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How To Get Customers For Your Business In Nigeria And How To Retain Them

Discussion in 'General Business' started by serome, Aug 1, 2018.

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  1. serome

    serome Administrator Staff Member

    Hello friends on proudnaira. This post let's look at one of the most important area of business. Do you know that some people are always confuse about business and consider it as stress and don't want to have anything to do with owning their on business. They are comfortable working with other people who have already set theirs. Well it's not that they don't want to have one but simply they don't know how to manage it that why the feel it stress to their life.

    How to get customers for business and retain them in Nigeria
    We that love business, and have made the step to start business. There is a very important area we should look at which is how to retain a customer and make them come back to you when ever they are in need of products or services you offer. I will share with some of the idea i think it will help retain a customer in Nigeria.

    how to retain customers and sell your products or service faster in Nigeria
    customers for you business in nigeria.jpg
    Do you know that some of us doing business today in Nigeria don't care about this aspect of retaining customers? Yes that is the true fact of it all. Some of us are scared of losing a single customers while some others are willing to loose all their old customers all because new customers are coming. My friend, the fact is that such business will surely gradually go down someday if not soon, because the voice of people counts a lot in business.

    It is said that with one happy customer, hundred of customers will come to you, while with one unhappy customer, hundreds of customers will as well go away from you. It's a bad thing not to retain your existing customers and make them come back to you. If you have been chasing away your existing customers all because new once are coming all the time, i will advice you to make a U turn and start making all of them come back again.

    How to retain customers and make them come to your all the time they need services or products you render
    One of the reason customers will not want to come back is your manner and bad product or service you sold to them. If you are selling service to people and someone hired you and at the end get a bad job, then they will not want to use you again or recommend you to their friends and family.

    If you are selling physical product and you sold bad product to your customer, he or she will not be happy with the item and for that reason when next they need such item they will want to check somewhere else, for this reason they will not come back.

    If your approach to your customers is bad, they will get tired of doing business with you and go elsewhere. For those of you who are selling restaurants and food related business. you have to be mostly careful cause the chance of loosing a customer to your neighbor is very high. People love good food for this reason they will not tolerate bad food or costly food. now if you have a restaurant take note of this.
    If your foods is expensive, your customers will run away from you
    If your food is not sweet your customers will always run away from you
    If your manner of approach is bad, your customers will run away from you
    If you are to lazy to serve your customers they will look elsewhere on a place they will get things done sharp sharp.

    One of my previous boss always ring it on my ears then that customers are kings, princes and princess. It time you understands that the reason for your business and why you go for your business every day if for them. If they didn't come to you, your business will be useless and at the end you will run out of it with the mindset that the business is not good. Have you asked yourself why others are making it on the same business?

    Start doing things right and you will end up smiling. I have noticed that some business owners get upset at their customers for no reason just because customers are too much and they are kind of disturbing you. Instead of you to be happy that you have many customers and try to meet up with their needs you are there complaining. Don't worry when they go, then you will know their value. so i will advice you to cherish and value their presents.

    How are few ways to make your customers come back to you again and again

    Always meet up with their needs
    Try all it takes to make sure they have what they came for at your shop/office. Even if you don't have the product or item they came for at the time, try to make sure they don't leave your office devastated and start looking for where they can get it because on that process they may get somewhere better than yours and they will leave you for that company or business. with that they may take that person for a customer and abandon you. For this reason i will advice you to always make sure your customer gets what he or she came for at your place. If you are not having that item, tell the customer that you are currently not having it, but with few minutes you will make the item available for him or her. At this point start making calls to other dealers of that item and get it for the customer. Believe me, with this, the customer will be very happy that you can do all of the stress for him/her and will be very happy with you at same time you deprive him the chance of going out to start looking for another dealer that may end up taking him/her from you. Next time that customer wants to get another item, they will return to you. This advice is applicable to all kind of business and services except restaurant and bar business alone.

    Good approach to your customers
    Yes sir, welcome sir, sorry sir, thank you sir, happy to do business with you sir, please sir and so on will not remove anything from you rather make you get richer because when the customer is happy with your approach they will want to buy from you and with this your make more sales and get richer. Don't ignore some customers because they are too many. No matter how small amount of product a customer wants to buy don't use hard words on him/her for any reason. Don't forget one thing that such customer may recommend you to someone who may buy something worth millions tomorrow if well treated today.

