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Do You Try Sport Betting?

Discussion in 'General Business' started by helenwalton97, Nov 14, 2018.

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  1. helenwalton97

    helenwalton97 New Member

    Do you try sport betting? Is it profitable?
  2. serome

    serome Administrator Staff Member

    as for me, i don't consider sport betting to be profitable business. The lost in it is greater than the profit that comes in. As for me, i see sport betting as gambling which is not a good source of income.
  3. Andretto

    Andretto New Member

    I think it is possible to earn a profit from sports betting. But it is not so simple. There are two main ways: Arbitrage and Prediction betting. I recommend to read about these variants in internet. Also you need to find good bookmaker website. For example sometimes I make bets on football on https://betyetu.info.ke/ it is my small hobby:)
  4. kira78

    kira78 New Member

    I think that ues. Sports betting can bring additional income to anybody and it's also really exciting.
  5. alisa7

    alisa7 New Member

    Sports Betting? Yeah. I am currently using https://1xbit.com/en/ to bet on football and to watch different interesting match results.
    There are a lot of different information concerning my favorite team and players.
  6. TimLib

    TimLib New Member

  7. ujoh

    ujoh New Member


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  8. Betty7

    Betty7 New Member

    Many times actually. But I have chosen another way. One great way is SEO. Do this for a client so their website ranks higher like being 2, or 3 on Google's first page. This way more people reach the website and they earn more money and you get a cut of that extra sale. I recommend doing this for free for a month so your client won't hesitate to hire you and then ask how much you want and he'll see it's valuable.
  9. poliq

    poliq New Member

    Why not. Sports betting can be a good variant for you. If it’s just advice you want there are a ton. Nut you’re never really going to know what suits you until you try following them and checking for yourself and as per your results. Statistics and advice otherwise is easy to come by. The same logic applies for betting systems and anything really related to sports betting because the important thing is it working for you. For example, I use this one https://777score.in/. Partially because they give me what they believe are the best picks from analysts around. No fluff or anything. And I use it for American sports betting because I don’t have to actually have any knowledge about it. It’s more like a do as you’re told system. That works for me. Personally I prefer a no questions asked system than something I can learn how to do on my own because I don’t have time for it. So advice is less important to me than winning picks.
  10. Betty7

    Betty7 New Member

    Simply do not do that

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