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How To Create A Facebook Page For Your Business In Nigeria

Discussion in 'General Business' started by serome, Aug 4, 2018.

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  1. serome

    serome Administrator Staff Member

    Facebook is now one of the best place to drive traffic to you business in Nigeria. So many business in Nigeria today depend on facebook, this is to say all their traffice and sales are coming from facebook only. Such business can not do well without facebook.

    Today the internet is the best place for business, be it that you are selling physical product or not, the best place to get customers or clients to your business is facebook. But how can this be done?

    If i should ask haven't you see advert of jiji, olx, jumia or other companies on facebook when browsing your wall? If yes then you get what i mean right now. Those are called facebook advert. This means when you advertise on facebook will show your advert to people who may be interested in your business.

    Earlier on one of my thread How to Start Phone Business in Nigeria and make lots of money i mentioned that the best way to market your business to the public is true social medias and i measured facebook as one of the best source to create advert campaign. I promise to show those of you who were in that thread how to create a facebook page and advertise your product or services on facebook.

    Must you create a facebook page to be able to advertise on facebook? Well that is a nice question and i expected every beginner to ask it. The answer to it is Yes but i don't know why it's like that, i feel that maybe facebook knows that people with facebook page could be only those who will want to advertise that business since their business will likely be about business. Without creating a facebook page you won't be able to advertise on facebook you must have a facebook page. There is nothing to worry about, you can create a facebook page within 5 minutes and have it setup without a single chargers. It totally free to have it all done. Just follow the step below.

    I'm going to show you how to create a facebook page using a computer, so if you are on your mobile phone, i will advice you swift to laptop computer if you wish to follow this thread to success.

    On the right hand side of your facebook, you will se a drop down icon there, all you needed to do is click on the drop down. A list of some links will show up there, click on create a facebook page and wait for it to load. When it loads, choose the kind of page you would want to create, there are two options there which is "Business or Brand" and "Community or public" page. Select you page type and center page name which is your business name. On that page enter your business details and click continue to process with the creating. Follow steps bellow for complete process how you can create a facebook page.

    I want to share with you how you can create Facebook page in Nigeria

    1. visit Facebook.com and login to your Facebook profile. I have already login to my face boo account.
    facebook drop down icon.png
    2. At the right side of your Facebook profile you will see a drop down icon just as seen on the video, click it and click create page.
    facebook page type.png
    Select you page type and enter page name, page category, your business address and phone number.
    You can choose to leave your business address public or hiding from people, when that is done, click continue.
    facebook page form.png
    3. Add a profile picture to your page. Make sure it's you business picture or logo.
    facebook page add profile photo.png
    4. On the next page, add a cover picture to your page. and wait for your page to be created for you.
    facebook page add cover photo.png
    5. As you can see on the right side of your new page, Facebook will give you an option to invite your friends to like your new page. If you wish you can send your friend invitation just by clicking on the invite button of each of your friend.
    Facebook page invite page.png
    Congratulation You have successfully created your Facebook page if you are following this video

    The next article will be how to setup your Facebook easily. You can follow me for more better tutorial video about how to have so many things done easily in Nigeria or all over the world. Subscribe to my Facebook channel for new updates.

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