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How To Start A Franchise Business With As Low As #5,000!

Discussion in 'General Business' started by leumas56, Feb 25, 2019.

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  1. leumas56

    leumas56 New Member

    Nigerians spend N447. 8B on Recharge Card Monthly! How can you benefit from this information?

    A workshop organized by the Nigerian Communications Commission, NCC exposed that Nigerians make a massive monthly investment of over four hundred and forty-seven billion naira on recharge cards. How can you benefit from this?

    Introducing Recharge and Get Paid Ltd.
    Recharge and Get Paid Ltd is a registered Company in Nigeria. It is a Telecom solutions company that allows ordinary people to partner with telecom companies by obtaining a VTU ( Virtual-Top-Up ) license with minimum of #5000.
    In partnership with Recharge And Get Paid Ltd you can own a franchise business with Nigerian Network Provider. With this franchise business, you join with as low as #5,000 (one time membership payment) and you make money daily as you and other Nigerians buy Airtime, Data and Cable subscriptions.

    Important Facts about Recharge and Get Paid Program!

    1. The name of this business is called *Recharge and Get Paid*

    2. The business has 7 packages ( _Basic, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Diamond, Platinum and Executive platinum_), and you can register for any one of them. You can also upgrade from a lower package to a higher package, whenever you desire.

    3. Each of these packages have different benefits.

    4. You join the business by paying the registration cost which is a minimum of N5,000. It's for registration fee. Company pays you back 20%.

    5. When you join the business, you will have access to sell airtime (MTN, Airtel, GLO, 9Mobile), data or cable subscription (DSTv, GOTv and StarTimes) to others (family, friends, colleagues, customers e.t.c)

    6. Anytime you recharge your phone (airtime), renew your internet (i.e buy a data bundle) or pay for your cable subscription, the company will pay you a certain percentage back as commission.

    7. Anytime you help other people to also recharge their phones (airtime), renew their internet (i.e sell a data bundle) or pay for their cable subscription, the company will also pay you a certain percentage back as commission.

    8. Anytime, you also introduce people to this *Recharge and Get Paid*, and they register under you, the company will also pay you commission.

    9. Anytime, those people who you introduce into the business recharges their phones, buys or sells data and cable subscription, you will also get paid a certain percentage by the company.

    10. Anytime the people you introduce into the business also introduce other people to join the business, you will also get paid a commission by the company

    11. By being a member of *Recharge and Get Paid* , you can also enjoy a Leadership Bonus of N100,000 monthly, an all-expense paid trip to Dubai (or N500,000 cash equivalent), a Brand New Car (or N2,000,000 cash equivalent) and a House Fund of N3,000,000, (if you qualify).

    12. All the money you earn in *Recharge and Get Paid* is paid into your online purse (a.k.a e-wallet), and you can transfer it to your local bank account for withdrawal.

    13. As a member of *Rechareg and Get Paid*, you will continue to make money FOR LIFE...because people will never stop recharging their phones, using data for browsing or watching cable.

    *Why you should I join RAGP...!!!!*

    - To gain financial/time freedom
    - Another Source of Passive Income.


    1) Instant Registration Bonus 20%.
    2) Instant Referral Bonus 20%.
    3) Instant Indirect Referral Bonus 10%-1%.
    4) Leadership Bonus N100,000/Airtime
    5) Trip to Dubai Worth N500,000 (you can get the cash)
    6) Car Worth N2,000,000
    7) House Fund Worth N3,000,000
    8) VTU bonus from downlines recharges


    There are *6 DIFFERENT WAYS* we earn in Recharge and Get Paid



    *1. REGISTRATION COMMISSION (RC) 20%:* You earn 20% of your own personal sign-up fee.
    *Example:* If your registration fee is N5,000 (Basic). You earn 20% of that N5,000 = N1,000.

    *2. DIRECT REFERRAL COMMISSION (DRC) 20%:* You earn 20% DRC for anyone you refer directly to RAGP irrespective of your own registration fee.

