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How To Start A Shoe Production Business In Nigeria

Discussion in 'Production Business' started by foster04, Aug 28, 2018.

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  1. foster04

    foster04 Member

    No dressing is ever complete without wearing a shoe or other foot wears which makes it very important for our daily lives. The shoe business has come a long way and it’s still very much open for people who are interested in going into the business as long as they know what they are doing. In a country like Nigeria where there are over 180 million people and almost 99% of the population uses shoes both adults and children except those in the forest and each person having more than one pair for shoe this will give you an idea on how lucrative the shoe or foot wear business is.

    With this said, having to start a shoe or any foot wear business is largely dependent on the capital you have at hand. If you are opportune to have enough capital, you can go into the business in a large scale but if your capital is not enough you should consider starting small.

    continue reading https://www.naijahowtozone.com.ng/2018/08/how-to-start-shoe-production-business.html
  2. Marinad

    Marinad Member

    I agree with you
  3. Sakura123

    Sakura123 Member

    I do not think that this type of earnings will bring you profits
  4. Marinad

    Marinad Member

    I think this is a good type of earnings in Nigeria and if you have the experience and skills in this area, then it will bring you a good profit. I want to give you usefull advice. You need to advertise on the Internet of your business so that it becomes popular and profitable. You can create ads and distribute them on the Internet. It is very important to have a good and creative design of your ads. If you can not create it yourself, then this young team can help you. http://www.designgrafico.com I wish you success
  5. kira78

    kira78 New Member

    I think that it's very important to make a website for this with a pretty shoe design.
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  6. alisa7

    alisa7 New Member

    The main point in this situation is to make a shoe website where all customers can see the full assortment that you have. I was using https://aidaform.com/forms/online-survey-form.html help to make a pretty design for my business site. There are a lot of different forms, templates and kits.
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