    This is the mistake some of us make in business. After considering the amount of product a customer wants to buy and find that it small amount of something, their mood of attention towards the person changes immediately because they want to buy something small. Please don't make this mistake again, it wrong and can even destroy customers that wants to buy good amount of money product from you. As for me, the way you attend to all your customers matters to me, even if the customer is a baby. I can stop coming to your shop or office due i saw you treating other customers. Those with good business orientation will tell you that no customer is too small.

    Make your product or service affordable than your competitors
    In Nigeria today, no body wants to waste money anymore not even the rich guys. Everybody wants to save their money. One of the best way to retain your customers in by making your items or service cheaper than your competitors. If you can archive this then you have higher chances of retaining your existing customers and as well them good chance or them introducing you to more people. You can make your item affordable without you loosing anything. Let me explain. For example you want to buy electric cooker and went to a mall and checked on three shops and find that two of the shops are selling same electric cooker for N4,000 naira and one of the shop is selling for 3,900 naira tell me which of the shop will you buy from?. Will the shop that is selling for 3,900 naira loose because of 100 naira? the answer is no. he only reduce his profit in order ti sell fast. Tell me, as the buyer, if next time you want to buy any electronic on that same mall which of the shop will you go to?. You see the little strategy that most of us are lacking.

    When buy your product and wants to sell, make sure that you first find your competitors prices and drop your with 100 naira or 1,000 naira different to attract more customers and have them trust you for cheap price dealer.

    Sell best quality product or services to your customers or your clients
    Some igbo entrepreneurs are fun of doing this. They go for the low grade quality to make more money after customers have trusted them for good quality and get the customers disappointed. In this case if i trusted you to be a good quality product seller and at the end of the day, i end up buying an inferior product from you, i won't want to come back to you because you have trick me before and i won't want introduce anyone to you. Don't use because you want to make more money to betray the trust your customers have for you or you will end up loosing them all. Give your customers the best quality and never lie to them, if you notice one of the product is not trusted, tell them on time and if possible have it change. Nothing like trust in business, it will make people wants to do business with you because they trust that anything you give them is the best. But when you are not trustworthy and only care about to sell, at the end they go look for another place.

    Adopt new technology for your business
    there are so many new technology today that you can implement to make transaction easy for your customers and make them fee like doing business with you only. below are some of this technology i'm talking about
    1. POS: To make paying for your product and services easy. Note that it depends on they type of business or service your do or render.
    2. Delivery: If you are selling physical product, delivery is another things that will make your customers really happy as not everyone has the chance or opportunity of leaving the office at all time.
    You can think of more strategies to boost your sales and enhance your business easily.

    How to sell your product faster in Nigeria
    For those of you who are into physical products sale business, such as electronics, house products, food stuffs, body appliance products, fashion products and so on. I have a good news for you, it time to be making more sales. This days the best way to sell your item fast is through online. Jiji.ng and olx.com and proudnaira.com sales center is the best way to make more sales less i forget facebook. I know most of you don't still know that facebook is the best place to sell your products fast online in Nigeria. Anyway i will create another thread about that. However take note that if you want to sell faster in Nigeria then start selling online.

    At this point i will want to call this threat to an end, however i'm open to questions. You can ask anything you will want to know below, i will do my best to always reply to your questions. If you find this thread helpful then bookmark or follow it if your are an already proudnaira member. If you are not a member yet then i urge you to join this business forum now, it's free. we learn for free and contribute into others lives. it free and easy to register.

    Tell me friend do i make sense on this post?
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  2. Angela

    Angela Member

    You said it all. There is a shop I went to get body cream recently. I have said it that nothing will let me return there to buy anything again. They are very arrogant and lack customers respect.