    *Example:* You referred *KATE* who registered with N5,000. Your DRC is 20% of *KATE'S* registration fee i.e. 20% of N5,000 = N1,000.

    *3. INDIRECT REFERRAL COMMISSION (IRC) 10%-1%:* Indirect downlines are people referred by your direct downlines up to your 9th level of your network. Your direct downlines are on Level 1. Your indirect downlines start from Level 2 to Level 10 and beyond.

    You earn between 10% - 1% on the registration pack of anyone referred to RAGP by your downlines.

    *2ND LEVEL: 10%*
    *3RD LEVEL: 5%*
    *4TH LEVEL: 2.5%*
    *5TH LEVEL: 1.25%*
    *6TH-10TH LEVEL: 1%*

    *Level 1: *You* refer *KATE* (You earn 20%)
    *Level 2: *KATE* referred *BOSE* (You earn 10%)
    *Level 3: *BOSE* referred *AYO* (You earn 5%)
    *Level 4: *AYO* referred *MUSA* (You earn 2.5%)
    *Level 5: *MUSA* referred *ADA* (You earn 1.25%)
    *Level 6: *ADA* referred *IDIDIONG* (You earn 1%)
    *Level 7: *IDIDIONG* referred *AKIN* (You earn 1%)
    *Level 8: *AKIN* referred *DIDI* (You earn 1%)
    *Level 9: *DIDI* referred *LOUIS* (You earn 1%)
    *Level 10: *LOUIS* referred *ROSE* (You earn 1%)

    *4. LEADERSHIP BONUS (LB) :* You earn LB based on your team's total Monthly Point Value (PV) of all your partners or downlines and yours. To qualify you must be a platinum member with the cumulative PV of *10,000 PV to earn N100,000 in any given month.*

    *5. INCENTIVES:* You qualify for incentives based on your team's cumulative point value (PV) of all your partners or downlines and yours. Distributor must attain the level of platinum member before qualifying for any incentives as followed below

    Accumulated over time 25, 000 PV from all registered members in your network and qualify for a tourism / vacation trip to Dubai or receive N500, 000 cash.

    *ii. SMALL CAR AWARD (N2,000,000)*
    Accumulated 60, 000 PV over time from all registered members of your network (TEAM) and qualify to receive a small car or N2 million cash from RAGP LTD.

    *iii. HOUSE FUNDS (N3,000,000)*
    Accumulated 100, 000 PV from registered members of your team over time and qualify for a House Fund worth N3 million cash.

    *6. VTU BONUS ON AIRTIME AND DATA:* _You have residual bills, why not have residual income?_
    You earn commissions *FOR LIFE* anytime you or your team members (irect and indirect downlines) buys or sells airtime or data.

    *Profit you earn on Personal Airtime Recharge & Sale:*
    *AIRTIME* - 2%
    *DATA* - 10%

    *Profit you earn on your Team's Airtime Recharge and Sale:*
    *AIRTIME* - 0.35%
    *DATA* - 1%

    For more information please call 08068272981 or send whatsapp message to 08023945077.

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    Last edited: Feb 25, 2019
  2. ujoh

    ujoh Member


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  3. crown90

    crown90 New Member

    Do not forget about HR solution for this business.
    Consider your needs and do not buy features, but rather focus on solutions. You want to hire people without the need of building an entire infrastructure around these new processes. TeamRock for instance is a solution that should be considered as entry level HR software - its minimalistic workflow is perfect for businesses that are just starting out with scaling their team.
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  4. Betty7

    Betty7 New Member

    Agree. Recommend to have a loot at Lanteria https://www.lanteria.com/solutions/lanteria-hr/learning and their approach to development of the best HR software. I have worked with them under my project a couple of months ago and should say that their HR software works well for my firm and makes it even more profitable due to smooth integration and an excellent fulfillment.

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