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How Irrigation Helps In Small Scale Farming In Nigeria

Discussion in 'Agriculture Business' started by Celestina Angel Serome, Aug 1, 2019.

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  1. Celestina Angel Serome

    Celestina Angel Serome Administrator Staff Member

    Farming has become one of the most widely means of employment to many individuals because of how it's common around the world. Farming isn't a restricted hobby since it's the main source of livelihood in Nigeria... Most farmers with little farmlands are looking for ways they can use in building up large scale farmlands from that small farm land they have.

    Almost everyone is running into farming just as they are rushing into business, because they understand that these two things are an avenue for survival and for employment. But most people lack the proper techniques of preserving their goods from getting rotten, because of the condition of the soil.
    Many farmers have gotten huge loss in farming due to little water entering into the crops they are planting. This might be as a result of the fact that the place where water is located is very far from the farmland entirely. So for that reason little water is gotten by the farmer to water their crops... This is a painful part of every farmers story, because the crop that are being destroyed due to little or no water are being wasted to not just the farmers but to others who contributed to the farmland.
    But there is something modern aged farmers have developed that is really helpful to every farmer who owns a farmland. when we talk about watering. This technique is known as "irrigation" by morden farmers who own huge farmlands... Most times we begin to wonder how most farmers cater for all their crops in very huge farmland while some farmers are not even able to water only a few crops they have in their small farmland... End your wondering today because the technique they use in pulling this act is simply irrigation.

    Irrigation is defined as the supply of water to lands or crops to help the growth of the crop effectively, typically by means of channel... This modern farmers use irrigation as a means to water their crops, irrespective of how many they are. They just connect a pipe to a nearby stream or probaly a tank full of water and they channel the water from the stream or the tank to the farmland using the pipe they installed on it. With this way, they are assured that their plants doesn't suffer any form of low watering.

    Irrigation has made many farmer's life easy in the aspect of watering their crops. They don't have to struggle for watering their crops anymore, some farmers see this to be a blessing to them in terms of farming while others see it as a means of making farming easy, but wrong too, since they don't no how to utilise this techniques on their own farmlands. But the question i would love to ask is; does irrigation helps farmland or not? This question will be answered based on how many advantage and disadvantages we would have about irrigation.

    I will start with the advantages and see if irrigation can serve as any help to a small farmland.

    Advantages of irritation

    1. It decrease the workload of farmers:
    think about how big some farmer's farmlands are and how many drums of water will be used to water their farmland if they decide not to use irrigation. Most times watering of their farmlands without irrigation might take the whole of the day and they mightn't even be able to water every crop in the farmland due to how big it is..This is considered to be too much stress for farmers, because farmers will have to undergo this stress of watering the farm and still undergo tilling of the soil and clearing. Definitely the workload will be too much.

    2. It helps to prevent the high rate of rotten crops : most farmers suffering from this problem is simply because of their inability to water their crops when its dry season. We all know how hot and strong the ground becomes when it's dry season, and it isn't really a good idea for farmers to plant on such soil, unless they have a good method of watering the crops.

    That good method you spoke of is nothing but irrigation, because without the help of irrigation, plants can't grow well since there will be lots of water to cover all the crops that are planted.

    3. It helps to bring more income : think about how fast and well your crop will grow when they are given proper maintenance and good watering. Definitely such crops will bring the best of their products and consumers will always go for the goods that are very fresh. So, when yours are seen as fresh goods, income is sure to come forth from it.

    4.Irrigation contributes to the economic growth and poverty reduction : As income and employment are closely achieved and irrigation increases production, substantial increase in income too. Definitely poverty will be eliminated and jobs can as well pop out from it too.

    Let's see if there is any disadvantages to discus on irrigation before we finally conclude if it's right to say irrigation helps little scale farmlands.


    1. The overflowing of water can cause the crops to die: in as much as irrigation is concerned we can equally say, too much of everything is wrong, most especially when they aren't handled with proper care.

    Crops need water to survive but will die if the water is too much for them. So there are chances that irrigation can kill the planted crops if it's not controlled properly.

    2. If the water is too much it might cause the path in the farmland to become muddy and wet: sometimes, when excess water is released, it tends to get the entire floor soaked leaving the path of the farm to be soak with water and sometimes muddy, giving no single room for farmers to pass through when they wish.

    Irrigation has been proven to be a huge help to large and small scale farmers, even if it comes with little disadvantages.

    Note that the disadvantages of irrigation can be controlled when proper care is given to the pipe that releases the water out to the crops. Irrigation is almost like a burden lifter in the life of a farmer who has a piece of land he is farming on.

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