    You just said everything on my mind. No one would want to purchase something from where they already got bad product no matter how cheap he product is.
  3. Favour

    Favour Member

    Thanks for sharing this helpful info sir. Got bless you.
  4. serome

    serome Administrator Staff Member

    Yeah. Nice to see you here big sis. my proudnaira family guru.
  5. serome

    serome Administrator Staff Member

    Thanks for the prayer there. We will keep excelling by the grace of God. And nice to know this post is helpful to you as well. thanks also for been with me all this while. one love @proudnaira family.
  6. Janny

    Janny New Member

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    SONAM SHARMA New Member

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  8. Amanda

    Amanda New Member

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    DANIEL AUSTIN New Member

    7 Vital Steps To Improve Your Small Retail Business In Naija

    Looking for tips to grow your business online be glad because you have found one. Here are 7 steps
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    demand for at all the time and dont run shot of it.

    The purpose of any business is to bring in customers, and it can only be accomplished through marketing.
    if record you keep in your sales is not going low every week, i think something is wrong and you had better
    find out what is wrong fast. Because in today’s competitive retail world.. getting result is what count.

    Do you have a small business? and you wish to make it go bigger, do you have competitors close to
    you and you need to make yours bigger and better. i would like you to read on to see what you need
    to do for your business to grow fast and also skills you need to grow big in your area of business.

    Some of your happen to have the capital to start your business with, then some was giving to them by
    their husband or relatives, while some go so far to get from micro finance bank or a bank loan, of which
    you are to pay back in a few months time. Well you don’t have to get worried about that all i needed
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    List Of Steps To Improve Your Small Retail Business
    1. Know Yourself

    Having your own business is more than just creating a job for yourself.
    Your basic roles are in..

    • marketing
    • finance
    • administration
    • and the responsibility of personnel.
    To get the best results, it is rare for one person to play all these roles
    equally well. You must know which parts you can handle yourself and which
    parts you’re going to need help with.......
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  10. Amanda

    Amanda New Member

    The purpose of any business is to bring in customers, and it can only be accomplished through marketing.
    if record you keep in your sales is not going low every week, i think something is wrong and you had better
    find out what is wrong fast. Because in today’s competitive retail world.. getting result is what count
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  11. Amanda

    Amanda New Member

  12. Amanda

    Amanda New Member

    I have a lot of ideas how to attract clients to Nigeria and keep in touch with them. The most important is IT business. And to save contacts and all customer contacts there is a good CRM program https://closer.bot/, thanks to this program you will be able to quickly fill the database without losing information.
  13. vssmindng

    vssmindng New Member

    Step By Step Guide To Registering a Business Name Or A Company In Nigeria.

    Registering your business is a very important step you must take to bring your business idea into reality.Most people commence business before registration and still do fine, but it is advised that you do this
    at the preliminary stage of your business planning process.

    In this post, i will guide you on the benefits you derive from registering your business and how you can go about it in Nigeria

    Here are the benefits of registering your business:

    It protects your business or trade name: once your business is registered you can be sure that no other individual, company or organization can trade in that name. But if its not registered, someone else can trade with the name and even stop you from using the name if he/she registers it before you!
    It gives your business legal recognition
    It promotes your brand and image.
    It gives your business some form of credibility and seriousness, hence customers are willing and comfortable dealing with you
    It Qualifies you to bid for contract and jobs both in the private and public sectors
    It helps you raise funding for you business from banks, development finance institutions, venture capital, institutional investors and individual fund providers
    It reduces your personal liability in the ordinary course of business: This is associated with the limited liability company model. When a company is registered, it becomes a legal person that can sue and be sued. So your business becomes independent and no one can come against you or your personal properties except when you use
    the company to commit fraud and other things that can make the corporate veil to be lifted
    It is a definite step towards institutionalizing your business

    I can go on and on. The main point here is to note that registering your business is not only legally necessary but also commercially beneficial. For instance, to open a business bank account, you must first present your business registration documents for verification by the bank.

    In Nigeria the organization that is responsible for business registration and regulation, including not-for profits organizations such as churches, mosques and NGOs is the Corporate Affairs Commission which was established by the Companies and Allied Matters Act 1990 as amended.

    Business registration can take either of two forms, viz: Registration of Business Names or Enterprise and the Incorporation of companies.

    The type of registration you need will depend on the structure of your business. Our law recognizes Six forms of business structures, namely:

    A. Sole proprietorship
    B. Partnership
    C. Registered Company.
    D.Unincorporated Associations
    E. Cooperative Society
    F. Incorporated Trustees

    If you are operating as a sole trader or you are operating as partnership with your friend or family member in a loosely or informal way, then you do not need more than the registration of business name or enterprise.

