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How to Start a Blog (Blogging) in Nigeria and Requirements Needed

Discussion in 'General Business' started by serome, Apr 29, 2018.

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  1. serome

    serome Administrator Staff Member

    Hello friends, so many people are asking how they can start a blog in Nigeria and the requirements needed to start up a quality blog.

    how to start blogging in Nigeria.png
    How to start a blog in Nigeria

    If you have interest in owning a blog in Nigeria this thread will help you get started and give you some little guide.

    To start a blog you thing you must have is determination. Passion and focus. You can not start a blog as a broke guy or someone who have no other source of income.

    Your major focus cannot be the cash alone. The fact remains that the money should be the last thing to consider when it comes to blogging in Nigeria.

    If you have 50k with you, sorry blogging is not what you should be thinking of at the time. Invest that money on something that will be bringing you daily money before you think of starting a blog or you will end up blaming yourself. That is why some Nigerians thought that blogging is all waste of money.

    If you take a look at the big websites in Nigeria, they are all from outside country. Even the ones we have here are been operated by foreign body.

    Starting a blog you need some experience however if you don't have any you would want an expert to set your blog for you.

    Before now blogger was the means of setting up a blog due to the fact it's free and you don't need to pay any damn to start but it has a down side specially now that so many people has lot of blogs and abandoned blogs on blogger which makes the server to be slow affecting ranking on google and other search engines.

    Now let's get started. If I should ask, what kind of blog do you want to start? This really matters a lot. The kind of blog you choose to go into determine if you are going to make it.

    As if today Nigerians have misuse the blogging aspect and everyone wants to make money online and all their area of species is blogging. It now too complicated to make money with blogging in Nigeria so one have to think very well the blog to start.

    Requirements to start a professional blog are


    This is where you will host your website files such as contents l, image, videos and your blog entirely. You website can't go live without a hosting.

    Domain name

    What is your name? How can you be address without a name? Your website need a name for example this website you are. The name is Proudnaira.com. for you to have a good blog that will make you money you need. You website cannot be without a domain name.

    Time and dedication

    No one will handle your blog better than you do. You need time and lot of dedication to start making money online.

    Writing Passion

    Some people think blogging is a simple things. There is nothing difficult as blogging. If you don't have passion for writing you can manage a successful blog. Do you think it's easy to put all of this together for you now?. Try and see what it takes.

    Passionate and Interesting Niche

    Go for a niche you love talking about. What you will not get tired talking on. It will help you keep going even when you feel tired and giving up. If you should go for a niche that makes money only forgetting what you have Passion on, then you will likely want to give up when the money is not coming as you think.

    On my reply to this I will be talking more on where to start best blog niches to consider in Nigeria. You can follow this thread and watch out tips coming soon.
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  2. serome

    serome Administrator Staff Member

    Don't convince yourself that you can't make money online legitimately. The fact ia that you can but you need to be creative.

    One thing affecting Nigerians today is the inability to think and be creative. People who even claim to be making money online are making nothing compare to bloggers outside Nigeria. Is $300 what you call money online? While blogs in the USA make over $25,000 - $50 dollars monthly.

    The fact is that our bloggers today in Nigeria are making things difficult for themselves.

    Today, news blog that claim to be doing news are over 900k in Nigeria. Online music download website is over 500 blogs.

    Tech blog in Nigeria are uncountable as well entertainment and gossips.

    Tell me how can this people make money? Even some who claim news and so on can't even go and find their own news or even write the news themselves and use the content of another blogs.

    Before Facebook there were other website that base on dating such as netlog, mocospace, MySpace etc. Facebook have to come up with something unique and perfect that is why see Facebook this big today.

    Before whatsapp, there was 2go but whatsapp came in with a unique idea and today whatsapp has become the most used app worldwide.

    You can mention all the unique websites you know of. You will discover that they all made it because of their uniqueness

    Look at olx, they are the first to hit Nigeria with classified website and today they are the most used.

    If you can bring something unique, you can make money online even without you working hard on it.

    But in Nigeria today, everyone want to go into blogging and news blogging for that matter. It time to use your head and think something that will not only help you but your country and the world as a whole.
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  3. serome

    serome Administrator Staff Member

    There are two means to create your blog easily. Now you can create a blog with just an hour unlike before when you need to code your blog yourself.
    Blogger and wordpress has made the process of blogging easy not just for Nigerian alone but worldwide. Wordpress is free and blogger is as well free however wordpress has more advance method.

