launch time. This can as well boost your sales. To archive this correctly you need to put advance your packaging and deliver to them. Before delivery you would want to call them to know which of them will be needing food. If you planned advancing your restaurant business then i will advice you to kindly make an apply or website where your customers can place other on your restaurant and have it deliver depending on the order. This is a good business idea in Ibadan and most cities of Nigeria
    Last edited: Jul 29, 2018
  3. serome

    serome Administrator Staff Member

    Laptops Sales Business
    Laptop business is a good business to do in Ibadan with the good population in there. Laptops sales is another good business to do in Nigeria with the high amount of ICT individual we have in Nigeria.

    From time lots of people have been calling from Ibadan requesting how they can order laptop from us but unfortunately we are yet to move there. If you have mind in starting a business in Ibadan city you could consider laptop business if you have the cash.

    It doesn't mean that you must have a million of an office to start laptop business in Ibadan. You can start your business right from your house with the help of online. Post your laptop online with your location address and wait for calls to come in your phone.

    You can do delivery within ibadan to make your sales fast. My advice to you would be to make your laptops affordable so you can sell fast. Note that the faster the better sales you make and more money you get instead of hoping to make huge amount from one laptop that will lead to the hold down of your business.

    DANIEL AUSTIN New Member

    They are so many creative business to do in nigeria thanks for this
  5. ujoh

    ujoh Member

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