    Let me quickly go into the details…

    Registration of business names or enterprise

    If you are doing business with your real name, the law does not require that you register it, But if you are doing business in any name other than your real names, the law provides that you must register that name with which you operate your business.

    For Example;

    if Okonkwo Adamu operates a mini store in his true name as Okonkwo Adamu, he is not compelled to register such name. But if he operates as Okonkwo Superstores or Taiwo Mart or any other name other than his full name, he must register the name as an enterprise. In this case, the law recognizes him as Okonkwo Adamu trading as Okonkwo Super Stores, etc.

    Registration of business name is easy, requires limited documentation and is cheap. With as little as N10,000, you can get your certificate of registration of business names in few days. Registration of Business Names is covered under Part B of the Companies and Allied Matters Act, 1990.

    Incorporation of Company

    Incorporation of company on the other hand is ideal for more structured businesses and is necessarily required for limited liability companies.
    The limited liability company model is suitable for SME owners that want to properly structure their businesses and have better access to emerging opportunities.

    To some extent, the legal form your business takes will impact on your ability to take advantage of emerging opportunities but an important reason you should be interested in the kind of registration you give to your business is that the law treat each type differently, particularly in areas such as tax, business debts and personal liability. For example, a sole proprietor is liable for the debt of his business up to his personal assets, whereas promoters of a limited liability company
    are not so liable. The liability of the promoters of a limited liability company is limited to the extent of their investment in the company, except in case of a criminal investigation which will now allow the law to lift the corporate veil and hold those promoters personally liable for their actions in the company.

    Today, the Corporate affairs commission has made the registration of businesses and incorporation of company process very easy, by making it possible for people to run the registrations online and by-pass all the stress involved in offline registrations.

    Registration of businesses and incorporation of companies can now be initiated and concluded online through the website of the Corporate Affairs Commission. The CAC accredits professionals for the purposes of relating with the commission on the services they render. Most importantly, the law recognizes three categories of professionals as capable of engaging in company registration and administration business. These include Chartered Secretaries, Lawyers and Chartered Accountants who additionally have to be accredited by the CAC or work in organizations that are so accredited.

    Steps to follow in registering your business name or incorporating your company;

    Step 1- Decide on a Name

    The first step to registering your business is to decide on your business name. In naming your business or company, choose a name that conveys something either to represent the nature of your business or a name that define your goals, values or vision. The right name can make all the difference, so be creative in naming your business. It is also important to know that there are certain names that are prohibited by the law,and there are names that are restricted by the law. Prohibited names cannot be used at all, restricted names can only be used upon approval by the commission. Here are the list of prohibited and restricted names

    cannot be used at all, restricted names can only be used upon approval by the commission. Here are the list of prohibited and restricted names

    Prohibited Names:

    Names that are identical or closely similar to names already registered or reserved.
    Names that are capable of misleading as to nature or extent of the activities of the company.
    Names that are undesirable, offensive or otherwise contrary to public policy.
    Names that would violate any existing trade mark or business name except with the written consent of the owner of the trade mark or business name addressed to the Commission together with a copy of its certificate.

    Restricted Names:

    Names that require prior consent of the Commission before application for name reservation is submitted.
    Names that contain the words ‘Chamber of Commerce’ which must only be registered as a Company Limited by Guarantee.
    All proposed names to be registered as Companies Limited by Guarantee.
    Names that contain any of the following words: National, Federal, State, Government, Municipal, Chartered, Corporate Society, Building Society.
    Any other word that suggests that the company enjoys the patronage of Government or any of its Ministries, Departments or Agencies.
    Names that contains the word ‘Group’, ‘Holding’ or ‘Consortium’

    Application for Consent for Restricted Names:

    Application for Consent for restricted name should be addressed to the Registrar-General and submitted at the Head office or through any of the State offices together with evidence of payment of consent fee of ?5,000. Please see Companies Regulation 2012 for requirements for consent.

