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How To Make $5 Daily Typing Captcha In Nigeria

Discussion in 'General Business' started by Ebere Nnadi, Nov 13, 2018.

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  1. Ebere Nnadi

    Ebere Nnadi New Member


    I want to show anyone who wishes to make money online without any investment how to make money online by typing
    CAPTCHA (i.e. by typing ABC or XYZ in a space). In fact, if you start today, you will make $5 to $10 before evening.
    Multiply that by 30. That is $200 to $400 monthly. At today’s exchange rate of over N300 to a dollar, you will be
    making N53,000 to N105,000 per month.

    You can even make more than that and up to N200,000 monthly if you work hard – you will get the strategy in my training
    material .This is a very simple way to earn money online as you don’t have to sell anything, you don’t have to invest any money
    you are not driving traffic, no referral and it has nothing to do with Google adsense, no website building. All that is
    required is just for you to type short numbers or letters and you get paid.

    What is Online Captcha Entry?

    I am sure you have at least basic knowledge of internet if you are reading this post. And you must have account on
    sites like Facebook, Gmail, and Yahoo etc. If you have joined any of the sites like above or others on internet then you
    must have experienced the Captcha. This is a human verification test so that no automated bot or software can join
    their site.

    Are you a housewife, Student, Retired folks or a Salary Earner? Looking for legitimate work from home Data Entry job to do from the comfort of your home to make some buck,i recommend CAPTCHA TYPING WORK to you.

    Now Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) of this online income opportunity

    1. How much do I need to start?
    Answer: Zero Naira, No money deposit to start.

    2. Will I be investing any money in it later?
    Answer: No

    3. How will I get paid?
    Answer: You will get your payment through Perfect Money, Payza, Webmoney, etc

    4. What do I need to start then?
    Answer: A constant access to internet and computer

    5. What do you stand to gain from selling this material to you?
    Answer: A token because as I make money online, I want to also help you to earn money so that both of us will make
    more money to augment our income.

    6. How much have you made from this?
    Answer: I have made more than $1000.

    This is a very simple and direct way to make money online. You spend time completing a simple online task and you
    make money.


    The first 10 persons to order for this material from now to midnight tomorrow will have access to my money making eBook worth $35.i will give them my membership login details (password and my username).The eBook is yours forever.

    The eBooks contains THOUSANDS of real Data entry jobs, How to make 5 figures posting ads and many other legit work from home jobs.

    View the sales page of the eBooks


    How much are mine going to charge you to hand over this material to you.Guess 10,000

    If charge you N10,000 it worth it.

    The whole package will cost you only N3000.

    How to order for the ebook,contact the number below


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  2. ujoh

    ujoh Member


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  3. Ebuka

    Ebuka Member

    Bros how much are you making from this business already?
  4. Victor

    Victor Member

    I don't believe this. How can someone be entering that and you make money? What is the aim or profit of who is paying the money?

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