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Don't Put Your Money On Newspay - Scam Alert

Discussion in 'General Business' started by Ebuka, Aug 28, 2018.

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  1. Ebuka

    Ebuka Member

    Hi friends on proudnaira I wish to share relevant information with you. Recently nnu was everywhere a lot of people rush into it. Good because nnu is still under review and has kept to promise. As I talk to you someone I consider arrogant has introduced another similar platform and call it newspay.ng

    Notice: Newspay.ng is a scam website

    News pay will use you to grow their website, collect your money and convince you to bring other people and still collect their money and yet will not pay you. Stay away.


    Due to the fact that nnu is making it in the business one yahoo boy has decided to open his website name newspay and he is taking after the footsteps of Nnu and so many people has already falling victims yet they don't know they are victims yet because he is yet to prove his identity to them. .

    Nnu said it's the top news network in Nigeria.

    Newspay said it's the largest news website in Nigeria.

    Registration for Nnu is 1600

    Newspay also put it registration at 1600 ad well.

    Daily visit on Nnu is 50 naira

    Newspay also put it own 50 naira as well.

    Nnu ask people to refer others and make N1000 for each person you refer and the website keeps 600 naira to itself.

    Newspay ask people to refer to also get 1000.

    Nnu is over a year now,

    Newspay is just 1 month old.

    You can see that the guys is imitating nnu and nothing unique, his intention is after the money people paid.

    Recently he drop hard comment on whatsapp that hurt everyone and people start leaving the group. He said that even if he should remove every body from the group now, over 200 people will join before tomorrow so he doesn't care. He said when one of the participant try correcting him for his hash comment to his platform users whatsapp. If I should ask, can someone with attitude care about peoples money?

    This is how this dude will get everyone N1600 naira and run away soon, Fron what I have noticed from him today.

    From his recent attitude displayed, I can tell that newspay.ng will run away with peoples money.

    Don't put your N1600 naira on Nawpay.ng, if you don't have any need for it go and gift to helpless people. Beside when newspay run, the people you refer will hold you responsible.

    Bottom line of it: Newspay is not a legitimate (legit) website. The owner of newspay is an arrogant scammer.

    Clear warning.
    Last edited: Aug 28, 2018
  2. Lisa

    Lisa Moderator Staff Member

    Hmm... Thanks for the information.

    UGOCHUKWU EZE New Member

    My dear friend. I am into NNU as well and I can authoritatively let you know your points are not valid enough to tag someone a scam or tag NEWSPAY A SCAM. I just registered on NewsPay and most of all their activities to earning isn't a big deal to tag them a scam NEWSPAY IS NOT A SCAM. Every business entity have their rules. You points are not concrete or enough said. I am one of the fore runners of guys who have been following up their payments records and detailing everything they said and as well being following up the persons paid and the testimonies so far - I dont think you have ever done or investigated a platform like i do or have been doing. You should learn to control yourself before making blatant fabrications.

    You said someone dropped a comment about them on whatsapp. - I expected you to make a screenshot of the whatsapp comment and post before making a fabricated story about them so we detail it to know if its truly from NewsPay ADMINS.

    Did you know if the comment was from the NewsPay official support? or from some persons who are promoting them on whatsapp. I would not say your post seems childish - but i think you should learn to always bring the notice of persons to someone before making your blatant talks with empty facts.

    Let me shock you - Did you know NewsPay office in Jigawa is real? Have you being there? You need to get your facts right bro.

    Affiliate marketing has always been there and I am surprised its only Nigerians who tag them selves gurus are claiming the 'nnu started it syndrone'. I am not a fan of NNU even though I have an account there and was paid once. I am not a fan of newspay as well.

    The power of affiliates has always been beneficial to the end user who promotes them - . I have made thousands of dollars on JVZOO and I can confirm this since they are one of the top affiliates platform where people make money. NewsPay is using the power of affiliates and ads as well as NNU using the power of affiliates and ads to generate income - please i advice you come up with something very concrete, firmed, and well constructed than this.

    About few years ago before I started JVZOO, i had an experience with someone who sold a PAYPAL EBOOK Guide to me. I had issues with him because most of what he sold to me aren't what existed on PAYPAL still. Did you think I would decide to start barking about PAYPAL actions due to the wrong information someone sold to me in regard to PAYPAL that PAYPAL is a scam? Think and think again. You need to always have a justified reason to tag someone scam or not.

    You mentioned about Having replica of NNU - You are funny bro. You should ask MTN and GLO this question.

    Maturity is calling people's attention to something before deciding to judge them.
  4. Joy

    Joy Member

    I'm not supporting anyone here oh. but make i hear say you are not the owner.... Don't just pretend or say anything. You are the owner of newspay.com.ng. from what i have read, e clear.
    Last edited: Sep 4, 2018
  5. Matebenso

    Matebenso New Member

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