    To help you in choosing an available name, you can do a public search of the names in your mind to check if someone else has registered or reserved it.Also note that the Commission reserves the exclusive right to determine the availability of your proposed name. CLICK HERE TO CONDUCT NAME AVAILABILITY CHECK

    Step 2- Write Down What The Object of Your Business Is

    This is called the object clause and will be required as a major content of the memorandum of association of your company. Think through it carefully and write down the things that your business will be doing, i.e the services you are going to render. CAC requires your object to be itemized, simple, unambiguous and straight to the point. Some people make the mistake of putting many objects, both those they do and those they intend to do in the future. you need to know that some business requires lots of registrations other than the CAC registration. E.G SKUML registration and registration in professional bodies. Make sure you get all this facts before putting objects you intend to carry out in the future, we can help you with that if you consult us.

    Step 3- Decide on the Amount of authorised capital

    The authorized share capital you register in your incorporation document will impact on the overall cost of your registration. This is because in addition to paying CAC fees which is standard, you also pay stamp duty on your authorized capital. Stamp duty is usually a percentage of the capital, so the higher the capital, the higher the stamp duty payable. For SMEs operating in unregulated sectors where capital is not usually determined by the regulatory authority, a N1 million authorized capital is ideal for the purpose of incorporating your company. You can increase later to accommodate the demands of your operations.

    Step 4- Decide on who the subscribers to your share capital are:

    You will be required to provide and write the names of your initial shareholders. The law requires that a limited liability company must have a minimum of two subscribers. You are also required to state the amount of their subscription to the shares of the company. If your authorized share capital is 1 million Naira divided into 1 million shares of 1 Naira each, and you are the main person in the business, you can assign 80% of the shares to yourself and 20% percent to a brother or a friend. In such a way, you will still be in control of what goes on in your business, until you decide to relinquish such right by bringing in more people to subscribe to the shares of the company.

    Step 5- Write Down the names of the Directors

    Shareholders are different from directors. While the shareholders are those who provide the capital for the business, directors are those engaged in the oversight management function in the business. There must be a minimum of two directors for a limited liability company. Most SME’s will usually use their wives and children or family members to fulfill requirement 4 and 5, but it is advisable that when you are setting up a business you select to work with people who will add value either as shareholders or directors. The shareholders can also be directors of the company

    Once you have all this details, you then need to follow this process to effect the registration of your business

    Step 6- Create an Account on the CAC Portal

    You can conduct the registering of your business by yourself using the CAC online portal. To do this, you have to first create an account. Go to the CAC website and click on online registration, then click on register and fill out the forms as required. With your username and password, you can log in to the portal at any time and continue with the process of registration of your company.

    Step 7- Do A Name Availability Check

    Having created an account and received your login details, log into the portal, click on public search, type in the proposed name to see if there is existing company or business trading in that name. If there is a company trading in the name or using what is very similar to that name such that it is capable of causing confusion in the mind of the public, CAC will deny you the use of that name. If there are no existing companies or businesses using that name, then proceed to step 8

    Step 8- Reserve the Name

    You will use the business name reservation feature to reserve the name. If you do not incorporate your company within the period the name is on reservation, you stand the risk of losing the name to someone else who is ready. Reserved names will be available for 60 days after which it can be register-able by another person if you dont register it.

    Step 9- Complete the Online Registration Form (CAC 1.1)

    CAC 1.1 contains the information about your company. Fill it out and proceed to the next stage.

    Step 10- Pay the relevant Filing Fees and Stamp Duties.

    You will see the scale of fees on the portal. While the Filing Fees is payable to CAC, Stamp Duties is payable to the Federal Inland Revenue Service and is usually a percentage of the authorized capital.Remember, use 1 million share capital if you are just starting out and operating in an unregulated industry. When the need to increase your share capital arises in the future, you can always do so. Make sure to download the receipt of payment as they will be compiled along with the originals of the Memorandum and articles of association

    Step 11- Prepare, complete, scan and upload the pre-incorporation documents

    These documents include :

    Pre-incorporation form (Form CAC1.1) – this can also be completed online

    Part A – Company Address

    Part B – Authorised Share Capital

    Part C – Particulars of First Directors

    Part D – Particulars of Secretary

    Part E – Statutory Declaration of Compliance by a Legal Practitioner

    Even if you decide to incorporate your company by yourself, you will need the services of a lawyer, at least to complete Part E of registration form.

    Memorandum and Articles of Association

    In this document, you will state the object of your company, the authorized capital and the subscribers to the capital, the name of the company and internal governance structure. Your lawyer, accountant or chartered secretary will guide you in the preparation of your MEMART.