    You can either buy domain and hosting if you choose wordpress premium siftware which enable you to create your dynamic website. With wordpresss, you need what is called a hosting and domain name both are not more than 50k.

    You can get a domain name on godaddy.com and buy hosting from a2hosting.com they are the best. If you want someone to help you with setting up your dynamic blog to your choice you can email me at (seromedaniel at gmail dot com)
  4. Andrew

    Andrew Moderator Staff Member

    Thanks for the info and as well the advice. But as for me i think blogging still pays. It better to use the money and invest on something better that will earn more money as faster as ever. I mean farming or business. This are physical thing. Don't be annoyed oh but this us what i think.

    I have used my last money on blogging before and at the end, nothing comes out. I was even approve to google adsense then but for a whole week i didn't make upto 3 dollars. It all waste money and effort's.
  5. Evawere

    Evawere Member

    Blogging is not a bad business one can do online but one has come to stand. The rate of bloggers in Nigeria is very high and bit making the online so difficult to invest on except you havebtoo much money to do promotion on your blog or else it won't grow as you have thought.

    Even Linda is not as rich as she was before from her blog. She is as well feeling the hit of too many blogger's in Nigeria. Another thing is to be very sensitive to bring to people what they want of no one will waste his or her time on your blog.

    Blog are too much now so I see no reason of starting a blog again no matter the species of categories you are planning to venture into. Time to create a platform that will grow itself without you blogging anything.

    God bless proudnaira, these are things we need in Nigeria and not just entertainment blog and so on. Create what someone else has not created before and we will be glad to use it and you will make money during our usages.

    No one should get back at me with bad mouth. I have only said the Truth.
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  6. Ladila

    Ladila New Member

    Absolutely agree
  7. Evawere

    Evawere Member

    Thanks for the encouragement. Now I know there are people who think as I do.
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  8. Yini_Katche

    Yini_Katche Moderator Staff Member

    Woww much thanks for this eye opener @serome . And @Andrew thank you too for your comment it means a lot. @Evawere why would anyone get back at you lol you nailed it.

    Truth is there are so many things to do , many opportunities , but people don't think in that direction until they see someone doing it. And , in a competitive market or field one is required to be unique in order to stand out.

    Admin God bless you for this platform , and this thread as well
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  9. Lisa

    Lisa Moderator Staff Member

    Yeah you are right. One has to start it before others want to go into it, this is why some Nigerians are still not considered creative. It takes only a creative thinker to start something like whatsapp and it grow due to the fact that none was available. All those that came after whatsapp such as viber , vimo, wechat they all died because whatsapp is there already. How about Twitter, olx, Instagram?. They are all unique platforms and the grow because of their uniqueness.

    According to @Evawere, there are thousands music blog today that put pirated musics on their sites for people to download. How many times do I really need to download a song and from how many places?.

    In teams of online job, Nigerians has violated it and now seems to many that it's impossible to make money online in Nigeria.

    Look at true caller app. According to my research, the owner of that app is now among the richest app owner worldwide. The app is making over $14,000 daily. This are unique idea we are talking about. Are Nigerians really creative?
  10. Lateralus

    Lateralus New Member

    Nice article! But I agree with previous responses, there's such a great competition in this sphere now that making your blog really profitable is a rather hard and long work...
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  11. Oluchi

    Oluchi New Member

  12. Skyro

    Skyro Member

    Yes dear. I think there are so many niches that hasn't been touched in Nigeria. So many blogging ideas but Nigerians go for tutorial copied from another websites, gist, news and tech. What happened to the others? Now check here for ides Which is the best blog niche to start in Nigeria
  13. serome

    serome Administrator Staff Member

    Yes I agree. I have stated it on one of my article that blogging is not a short time investment. Don't use you last cash to invest in expectation of making millions in short time. Blogging is long time investment and for those who go into it for the money sake alone will surely run out. In Nigeria blogging has become nonsense and no longer earn money as they miss took it for what it not supposed to. Making money in blogging is not easy anymore but if you take it in advance level but starting a platform other than what we already had will make you money in long run.

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