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How Can i Start Dry Cleaning/Laundry Business in Nigeria

Discussion in 'General Business' started by Andrew, Oct 26, 2017.

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  1. Andrew

    Andrew Moderator Staff Member

    Hello guys, want to know more about this business. i heard it a very profitable business, if so why not some of us consider including it to our already existing business? Well i'm considering it seriously and making my research on this.

    While i'm still on my research, i will welcome any suggestion, idea and tips to grow on this business. What's your contribution to this? How can i start this business and what location do you think it good for?.
  2. Ada

    Ada Member

    Yes, laundry business is a nice business. I know of someone doing the business. He started in 2014 and now he has up to 3 different branch with a bus he use in quick delivery and picking up cloths from client.

    The only it required is a good location. An office with good space. Washing machine, Three to Four workers for the beginning, Vibrant pressing iron, Large table, and some little like bowl, water, washing detergent, space starch, packaging nylon and more.

    Get good washers and ironing service if you don't have the idea. If you present someone cloths in an advance way with good service rendered the person would want to give you his cloths next and also recommend you for friends as well.

    So good service is vital when you consider dry cleaning and laundry business.
  3. Lisa

    Lisa Moderator Staff Member

    Nice one coming from the one I have learned to respect the more on Naira. Yeah that is a profitable business sir. Not everyone of us have the time to wash most especially men that ate yet to marry. And according to you, it not a bad business to consider but you need experts on this business and marketing to your local companies workers.

    Ada almost said it all. But in addition location mater for the beginning or else you have a car to be picking up your clients cloths.
  4. Ebuka

    Ebuka Member

    To wash and Iron a blouse, a dry purifier will rate nothing much less than N500. If you wash 20 shirts in a day, that will make you N500x20 = N10,000.

    The amount of cash you're making relies upon on you and how many normal customers you've got. This is to say laundry business is very lucrative, and if you are in a place like Lagos that has many population then you are really a big company if properly managed.
    If you are extreme about beginning a commercial enterprise proper now, laundry services may additionally simply be one of the business you have to supply extreme consideration. Besides, dry cleaning enterprise is a totally clean business. this is decent and dignifying and nevertheless brings true money. This is what make the business a should for smart entrepreneurs.

    This question you asked is a very wise question @Andrew, before i go further with information i'm trying to gather for you, which kind of try cleaning do you intend to start? As you may know or may not, there are many varieties of laundry offerings, but for the cause of this post and what I intends to give an explanation for, I am going to put attention on domestic base dry cleansing and laundry offerings. The type you may begin small and finally make bigger to something big. You already realize what Dry Cleaning is so we could move instantly to what you would want to get commenced.

    What You Need To Start A Small Laundry Services in Nigeria

    1. Wide Ironing Table: It is very vital to your desk to be extensive enough, at the least to provide enough pressing area and comfort as you'll be managing massive quantity of ironing. Do not use small desk so that it will make your paintings inconvenient and sooner or later purpose you a few damages. Geting a table is easy and huge sufficient, some thing like 4×6 feet.

    Pressing/Ironing bench is the satisfactory desire for urgent cloths and it's miles the maximum convenient, extra handy than normal tables. You can get it very reasonably-priced inside the marketplace or from electronics shops.

    2. Good Pressing Iron: Invest in quality urgent Iron for the sake of performance, and don’t overlook you are handling people's fabrics. Inefficient Iron may want to reason extra hassle than gain through raking havoc for your clients cloths. Go for high first-rate, state-of-the-art Iron from known makers like Philips.

    3. Garment Conveyor: You will want a garment conveyor for striking completed clothes. Just get a nice regionally made through fixtures makers, however let it's wide enough to keep away from stuffing cloths. The conveyor I am speaking approximately is only a hanging stand, not those that bring cloths utilized by bigger dry cleaners. A local fixtures maker will help you layout your locally made one if you do not have enough cash to shop for trendy conveyor.

    4. BIG Washing Bowls: You will need many of this to soak extraordinary hues and special types of substances one after the other. Be cautious how you deal with people fabric so that you don’t cross approximately buying damages in place of making profits. Soak Jeans separately from different materials, soak whites cloths separate, and different hues too. Do not blend colors cloths together!

    5. Industrial Laundry Detergent: Cleaning is era, you want to master it with all sense of seriousness. Good cleaning detergent will go a long way to assist you in making thorough cleansing, and that in turn will convey greater clients. Do not go for simply any washing soap, go for high nice detergent that comes in quantity – you may be desiring a great deal quantity of it.

    6. Space For Ironing: Spacious ironing environment will not simplest make your job quicker and more relaxed, it will come up with sense of stability and cozy emotions. Devote huge enough part of your house for it.

    7. Other Items Like: Clothespins, Lines, and Drying space should be put in place as well. With a majority of these equipped, you’re accurate to move.

    Start your advertising with phrases of mouth around your neighborhood, there are masses people ready to patronize you. Treat them well and you'll have everlasting customers who will make certain your income daily.

    This is all I can get for you now, hope it is helpful?

    Credit to: http://www.wealthresult.com and http://www.tebees.com the article rewriter platform.
  5. ujoh

    ujoh Member


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