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How a House Wife or Women Can Make Money At Home Working Online in Nigeria

Discussion in 'General Business' started by Lisa, Oct 28, 2017.

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  1. Lisa

    Lisa Moderator Staff Member

    I really wish to share some helpful idea how some of us women can make money at home without going to the office and even make more money than those going to the office daily. This is like setting up you company from home.

    How a house wife and all women can make money at home working online in Nigeria

    Considering the stress and headache of been a wife, mother and worker is not a thing to really be pleased with so most time our husbands stop us from working from office.

    Aside that, if your pay is not really OK for you as a woman/lady, quitting that damn job for some good is best for you. Some of us face torment from our boss even with the fact that he knows you are married or engaged.

    Another condition is the fact that you so tired is what you doing either business or job, no matter whatever it is, I will consider you working from home. Don't stay idle. Do something that will profit you a lot. Be it that you are pregnant, you can do any of this business I want to share with you here.

    Business or job a woman can do from home

    Mother, single or house wife. You can start your business from home and still be making note money than even those stressing themselves everyday. Below is list of what you can do to make money from home as a lady or woman.

    1. Be a freelancer to companies and businesses.
    This is one of the best idea you can ever get as a house wife, single or pregnant woman who wish to be making money from homes This is how to do this business, set a date to meet one bulk seller of electronic which you know that people are always in need of. This is known as wholesaler or electronic or something you think it will be more easy for you to sell.

    You must be saying in your mind I thought she says how to make money from home?, Yes you are right, it a means of making money from home but you need to set this goal real before you start making the money from home. Set a day and meet with any dealer of any product you have interest to sell, make sure you go with a good camera smart phone. Explain your own contribution idea to his/her business by bringing them customers regularly, make them know that you are a professional online marketer and you will help them sell faster and you earn your own little money without affecting their business profit. The truth is that every business owner or company will accept this offer.

    Tell them to give you the price of the products. Take at least four to five photo of each of the product and make sure you take the picture in a way that it will be very Sharp and clear. Take more of product photos and return back home.

    Before I continue, let me state the requirements for this business


    1. A good working Laptop or Smart Phone, tablet, iPad (android or iPhone).
    2. At least 1gb Internet connection.
    3. Comfortabl desk
    4. Regular working dedicated sim card (For the business specifically)
    5. Good English
    6. Humbly response
    7. Convincing ability
    8. Sexy Tune
    These are the basic requirements for this business. You don't need to have all before you start, the most important once among them is the laptop or smart phone, internet connection, separate sim for the business.

    Process of selling the products

    1. Post the products for sale on proudnaira sales forum. To archive this register or login to Proudnaira forum and go to the sales section and post the item for sale there. When posting the item for sale, make sure you add good description so customer will know more about it. If the wholesaler gave you the product price for N10,000 naira and when marketing it put the price at N15,000 which means you will make N5000 naira when you sell one. If your marketing strategy ia strong enough ou can be making nothing less than 6salds daily which is 35k, it might not be this profitable at the beginning but will definitely be if you take your posting serious. When you start getting customers calls, tell them to come to the shop if they need the item, give them pre-address, which means giving them the street or location address and tell them to call you when they get there so you direct them to the shop.

    Important note: when you have a customer that is already on his/her way to buy the item, call the wholesaler ahead of time to inform him/her that a customer is coming for so and so product and the agreed amount is N15,000 naira.

    Always monitor your customer when they are in the shop such as calling them if they have seen the product and okay with it.

    Also note that some of your customer may ask why are you not in the shop, I guess you know what to tell them. You can just tell them you left for something and you business partner will attend to him/her etc.

    This business will make you rich or get good amount of money to start your own business. There are other places to advertise the product on such as.

    Olx is one of the best place to sell your products online. If you need to sell faster then you should post your items on this forum for sell section and olx.com. Make your descriptions very understanding and make sure you include photos in all your posts.


    Jiji.ng is an online market place known as classified website where buyers and sellers meet to transact business. All you needed to do is register on jiji, after that post the item including photos of the item and then wait for the calls to come in.

    Facebook page
    If you plan to succeed in this business, one of the best place to consider your products is Facebook page. A Facebook page with 200k followers/likes will get you more than 10 sales daily, and the good thing is that you can with N300 naira to N1000 naira you can promote your product post and get more than 70-100 sales.

    This is the part 1 way how a lady / woman can make money online at home be you a house wife, mum, or pregnant woman or don't like working for someone.

