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Digital Marketing Strategies That Deliver Results For Service Businesses

Discussion in 'General Business' started by Dan Eke, May 13, 2019.

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  1. Dan Eke

    Dan Eke New Member

    Take a sample size of 10 persons, ask them how they think a business can market online to get more customers, and you will see that more than an average number of them will give you the exact strategies people are using to sell their bags, shoes and cloths on Instagram.

    They may go as far as telling you to list your business on Jiji and OLX and to create a facebook page where you create contents everyday, telling people to come and buy.

    Why these may be quite effect in marketing consumer goods online, the reverse is the case for service-based businesses such as lawyers, accountants, architects, pest control companies, hospitals and other health practices.

    Service is intangible. Service is perishable. Service products are inseparable from the service providers.

    In fact, when you promote your firm online, you are marketing yourself, instead of some products that can be picked from the shelf or delivered through a courier service.

    Not many service providers know this.

    You too may not know that you have to go to market armed with the strategy that works for the service industry.

    If this is not true, why are you not receiving a ton of calls day in day out?

    You have created a website. You are on facebook. Your company is on LinkedIn. You have even tried some directories that sell you leads for few naira notes.

    You know more than I do that that is not sustainable. Some of the leads will even end up not converting. They are not qualified.

    I know all these. And I know what works for you. I have a full service marketing agency, https://www.elinae.com here in Lagos, fully dedicated to serving just service businesses like you. We work with only lawyers, medical and healthcare, financial and insurance firms, travel and hospitality companies, consulting and other companies in the service industry all across Nigeria.

    Our goal when we work with you as a service business company or individual is to expand your potential market and help you land the BEST CLIENTS, STAND OUT from your competition and become the OBVIOUS CHOICE IN YOUR MARKET.

    In addition to our service business marketing blog, https://www.elinae.com/blog that you can visit for contents on how to grow and scale your service firm, you can also check back here as I will be sharing some great strategies at my spare times.

    If you have any questions on how to get the best clients for your service business or how to make online marketing work for you, shoot me a mail or a phone call:

  2. ujoh

    ujoh Member

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