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How Can I Start And Make Money From Event Planing In Nigeria

Discussion in 'General Business' started by Ada, Jul 6, 2018.

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  1. Ada

    Ada Member

    Wan to know everything related to even planing in Nigeria how I can start and how to make good amount of money from event planning.
    What are the requirements to start and how much can I charge clients per event?

    Please if possible, add tips on how yo find clients easily in Nigeria. Thanks all
  2. Lisa

    Lisa Moderator Staff Member

    Do you study event planning? Event planning must be a good analysis. Anyway you just need experience, you can't really learn everything online but I will post already published article here so you learn how to start.
  3. Lisa

    Lisa Moderator Staff Member

    according to my previous review. i don't really have idea regarding you choice business but promise to help you get idea on the business. i made some research online and here is the outcome of it.
    In the event planning industry, knowledge about starting a a success event in Nigeria is wanted. You want to recognise the charges of hiring a venue, catering centre, videographer and photographer, decorator, leisure, honeymoon and bridal/bachelor showers programs (for wedding occasions only), transportation, accommodations arrangements, and clothing and jewellery add-ons.

    You also want to be professional in humans management, company, multitasking, time control, communication, hassle fixing and negotiation, dealing with not simplest the team of workers however also your clients’ crisis as they spread. If you don’t, your occasion can turn out an entire lot messier than you may consider.
    according to the writer, he mentioned that it's important learn all these either by attending an events planning school like Zapphire Training School and BB Academy, take online event planning courses and obtain certifications, or get a mentor in the field.

    in addition he added some the materials needed to start event planing business in Nigeria. This are the things you need to acquire if you must become a successful event planner. read below.

    Materials needed to start occasion planning in Nigeria and wherein to discover them

    Your key uncooked substances are:

    1. Your group; the human beings you hire to make that occasion a achievement. Find them via tips, or on social media in which a number of their works might be displayed.

    2. Your portfolio. This could incorporate previous snap shots, documentation, certifications and guidelines out of your previous works. The birthday party you as soon as helped prepare to your friend could are available in available at this degree.
    Technology Needed for Running a Successful Event Planning Business

    You must consider getting an occasion management software like Capteera Event Management Software. Setting up a website would additionally are available available.

    Normally, the value of setting up an event management internet site ranges among ₦a hundred,000-₦150,000. A net designer friend can do it at lesser prices. Have a phone containing brand new works which you have accomplished and visible.

    to add more. however any one with more suitable idea should include to this for our friend who is interested in event planning.
  4. Skyro

    Skyro Member

    Event planning business is a long time run business. All you need to do is go get the job. Even if you are not a good event planner you can have people do the job and pay them for it. While you get the big money.

    Ability to search for the contract is everything. You can get contract from online advert, Facebook Instagram and some other popular places.

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