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Here Is A Platform You Can Earn $100,000 With $30

Discussion in 'General Business' started by Ikechukwu, Jul 30, 2019.

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  1. Ikechukwu

    Ikechukwu New Member

    *It is a platform where you can earn $100,000 with $30*

    Founder of Happy Charity is
    Shelley Sykes, a British-born-Australian Award Winning Author, TV Host, Journalist, Comedy Actress, Entertainer, Entrepreneur & Inspirational Speaker currently based in America. Shelley is a mama of a special needs child with Cerebral Palsy who inspired her to found the Happy Charity worldwide. After many years of struggles, Shelley is based in the US following her bliss. Shelley is happily working on her Book Releases, Voice Animation, Movie Screenplays, Music & Get Syked TV Shows with her Beautiful Happy Team.

    If she can do it, you can!
    [7/30, 3:45 PM] DMYSTIC: *How does it work?*
    This program operates on a single leg mode of registration,. This basically means that everyone who registers gas under the last registered person in system, this means you benefit from team work and not only on your effort....

    Note:Everyone joins the system with 30$ only..
    This will donate to the people above you..

    1.Direct referral 10%
    any time you recruit someone direct to you you earn 10%

    2.INDIRECT BONUS ( this are bonuses you earn when the people you have brought also brings people)

    2nd generation - 5%
    3rd generation -3%
    4rd generation-2%
    5th generation - 1%
    6th generation - 0.5%

    3. Single leg Donations
    20 people - 10$
    40 pple + 1 direct 20$
    100 pple + 1 direct 40$
    200 pple +1 direct 80$
    400 pple +1 direct 150$
    1000 pple + 1 direct 200$
    2000 pple + 1direct 500$
    3000 pple + 1direct 700$
    4000 pple + 1direc 1500$
    5000ppl +1 direct 2800$
    75000ppl+1direct 3500$
    9000pple ±1direct 4000$
    12,000pple+1 dire 6000&
    15,000pple +1dir 8500$
    18000pple +1dir 10,000$
    21000pple+ 1 dir 12000$
    25000pple+ 1dir 20000$
    30000pple+1 dir 30000$

    Note :the Total amount you receive from all the 17 stages is 100,000$ in every stage you need to recruit 1 person directly to you.
    [7/30, 3:45 PM] DMYSTIC: *Those who don't want to recruit:-*

    -Come in with $120
    -Register your main account using your sponsor's link then the 3 accounts let your main account sponsor,
    -You will be at level 4 in terms of direct sponsor required,
    -Your main will earn money for level 1-4 which is 10,20,40,80 + 7.5 for refferal = $157.5

    Are we together upto there?

    -At hand now you have $157.5
    - Initial capital $120
    - Profit of $37.5
    - Take $30 sponsor another account under your main cos you are required at every stage to refer one person then get paid $150. You'll now have $157.5

    Next level do the same from $157.5 remove $30 sponsor yourself to earn go home with $200. You will now have made a total of $327.5 at this level.

    The next level sponsor again another account from your earnings and go home with $500.
    Continue with this trendas you go deeper in payments

    Make sure every stage finds you with the required directs
    You only need 18 directs to reach the highest rank of getting paid $30000

    Cumulatively, if you count from 10$ to the $30000 you would have been paid a total of $100000

    The other payment is matching bonus Once you reach the highest level you circle out, you start again

    In the case of coming in with $120 remember your main account is the only active account for all these bonuses, the 17 accounts under you shall only earn if you begin referring as you did with your main account.

    The advantage is they shall keep on accumulating number of spillovers if in future you decide to work with them.

    Should you decide to work on them, for every account that cycles at level 18, the company will pay your main account $2,000


    Pm for more info or direction

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