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Fresh Idea To Become Rich From Meat Pie, Sausage And Egg Roll Business In Nigeria

Discussion in 'General Business' started by serome, Aug 3, 2018.

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  1. serome

    serome Administrator Staff Member

    Hi friends and who are now my proudnaira family. On this article i want to share with you the right way you can start meat pie business and make money in Nigeria. So many Nigerians have been doing this business for long now, however not all of them know the right way to aim success in the business.

    Even if you are already on the business, here are some things you can do to make more money in Nigeria. Do you know that meat pie is one of the most eaten snacks in Nigeria? How would you know? Anyway i'm putting it to you that people eat meat pie than they even eat bread.

    I have been battling with title to give this post, after few minutes i decided to leave the current title which is Fresh idea to become rich from meat pie, egg roll and sausage business in Nigeria.
    If you have interest on starting this business then apply some of these strategies giving below to make a difference from others. The truth is that some people are making money, driving cars and building houses from this business while some are just managing life on it, living with it as daily source business. Well' on proudnaira, we are not here to discuss about how you can manage life with a little business. we are here to learn how we can do business and archive a greater goal with it.

    So have your mind fix on success now. Staring a business is not all about money because some of us will say it's because some entrepreneurs don't have good capital is the reason for the lack of growth in the business, doing business for over 3 years and still not have archived any improvement. That is a complete lie. even without money, a good entrepreneur can start business and become rich in just 1 year of the business, it's mindset and creativity that matters. This is why you likely find good and successful entrepreneurs as good thinkers using most of their time thinking on what can bring more success and how to start it.

    You like it or not, take it that no creative entrepreneur can be poor in life. Here is a story of one rich entrepreneur name Fredric.

    Mr. Fredric is not a graduate he only attended secondary school and could not move further due to some financial problem in his family, but he can read and write very well, he work for some factory companies for some years and was able to raise some cash, and he started business with it. three years latter he became a successful business man and has lot of graduate working for him in his company. He decided forwarding his education in London.

    Getting to London he saw a house that was tagged for sale, unfortunate Fredric fell in love with the house and wanted to be the owner of it, but sad fedric doesn't want to use his own saved money to acquire the house so he went home. As a thinker and creative entrepreneur he is, reaching home he sat and think for few hours on how he can acquire the house without him using his money. The next day fredric approached the owner of the house and make a deal to pay the money in three months time with an interest of 2500 pounds but should allow him to renovate the house now. The owner gladly accepted the offer and have the keys handover to Mr Fredric.

    Mr. Fredric renovated the whole house and bought everything that is needed in a complete apartment on each flat. He totally furnished the house and then went of facebook and created a page then advertised the house for short time rent on facebook to nearby locations, in just few weeks time he rented out each flat to different individuals who went to london for vacation, meetings and short time studies. In two months time Mr. Fedric made the over the cost of the property and then paid the owner of the house off. The house finally becomes Fridric house without using his own money.

    Sorry to bore you with Fedric story, i only used it to prove a point that good creative entrepreneur don't need the highest education to become a creative thinker or become rich legally. They are not tired of reading and trying new ideas and are not restricted to sharing their creative ideas with people. The more they share the larger, brighter and richer they become because they are as lather to others people success. You See?.

    Lets proceed to why we are here, let's work on this meat pie, sausage and egg roll business in advance way and look on how to proceed beyond just daily living source to high level of how to become rich from this business and setting a company.
    Since the demand for meat pie is high in Nigeria, why not do your this way.

    How to start start meat pie, egg roll and sausage business in Nigeria and become rich from it

    Depending on your state and city, but this idea will mostly work in big cities like Lagos state and similar popular cities in Nigeria because of the population there. Let's say you have ₦80,000 naira to start this business, you can use more than ₦80,000 naira if you have it. 90k 100k 200k even 500k is not bad. here is how to start with 80k, you can as well start with even 20k to 30k, you just only have to reduce the things you will acquire for the start, it's same process. Note that i will assume that your city is popular, if you are in small community, then don't just waste your time and money because it will likely not going work for you, it's better to find your way to a busy city before thinking of starting this business.