    Proficiency Certificate where required.

    For some kind of businesses, you may be required to show that you have the relevant skill and knowledge to do that business. Businesses like consulting, media practice, engineering services and the regulated services will require the submission of a proficiency certificate. Certificates issued by professional bodies usually serve this purpose.

    Means of Identification such as Drivers’s License, National Identity Card or International Passport of each of the directors and the Secretary is required

    Stamp Duty Receipt – this will be issued by the FIRS on payment of stamp duty. If you pay through remita, they send this receipt to your Email. Download it and add to the documents you will submit to CAC for collection of your certificate of incorporation

    Evidence of payment of Filing Fees – this is usually receipt issued by the CAC when you pay the filing fees. This can be downloaded after payment.Also print it out and attach to the MEMART which will be submitted to the commission before you get your certificate

    CAC will go through all these documents upon upload and revert to you if there are any queries. Sometimes, the reviewing officer may have issues with the object clauses and ask that you correct them. On satisfactory review of your documents and the payment of the relevant fees and stamp duties, your application for registration will be approved and same communicated to you via email.

    Step 12- Collection of Certificate of Incorporation and CTC of your documents

    On communication of the approval of your application for incorporation of your business, you will go to the CAC office nearest to you with all the documents you uploaded for review, submit these documents and you will be given the original copy of the Certificate of Incorporation and the Certified True Copies of the Incorporation Documents. (Note that you will be required to choose the CAC branch you intend to use for the purpose of collecting your certificate, choose the one closest to you as that is where the document will be sent to.

    Here are the documents you need to present to submit to the commission before they can give you your certificate.

    Business name:

    a. business name form CAC/BN/1, duely signed with the attached passport of the proprietor(s) of the business
    b. Payment reciept
    c. means of identification of the proprietor(s)


    a. Duely signed CAC 1.1
    b. Memorandum and articles of association, duely signed by the subscribers
    c. copy of the means of identification of directors (international passport, drivers licence, national ID)
    d. Evidence of name approval
    e. Payment reciept for name reservation
    f. payment reciept for the incorporation of the company
    g. Stamp duties payment reciept
    h. Copy of your CAC card (usually given to lawyers, accountants, chartered secretaries or their Firms)

    Now you have completed the incorporation/registration of your company or business. This whole process, if all things are done right, will take not more than 7 days to complete. It is advised that you engage the services of a professional such as a lawyer, a chartered secretary, or a chartered accountant to guide you through because as easy as it looks, issues often arise along the line that may require the input of these professionals. Moreover, you will need to be guided through in the articulation of your Memorandum and Articles of Association, authorized capital decisions and even choice of name for your business.

    We at VSS MIND NG are on ground to handle all your business registrations and incorporation process with the highest level of professionalism. We will deliver within 3 – 5 days and have it sent to your address anywhere in Nigeria and beyond!

    Talk to us today to get a quote.

    Call: 08135088493
    Whatsapp: 08135088493,07062572683
    Email: joshuaukpabi@gmail.com
    Office: DFK3 K-City Plaza Wuse 2 Abuja
  14. poliq

    poliq New Member

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  15. dora123

    dora123 New Member

    Hi here
  16. Sincharde

    Sincharde New Member

    This is a good point. It is important we do what is necessary to retain our customers. It is not easy to get new customers, the best thing to do is retain the ones we are able to get. If we serve them well, they will bring more customers.
  17. Angelina jolie

    Angelina jolie New Member

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  18. Dan Eke

    Dan Eke New Member

    I don't believe making a product/service more affordable than the competitors is a good strategy to grow a business .

    While lower price may work with tangible products such as shoes and phones, it's a real hard path to thread for service based businesses where people buy not based in features but benefits and values. My digital marketing agency, https://www.elinae.com works with service companies and I know the kind of challenges our clients do complain of having .

    More over, no matter how much you decide to sell your product or service for, it will still be too expensive for some people, while some others may still see it to be too cheap for their class.

    What I recommend instead is to find your best customers (the people who have the money and are ready to spend them on what you offer), and package your offering in a way that it will be of value to them.
  19. Maria Ripple

    Maria Ripple New Member

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