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Fit4bond - Augmented Reality App For Online Clothing Business

Discussion in 'For sale' started by Angelina jolie, Mar 30, 2019.

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  1. Angelina jolie

    Angelina jolie New Member

    Augmented reality will be the best app for marketing the product in e-Commerce industry. Most of the businesses nowadays have gone digital and 70% of customers getting engaged in online activities.

    We all know that custom clothing industry is all about in competition while comparing to other kind of business industries. On such situation, Clothing business owners are now looking for ways to hold the customers in digital presence.

    “Augmented Reality App will help them to drive new levels of customer engagement”

    Well, with the maturing AR app hot trending technology, business entrepreneurs can give their customers a unique shopping experience, simultaneously it improves their brand name or product popularity.

    In simple way we can say that,


    How AR app Can Help In Custom Clothing Industry ?

    Being at the forefront of modern technology, you can benefits your custom clothing business in the follow ways :

    Product Showcasing :

    Business owners can provide AR app to their customers to showcase their customized apparel visually and interactively. It helps your customers to try their apparel how it looks actually looks on them.

    Beat Your Business Competitors :

    With such advanced AR app, you can easily compete your competitors and stay ahead from them. Offering innovative shopping experience to your customers will leads to stand out unique from the e-Commerce platform.

    Trial Free Of Risk :

    With the help of AR app, customers can try their finished customized product design by holding the camera and check how the product looks on them before adding to the purchase. It displays like a mirror to show their clothing. If any changes on their design they can swipe it accordingly. Return of apparel will be minimized and improves your clothing sales.

    New Marketing Opportunities :

    Augmented reality app offers new ways to improve your brand identity, product information, 3D experience to the customers. And most importantly it makes your customers to get more attract.

    So, do you want to make allow your customers to customize their own apparel by providing real-time experience on your custom clothing store with advanced Augmented reality app?

    Fit4bond, is a reputed and leading award-winning Augmented Reality App Development Company Provider in India. We fit4bond team offers upgraded template features with complete solution according to your organization needs.

    Advantages Of Hiring Our Ar App :

    • Builds branding awareness & Loyalty
    • Easy to implement in e-Commerce platform
    • Reduces physical works and engage more customers
    • Increases user conversion
    • 3D real-time apparel showcase and many more

    Set yourself apart especially innovative and modern by implementing our Augmented reality app.

    Are you looking forward how our AR app works in real-time on your platform?

    Take a free demo!

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