    On this post we are going to focus mainly on snacks like egg roll, meat pie, sausage, donut and similar snacks.
    with your 80k startup capital, go and get 3 large show glasses. make sure you get big once. Depend on your city, state etc, each one may cost ₦10k or close range.
    Go to different busy locations such as busy taxi parks, busy malls, busy roads and acquire for empty space, you will most, you will likely pay ₦3,000 Naira monthly depending on the location and how busy it's or you will be paying 200 naira or more for states like Lagos.

    Pay the necessary fee for the space and move your show glass there, make sure you also inquire for the safety of your show glass since you won't be carrying it home everyday. Also get huge umbrellas three pcs, get coolers 3 pcs.
    meat pie show glass.jpg
    Carry your show glass to those three different locations and install them facing the public, a visible place where people can easily access. after that then write a notice board for a position for sales representatives, girls preferably, in order not to pay too high, you can use the word sales girls. Better i think.

    Employ them with a mindset of them meeting a target. Sales doesn't really depend on them but it will make them more serious and not thinking they will get paid after all.

    At this point visit some bakeries and find out their wholesale price for meat pie, egg roll, donuts. Don't just settle for one bakery, go to 4 or 5 bakeries and compare their prices. You will likely want to go with the one that is cheaper so you can make more profits You should also make sure their products quality is good enough.

    At a starting point, get items of just 5k or lesser for the first 1-2 weeks to monitor the market there, if it's good and it not enough for your customers then increase it gradually. Now let's imagine that each of these three locations is giving you profit of 3,000 naira daily. 3,000 x 3 = 9,000 Naira. This means you will be making ₦9,000 Naira everyday. If you should calculate that in month it will be 9,000 x 26 = 234,000 naira. That means you will be earning N234,000 naira monthly from your meat pie, sausage, egg roll and donut business. Take note that the more people around gets to know about your business, the more sales you will be making. With time you can start making 10k from each location, i know of someone who is making 12k from just one location here in Lagos.

    Don't eat the profit that will be coming out of the business yet, please i beg you. Make sure you save it and acquire more locations. Extend your business to every location that is busy, it's not a bad to have 20 or more location for your business, the more you spread your business the more money you make.

    Now let's proceed to production of your own meat pie, sausage, egg roll and donut. Let say you have saved some good amount of money from your sales or you are starting with good amount of money. It's better to start producing your items yourself. It will gives you more profit and make you get rich faster than buying from other producers. Don't be scared my friend, it's not as difficult as you are thinking it to be. You can start producing your egg role, meat pie, sausage and donut right from your house without having to acquiring your own bakery since you don't have money for that yet. Let's say you are living in a house with at least big kitchen, you can start production right there. Get flowers some sugar and professional service (someone who is perfect in baking meat pie, frying of egg roll and sausage). One or two persons with yourself is ok for the start. Make sure they resume very early in the morning so your products get to the market on time. Note that you will need to employ another worker that will deliver your products to the sales centers, or you have to do that yourself as well, you can as well ask your girls to come pick them up get your house depending on the distance though. NOTE: Don't over stress them.

    Wow we getting there already but there are still more to do my friend. Starts your own production and you will notice that your earning will grow drastically, you can be making more than 60k from all your business locations daily if you have already installed your business in many locations already as said earlier. In this case you will be making over 1.8 million Naira monthly.

    Turn Your Business Into A Company

    Now that you will be making this much monthly, its time to advance your business and turn it into a company. A company is our target and now we are approaching it. At this point save 3 - 4 months earning and buy a plot of land for your company, it should within 400k to 600k, you can search LandsNaija.Com for affordable lands in your business city. Also get a small vehicle for delivery of your business. Fence round the land, and build a big empty space, an office and store room. Roof it and have it well paint. The next thing you will need to do is get your production machines, production materials.

