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How To Grow A Long Lasting Relationship With Investors.

Discussion in 'Investments' started by Celestina Angel Serome, Jul 22, 2019.

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  1. Celestina Angel Serome

    Celestina Angel Serome Administrator Staff Member

    The same way a car cannot move without its wheel that's the same way a company is without investors to invest on the company. Every successful business or company you see out there today that has made it to the top is as a result of the investors present in that company. Meaning; the growth of a company is often based on how good you invest and how good your investors are.
    Any company that doesn't have good investors can not make it up to the top, because it will be so difficult for the company to move from its position. But having investors alone doesn't guarantee a complete success of your business, because most investors tend to leave your business or firm simply because of ill treatment or probably unseriousness demonstrated by the owner of the company and its staffs... In running a company one needs to note that, there are two things that are needed for the growth of a company in terms of investment:

    One is to look for a good investor to invest on your company so that profits can be made, second is how to keep a good relationship with this investors.

    Many companies collapse not because there were no investors initially, but because the investors pulled out of the company because of some constantly made blunders... No investor is ready to take rubbish from you, since they know their worth and know how much some other companies out there are ready to give for their presences in their businesses. Funny enough your rival in the business zone can even be among them, so that he/she can see your company sink to the ground. Would you love that to happen to your business? I guess the answer to this question will be no, because I know, no business owner will be ready to let the business they've worked so hard for just go down the drain. So I guess the big question running through your minds right now is how exactly can i maintain a good relationship with my investors?..
    Well, worry less, because here are ways to enlighten you about how you can maintain a long lasting relationship with investors...

    1. Create trust among yourselves : one thing that is going to keep your investors from being taken by other company owners is the trust you both have built. You need to let your investors know that you have confidence in them and likewise. That alone gives them that inner confidence that they mean a lot to your business and you won't risk them for anything silly.

    2. Be straightforward : why exactly can your investors stay in your company when the only thing you demonstrate out is childishness? There is no way you can keep any investor to your company when your ways ain't clear, you don't stand to your words and your words doesn't have a final say on your business. Your words are likely to be changed for any reason at all and you expect an investor to stay in your company without leaving? Not possible.

    3. Be a leader : in as much as you need investors to promote your business you shouldn't just feel helpless without them, because if you do, then you will be taken for granted since they will be overly proud of themselves in your business. In as much as you want them in your business, you should always show that leadership in you by suggesting some common solution to some problems without your investors contributions. Plus, you should also have a positive mindset and be able to come up with really good ideas about investment that they never thought of. This will give them that inner confidence that they aren't working with some illiterate that bosses them around, but a true leader.

    4. Proper coordination : before an investor can come into your business and still refuse to leave. proper coordination of the staffs and employees must be made because this will explain to the investors that your business is fit for higher ground and not just anything is allowed into that business. The coordination of a business is so important because it will draw more customers to your business itself.

    5. Good communication : every business needs communication in order for it to grow well and in terms of investment proper communication should be made with the investors, because it is seen as a sign of friendship and a way of trying to know if there is any new investment plan that the company needs in order to grow more.
    No business owner wants his/her business to collapse, but many still find their businesses collapsing in as much as they want their business to stand and that is simply because they lack investors to invest in their busines.

    The reasons for that is simply because they lack how to keep a long lasting relationship with them. But thankfully, this will help many business owners to maintain a good relationship with investors.
  2. serome

    serome Administrator Staff Member

    Hmm, all I could say is wow. Thanks a lo angel, u hit it hard. My pretty angel gat lot to offer, how amazing. We this gat my mind back on a boss friend, he doesn't really care about customer relation nor do him really treat them nice. Today he craws to grow.

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