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How Lucrative Is Recharge Card Business In Warri Delta State?

Discussion in 'General Business' started by Ebuka, Jul 31, 2018.

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  1. Ebuka

    Ebuka Member

    I have intention of starting recharge card business in warri region of Delta state but little skeptical of the lucrative part of it.

    I want to know from those who are in the business how lucrative it is currently in warri and any reasonable idea how to obtain customers. Thanks
    recharge card business.jpg
  2. serome

    serome Administrator Staff Member

    Big man, been a long time we saw you oh. I thought you have finally traveled obodoyibo oh.

    Bro do you know that recharge card is the most used items currently in Nigeria. OK let's say restaurant business is in content with recharge card business. This is to tell you that recharge card business is very lucrative in any city. Though I know the more the population the better the business warri is a good place for recharge card business.

    Before you start. Not that I want to discourage you but would want to get you aware on time for your best interest. Have in mind that banks have almost render recharge card business almost handicap specially in a city like Lagos. I don't know much about Warri but i'm pretty sure it affecting all physically business in the country.

    Today people can easily press 3 to 4 codes and buy airtime directly from their bank account. This doesn't mean recharge card business is not working in Nigeria.

    However I would advice you to advance your recharge card Business techniques. Advance it to online method level so people can easily order airtime online without stress. This is to say you will need a website to sell airtime online. People will order online and get it instantly without even your notice.

    Hope this is helpful big man?
  3. Victor

    Victor Member

    The boss has said it all. I can't remember when last I bought paper recharge card. Before now recharge card business was very lucrative.

    If you can have a way people can buy online then it could be another good means of selling.

    If you insists on starting recharge card business in warri then I would advice you to start a wholesaler of recharge card and distribute to retailers at good price.
  4. Ada

    Ada Member

    Recharge card business is still very lucrative in Delta state. Don't be a retailer, you should start as wholesaler and supply to retailers.

    Not everybody that knows about purchasing airtime online or from bank. Beside warri is full of some kind indescribable sort of mentality people, no body has the time to be putting money on their account for savings talk of buying recharge card with it. Warri person will find it difficult buying recharge from his/her savings while they can just go out there beside them and buy recharge card or kuuma flash your battery down till you call them, lol.

    In warri that I know, Bank airtime don't sell there. It's the physical local recharge card that sell better there.
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  5. Victor

    Victor Member

    I agreed with you sister. It depends on the region.
  6. Favour

    Favour Member

    @serome, please how most can someone use to startup recharge card business in Nigeria? What is the profit like?

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