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How To Create An Amazon Affiliate Website In Nigeria Here Are 5 Easy Steps

Discussion in 'General Business' started by foster04, Sep 13, 2018.

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  1. foster04

    foster04 Member

    There are lots of ways and strategies that can be used when it comes to making money online and if you careful, you can get confused. Blogging still stands top when it comes to making money online. Since the inception of E-commerce websites which allows people buy things online and get it delivered to their door steps without having to leave their homes this has made life easy for so many people.

    E-commerce websites are huge as they provide a long list of items people can shop for online and they generate a lot of money. One of the richest people in the world owns one of these sites (Amazon). This been said, not everyone can open an e-commerce website because of what’s involved (logistics) but through affiliate marketing you can squeeze out some money from e-commerce.

    A Little On Affiliate Marketing
    Lots of E-commerce websites have a thing called Affiliate Program that people can sign up for and are given a custom link to share with others online and when they purchase using your link you get a percentage (commission).

    Today we will be focusing on Amazon Affiliate Program

    Amazon Affiliate Program
    Amazon.com is one of the biggest if not the biggest E-commerce website with more than 1 million items on their site and have a lot of people shopping on their website every day. This is good as it gives you a lot to search for on their website.

    Creating An Amazon Affiliate Website
    Once you have signed up for the Amazon Associates Program and logged into your account you cant just start walking on the street and asking people to buy from Amazon using your link (I guess that could also work LOL) you will have to create a website where you can post your link and a review of what you selling.

    My 5 Steps To Creating An Amazon Affiliate Website

    • Choose A Niche
    When it comes to affiliate marketing, choosing a niche is key as it allows you stay focused so you can improve on it and also let search engines know what your website stands for. There are lots of niches to select from such as fashion, technology, gadgets, musical instruments etc. so you have to choose wisely.
    • Domain/Hosting
    80% of the success of your website starts from the domain name you choose and hosting your website. I included website because no matter how great your domain name is without a hosting plan no one will see your website. There are other platforms that provide free hosting and domain such as blogger.com, wix.com etc. that you can also use.
    When choosing a domain name, make sure that the name is related to the niche you have selected. Once you have gotten the perfect domain name for your website, you will have to host it. There are lots of good hosting companies which include web4africa, hostnownow, whogohost etc.

    • Install Wordpress
    I consider WordPress the best platform to use when it comes to creating an Amazon affiliate website or any blog at all as it gives you the ability to customize your website the way you want. This service is free and all you have to do is install WordPress and start using it. The quickest way to install WordPress is to go through the Cpanel given to you by your hosting company and installing it from there.
    The next thing to do after installing WordPress is to upload a theme. There are lots of free and paid WordPress themes out there that you can download and upload on your WordPress site. All you have to do is go to your web browser and type “download WordPress themes” then you open different sites and download the theme that suits you r better still you can go to wordpress.org and click on themes then download from there.
    When your theme is set, you can also add WordPress plugins so as to improve your website. Plugins such as Yoast SEO, Akismet Anti-Spam (comes with WordPress) etc.

    • Post Contents
    No matter how cool your website looks, without contents I mean quality contents your site will be a waste. Once you have selected your niche, you should start writing contents on different products on that niche. There are two ways you can get content
    1. Do It Yourself: This involves you writing the content yourself. This may not be easy at first but with time you can get used to it. The quickest way of writing a product review is to use the description given by the manufacturer and modify it.
    2. Use Freelancers: For those who don’t have the time to seat down and write and have some money to spend, you can hire a freelancer that will help you write contents for your website. There are lots of sites were you can get freelancers such as Fiverr, Upwork etc.
    • Promote Your Content
    If your website is SEO friendly, there are lots of traffic you can generate through search engine but most times you don’t have to seat and wait for search engine to do all the work. You have to go social. Website such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest etc, are great sites that you can use to drive traffic to your website. There are other ways which include you sharing your contents on directories, bookmarking websites and submitting your contents to search engines. Having to use paid advertising is not out of place as it also helps increase your traffic.
    With this, you can start your own Amazon affiliate website and also use this method for other affiliate program such as clickbank, aliexpress etc.
    Let me know what your thoughts are on my method.

    visit http://naijahowtozone.com.ng
  2. Ada

    Ada Member

    Do you have any solution regarding on the verification of amazon? It not working and I have been unable to register
  3. Andrew

    Andrew Moderator Staff Member

    What kind of blog do you think get good sales on amazon? I hope to start a blog base on products.
  4. foster04

    foster04 Member

    Good day Ada i guess the place you having issue is getting a call from them to verify your account, for this i think you should try using another network example if you tried MTN, also try using Glo or Etisalat and keep trying it will sure go through. but to make it easy if you have anyone residing in the US, you can contact them to setup the account for you.
    Ada likes this.
  5. foster04

    foster04 Member

    Good day @ Andrew, you can start a blog on Amazon products and sell anything, checkout wirecutter.com, cmcentral.co.za (my amazon blog). you can also focus on single niches which includes sell books, home items, gaming gears, toys etc.
  6. Ada

    Ada Member

    You are right. For them to call for verification is a huge problem. I have used glo and Airtel, no good result. I think i'm going to follow you advice and look for someone to help me verify it over there in US. But my questions is, will I be paid to Nigeria is it get verified in US?.
  7. foster04

    foster04 Member

    Good day @Ada you would not be paid to Naira account but there are ways you can collect your payment and the best way is to open a payoneer account. go to payoneer.com, open an account using your Nigeria information, they will give you 3 accounts 1 for dollar, 2 for europe and 1 for china or another country. with this you can input the bank info o your payoneer into your Amazon payment info and you can get your money. About payoneer, it is the easiest as when you open an account with them, you can request for a debit card and they will send it to you which you can use to withdraw your earnings in Naira
  8. crown90

    crown90 New Member

    Thanks for sharing, very useful topic by the way. Id like to add that it is also very important to find a reliable webhosting provider to be sure about traffic generation and speed. I use Zomro.net It has a really good price/performance ratio. and they give any time money back guaranteethink about it why they do that
  9. ujoh

    ujoh Member

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