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Grow Your Business

Discussion in 'General Business' started by Tarkan, Dec 12, 2018.

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  1. Tarkan

    Tarkan New Member

    Hi guys
    i am so happy to write my first post in this forum
    i used to come here and a lot of topics helped me a lot
    so its time to share amazing courses i found it and it would help anyone
    to grow his business..
    first course is
    Business Development: 11 Steps to Start your First Business

    Learn the core concepts of business development
    Utilise proven methodologies that help you jumpstart your first business
    Build a lean, step-by-step business development strategy
    Build rapport, because people buy from people they like and trust

    second course is
    Sales & Negotiation Skills Business Development Masterclass

    You will know how to manage your emotions in a sales situation.
    You will know how to find prospects to sell to.
    You will know how to read your prospects in a sales meeting.
    You will know how to negotiate successfully.
    You will know how to handle objections
    You will know how to close a sale.

    Enjoy :)

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