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Domain Flipping Business

Discussion in 'General Business' started by Simon Joseph, Jan 21, 2020.

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  1. Simon Joseph

    Simon Joseph New Member

    My name is Simon Joseph. I'm a school teacher. I do domain flipping as a side hustle. I started this biz in 2017 but couldn't make anything of it. I quited and returned to the biz in July 2019. I would say that year was the year of breakthrough for me . I have spent over #100,000 trying different business online with no success, but my breakthrough came through domain flipping.

    Over that period, I have gain so much experience in the biz. Therefore, I am going to teach many of you how to flip domain for cash.
    You can buy a domain for as low as $1.99 and sell for $350 or more.
    _Note: This is not a get rich quick business. If you are searching for such this biz is not for you_
    I sold a couple of domains last year and a few this year. I would love you all to join me in this journey.
    * Mobile phone/PC with internet connection
    * N3000 (minimum) Capital
    * Credit card (MasterCard/ Visa card)/PayPal
    * Hardwork
    Share the post under this post on your fb profile, any group, page, forum.
    After posting that send the screenshot and your WhatsApp number to
    And the tutorial link will be sent to you.
    WED: (5pm-8pm)


    Hello friends, I want to specially invite you for a FREE TRAINING on WhatsApp kick-starting on Wednesday.

    I am already in the group and I won't want you to miss this knowledge-packed training.

    The training session is 2hours and it is divided into four batches so you can pick the one that is convenient for you.

    This is the link to get registered for FREE


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