    At this point search for a name for your business. Get a good business name and register it with CAC, you can learn how to register a business name in nigeria here. when that is done then proceed for nafdac approval. Since your deal on eatable item, you will be required to have nafdac number to operate as a cooperate company in Nigeria. Don't think it's difficult archive, it's very easy to acquire if followed the right procedure. You can learn how to get nafdac approval in nigeria here. The next thing to do is get a logo for your business, you can approach any good graphic designer to design a logo for you.

    As soon as you are done with the building and everything, one important thing is still remaining, and that is the main reason why have have to build a company at the first place or we would have stick to the previous method. This time you are not stopping the current business method take note, you want to advance it to a company standard. but how?
    note that egg roll and donut is not among this new company plan reasons because they don't last long, they easily get spoiled. We are focusing only on meet pie and sausage on the new company, you can still be selling those stuffs at the usual sales centers.

    Ok, do you know that meat pie can be packaged and sealed just like gala sausage is? Oh, i guess you don't know? Well if you have't seen it, my friend is already doing that and the demand is really high, and i want to share the idea with you free. Got and inquire for how you can have cachet packaged done, and get a sealing machine. I don't have idea for the cost yet but you can make inquiries about that, or must i tell you every thing? lol.
    The next step is to open a website for your meat pie business. Are you going to ask why website, anyway a website a compulsory for every business this days, it educate people about your business and as well help you to grow faster and above all, it gives people the impression that your company is serious with business. Distributors can as well place other on your website, you see why you need a website?. You can give a developer the project to have that done for you.

    The next step is to get a carton for your meat pie business just as gala does, because you will be distributing to wholesalers with cartons. Make sure your company name is printed boldly on the carton, also include your website url to it.

    Note that before you will archive all this it will take 4 months or more time but don't relent on your goals, the faster you get things done the better for you. During all this time, make sure your business is still running accurately. If your house is no longer enough to handle the production, you can rent a bakery to use for the time. As your snacks business grow, try to acquire more staffs to make the work easy for you.

    Let's say everything about your new company is done and fully set and you have successfully moved in. The next thing is to focus on how to market your product to the public. The best idea will be to do some marketing, there are so many marketing agencies in Nigeria that can help your market your product to the public however that will not be infective enough so you need a better marketing that will spread your business around the state or Nigeria as whole but first the best place to start is the local market. Get staffs that will introduce your product to distributors and after that we can move into advertisement.

    Best place to Advertise you product in Nigeria
    The best place to advertise your product in Nigeria before now is the television channels but not anymore the internet has taken over. Facebook.com, google adword, nairaland.com, informationhood.com, are the best places to advertise any business in Nigeria if you want fast recognition, you can back it up with TV and radio advert though for better result.

    Know that the beginning of every business is always difficult, you just started a new company and fresh idea for that matter, you don't expect it to just spike up at once. With good marketing and more effort, it will definitely boom and blast all over the country. You just have to be creative as i have shown you on this thread.

    There are more to talk about but i'm sure you are almost tired, i will want to cut it here, if you still want to know that ask anything on this thread. I will do my best to reply as soon as possible if i'm free.

    Note that is not as easy as said, but with good determination and focus, you will definitely arrive at a company. Be a creative thinker, not just that be a positive thinker as well. Never relent in your success, it's dangerous.

    Now tell me, which title would have been more befitting for this topic?

    1. Fresh idea to become rich from meat pie and egg roll business in Nigeria

    2. The Right way to start meat pie & egg roll business and make more money in Nigeria

    3. How to become rich from meat pie, egg roll, sausage business in Nigeria

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  2. ify

    ify New Member

    Nice one, thankyou so much. I am actually deciding on which to do ....either this or children ok wears as I'm a house wify at the moment but ready to go and explore now.
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  3. serome

    serome Administrator Staff Member

    You are welcome @ify. Both are nice business, you just have to consider your current status and choose the one you think it's best fit to you.
  4. Oluchi

    Oluchi New Member

    Please do you know of any bakery around agege area of Lagos state?
  5. ujoh

    ujoh Member

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