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Earning As A Nutritionist

Discussion in 'General Business' started by Celestina Angel Serome, Aug 2, 2019.

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  1. Celestina Angel Serome

    Celestina Angel Serome Administrator Staff Member

    Unlike the old days, people are now very cautious of the food they eat and their nutritional diet.The reasons why people are cautious of their food and diet is because they want to have a body built system that is free from diseases and excess fat. Nutritionist help to manage diabetes, high blood pressure or other chronic diseases; a certified dietitian or nutritionist works with you to create an eating plan that has the nutrients needed to manage your condition.

    In other words nutritionist is a person who advises others on matters of food and nutrition and their impacts on health. Some people specialize in particular areas, such as sports nutrition, public health, or animal nutrition, among other disciplines. In many countries, a person can claim to be a nutritionist even without any training, education, or professional license, in contrast to a dietitian, who has a university degree, professional license, and certification for professional practice.

    There are several kinds of dietitians and nutritionists. The largest group is made up of administrative dietitians. Administrative dietitians manage food services in hospitals, schools, nursing homes, restaurants, industrial plants, military bases, and other institutions. They plan and direct the purchase and preparation of food, as well as supervise other food service workers. Administrative dietitians ensure that the meals served are nutritious, appetizing, and within the institution's budget

    Types of dietitians and nutritionist.
    There are different types of dietitians and nutritionist, and their working sector differs.
    1. Clinical dietitians and clinical nutrionist.
    What they do include:
    They work in hospitals, clinics private sectors, and institutions. They create nutritional programs based on health needs of patients.

    2. Community dietitians and community nutritionist.
    They work in public health clinics, government and health maintenance organizations. Their major aim is to develop programs related to food, health and nutrition.

    3. Management dietitians.
    They also work in food service setting such as cafeterias, hospitals, prisons, and schools. They are some times responsible for buying food and carrying out other business related tasks.

    Job opportunities for dietitians and nutritionist.

    If you are a registered and certified dietitian or nutrionist you can work as a..

    1. Manager of nutrition programs in clinics, nursing homes, hospitals, health profession schools, etc.

    2. Work as a teacher or educator in communities, corporate, elementary and secondary schools etc.

    3. Work as counselor of patients who have disease like diabetes, obesity and hypertension.

    4. You can also work as consultant to government and private agencies, and also food industries.

    5. Lastly but not the least, you can work as a reporter in food and health.

    You can also create a blog of your own and educate people on nutritional aspects. Make money out of your skill or profession wherever you are !!
  2. Hermesso

    Hermesso New Member

    A couple of months ago I started going to the gym in order to improve the tone of the body and lose weight. I decided to go to a nutritionist and he advised me to buy ghrp 6 for sale. This hormone has an effect on my body very effectively. I didn't work out much in the gym, but during that time, I almost completely got rid of the hated fat on my body.

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