    I'm going to write more ways below so just subscribe to this post as I keep updating it with new ways time after time.
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  2. Victor

    Victor Member

    You are amazing @Lisa, I do admire you so much. this is something that is helpful to everyone not just ladies. Thanks once more. hoping for MORE FROM YOU. Any reasonable person must take advantages of this ideas.
  3. Andrew

    Andrew Moderator Staff Member

    Thanks a lot. I have a lot of facebook page likes. maybe i will get to make use of this for those who would want to advertise
  4. Andrew

    Andrew Moderator Staff Member

    Which of the product would you recommend for someone to market?.
  5. Lisa

    Lisa Moderator Staff Member

    Electronics are one of the most selling products you are going to make good amount of profit from in this business. So i recommend looking electronc stuffs, but it your choice go for what you know you can market well, know that selling it the major aim of this business..
  6. Joy

    Joy Member

    Nice one, when i saw you post i thought you are going to start with blogging. I really learn a lot from you today. Please try to complete the post so we can see more ways the money can be coming in. Thanks love.
  7. Lisa

    Lisa Moderator Staff Member

    Blogging is not bad, it's a nice online business that will even make you more money that what a boss can ever pay. Today you see it easy to get the whole of information you need with just your internet. Don't discriminate it, for me I prefer being a boss of my own than working for someone.
  8. Lisa

    Lisa Moderator Staff Member

    Hello guys, i do really appreciate those of you who encourage me on this post. As i promise, i want to share with you guys a way that women can make money online.

    From my recent research, i find that Nigeria women/ladies are not much active on the internet compared to the US, UK and some other countries. I was like what happening and then i came to understand that here in Nigeria some of us the ladies and women believe that 80% of internet activities are scram and doesn't work.

    I'd you think like this I won't really blame you, it all caused by yahoo boys who first take advantages on the internet in Nigeria to do illegal activities, but it time to have your mentality change and start learning how you can make money online in Nigeria as a woman.

    There are so many opportunities that a woman can used to make money online in Nigeria. Some are already aware and already making the cash while others are not novice of how to make money online.

    On my previous post I stated how you can make money selling other people product online in Nigeria. Let's move forward a little more to know other ways a woman can make money online.

    Work as article writer
    This is one of the paying way to make money online in Nigeria. So many people are in Need of quality articles and if you are one they know how to write very well then this is a good way of making money in Nigeria.

    There are website where you get job to write article for a good amount without you having to go through hard work. A friend who has been in this business for about 2years now said she is making over 13,000 USD monthly which is about 4 million naira.

    Writing is now very easy with what i have find out on my research, it Cool to inform you that writing is now made easy. I have find a wonderful website that handle everything for you. A writing tool that help you rewrite an article copied from another website or blog and make it 100% unique contents. It has been known by people specially here in Nigeria but I will share it with you on this post for free. The site name is tebees visit http://www.tebees.com then copy an article from another website and put it on the field, enter the the security keys and then click Rewrite Now button. It will automatically give you a new content with same point. I was like wow when I came across this. If it where to be other people they will charge to give the link but i gave it free just to help you guys.

    Now Register on the below websites to get a job quickly.


    For you to get job faster online you must have a good profile introduction, put good qualification and quick delivery.

    Always stay online to get so those who want to give you job won't go to someone else.

    Make sure you ask for review from those you have work for, it will help you in getting more clients.

    Always make sure you deliver job and the right, quick job will make them give you 5 stars and want to give you more jobs.
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  9. serome

    serome Administrator Staff Member

    Wow this is amazing post.
  10. Yini_Katche

    Yini_Katche Moderator Staff Member

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  11. Lisa

    Lisa Moderator Staff Member

    You are welcome. Hope you find my thread helpful?
  12. Yini_Katche

    Yini_Katche Moderator Staff Member

    YeS indeed
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  13. Joy

    Joy Member

    Yeah @Lisa, I as well find this thread helpful.
  14. Andrew

    Andrew Moderator Staff Member

    How much should a programmer charge client per application job on freelancer.com
    And what is the possibility that I will get paid?.
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  15. Lisa

    Lisa Moderator Staff Member

    The price you will charge on freelancer as a programmer depend on the job capacity and quality. The project size and time have a lot to tell how much it will cost. You can't compare dating app to be sales with ram boosting app development. You know how long the app development will take you depend on what the person want. You know the time and effort you going to put in so you know the exact amount to charge.

    A small app project worth $2,000 dollar and more while serious app project worth over $10,000 and more.
  16. Eke Blessing

    Eke Blessing New Member

  17. Eke Blessing

    Eke Blessing New Member

    I really like ur explanation. I will love to go into such business. Cheers!
  18. Lateralus

    Lateralus New Member

    Amazing article! You did such a good job, thanks!!
  19. Angela Love

    Angela Love New Member

    Pls dear teach me about Blogging I don't have ideal of it plssss
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  20. Angela Love

    Angela Love New Member

    Lisa u r awesome. Thanks

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