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How To Register Payoneer Account In Nigeria (complete Guide For Beginner)

Discussion in 'General Business' started by Lisa, Jun 30, 2018.

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  1. Lisa

    Lisa Moderator Staff Member

    How to register payoneer account and in Nigeria and get the ATM delivered to you in Nigeria.

    Requirements to register payoneer Account.

    So many of the online folks in Nigeria are looking for a means to get their money in Nigeriam PayPal is one of the big shot out there but unfortunately they restricted Nigerians from using it.
    Another good option to use is payoneer.
    Well on this post I want to share with you how you can register payoneer in Nigeria and as well get the ATM card easily. This is how I got mine in Nigeria.

    At first you need to visit payoneer website here. And click Sing up in order to create an account. You can do it right in your phone if you don't have access to PC right now.

    On the sign up page you will see fields where you need to enter your name and email address just as on the screen short below. Be careful wile filling in your information to ensure you are not making any mistakes.
    After filling the form completely, click next. You will see another page with form that required your contact details such as you address, city, zip code and phone number. You can search google for your location zip code, exp: (Ikeja Lagos zip code). Fill in your contact details and click next.

    In the page next page you will see another form that required you to enter security details. In there you need to enter password, security question and I'd number. Before we proceed let ne emphasize on the I'd number. For security purposes payoneer want you to enter a government issued I'd card number. Sad there are only three I'd card types that are accepted which as International Passport, National I'd card and Driver's license, in this case you need any of those I'd card to proceed the registration or you will be stock and close your browser, but here us what I did. I don't have any of the listed I'd card but I have a government issued I'd card which is voters card. I'm pretty sure you know that voters card has a valid I'd as others mentioned there, so I selected the national I'd card option and I put in my I'd card code on the code box and click next.

    What I saw next is a page o enter my account details, wow it work. OK let's proceed. Before now, payoneer will have to send you ATM card free of charge to withdraw you money, but not anymore. Payoneer has change operation and advanced their technology. Now you can withdrew money direct to your account in Nigeria without even needing the card, you may order for the ATM card but if you find it interesting but you will have to pay for it then.

    I just said you can get money direct to your bank account in Nigeria? Oh yes but don't be too happy, not every account you can withdrew to. You know why? It's because payoneer will either pay with USD or EURO. In this case you need more than just a Nigerian savings account to get your money. You need what we called domiciliary account for dollar or euro.

    If you don't have one sorry you can't continued registration. If you have Dom account of know someone you trust that has which you can use theirs then good luck let's proceed. Enter your account details, enter bank name, account name and number, and bank SWIFT BIC/CODE

    You may check here for you bank swift bic/code

    When you are done with the details click complete and wait for it to load. Congratulations, you have successfully registered payoneer account. You should wait for some working days for them to review and approve your account.

    If you have questions you are free to ask below, just register or login to use this forum.
  2. Ada

    Ada Member

    Can it work on a current account ?
  3. Angela

    Angela Member

    Wow amazing. This is what we have been waiting for. Paypal Lee, PayPal to go and sleep there, we don't need it in Nigeria anymore
    Lisa likes this.
  4. Lisa

    Lisa Moderator Staff Member

    Paypal are kind of afraid of Nigerians. There are in South Africa. However they have accepted Nigerians to only make payment but not to receive. Lately it seems no one of above it working anymore.

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