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How To Start A Successful Plantain Farming Business In Nigeria

Discussion in 'Agriculture Business' started by Angela, Oct 8, 2018.

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  1. Angela

    Angela Member

    Plantain is one of the best meal in Nigeria and it's wildly consumed every day. Today plantain is use for so many things such as the plantain chips we eat every now and then etc. If you have interest in starting in going into agriculture farming in Nigeria that plantain is a nice farm to consider. Starting a plantain farming in Nigeria is a wise idea and on this post i want to share with you guys a post i came across that explain in Details. Read below.

    Complete Step By Step Guide To Start Plantain Farming Business in Nigeria
    plantain farming.jpg

    When the monetary circumstance in Nigeria has been negative to a ton of nationals, it is essential to secure the little supports that comes our way by putting resources into lucrative organizations, most particularly the agrarian division. One of those horticulture related business to be considered is business plantain cultivating.
    Business plantain creation is without uncertainty a standout amongst the most lucrative agri-business adventures. A ton of business people have constantly over looked this cash turning adventure because of absence of the learning as the vast majority dependably feel that a considerable measure of cash is required to set up a plantain ranch, which is unquestionably not genuine.
    Business plantain generation is generally simple to begin once certain components which I will examine in this post are thought about.

    Much the same as each different business, hardwork, devotion, cautious arranging and administration are basic for progress, however something else that makes this endeavor simple is that there is no rehash of planting. Planting is done only once, after which it is collect all season.
    Another essential part of this business is that aside the plantain natural products that are delivered available to be purchased, solid suckers are likewise sold each season, which is additionally another wellspring of wage.

    Another motivation behind why it is essential to consider this business is a direct result of the popularity for plantains in Nigeria. It was accounted for in a recent report by the Department of Agriculture, Benson Idahosa University, that the yearly creation of plantain in Nigeria is more than 1.85 billion kg.
    In spite of this monstrous measure of neighborhood creation, it is astonishing that the nation doesn't send out plantain. This is just in light of the fact that the sum delivered is sufficiently just to fulfill nearby requests.

    This features the colossal financial capability of plantain generation. The market for plantain is promptly accessible as it is viewed as a staple nourishment in this piece of the world.

    It is for the most part arranged by broiling, bubbling, steaming or simmered with charcoal. It can likewise be utilized to make chips. Plantain are additionally being handled into flour which is devoured locally and furthermore sent out from to different nations.

    The plantain advertise is youthful and uncrowded, that is the significant motivation behind why I chose to set up this post to teach forthcoming financial specialists on the real indicates consider while intending to wander into this field. The following are a rundown of the most critical focuses to consider.

    1. Get a Land
    This is the initial phase all the while. Getting an appropriate land with reasonable soil is foremost to the achievement of this endeavor.
    It is imperative to get lands that are effortlessly depleted as youthful plants don't do well on water logged soil. It is likewise essential to think about the span of the land.
    Most perfect for fledglings wanting to go business is 1 to 2 hectares. Additionally vital is fencing the land against hoodlums.

    2. Land Preparation
    This is the way toward getting ready land for another homestead task, it includes clearing shrubberies, expelling stumps, trees, stones, rocks and each other deterrent that may decrease the extent of product creating land.

    This should be possible with the assistance of difficult work or motorized work, despite the fact that the decision of work relies upon the measure of the land. Land arrangement likewise includes utilization of fertilizer to upgrade arrive ripeness.

    3. Get Healthy Plantain Sucker

    Plantains suckers are adolescent plants that can be sustained into develop natural product creating plants. These suckers ought to be purchased from trustworthy homesteads.
    Guarantee that suckers are all around treated to stay away from nuisances and maladies. Averagely, a regular sucker is sold between N50-N100 and keeping in mind that half and half is between N150-N200. Despite the fact that, this relies upon your source and area.

    4. Plant The Sucker
    When planting the suckers, guarantee that the space between each plant is around 8 to 10 feet. Likewise guarantee that there is no type of grass or weed rivalry preceding planting as nearness of weeds and grasses incredibly influences the improvement of youthful plants. This can be controlled physically or by the utilization of herbicides. The youthful plants should watered frequently and kept clammy however not really wet or water logged as plantains don't do well in excessively wet conditions.

    5. Plant Care
    The plants ought to be thought about by ensuring each weed and grass rivalry is wiped out. It is additionally critical to excrement plantains with a mix of poultry compost, family unit squanders and woodash.
    This is known to enhance plantain development and yield. A compound manure can likewise be connected when essential. Water system ought to likewise be connected intermittently to wet the plants and soil. Amid water system, it is important to stay away from water logging.

    6. Collecting
    After around 8 to 10 months of planting, the organic products ought to be prepared for gather. One fortunate thing about this is there is no compelling reason to replant suckers after collect is that this plant is equipped for steady generation to no end under five years.

    7. Marketing

    It is essential to have a painstakingly organized market plan before the plants starts to create as plantain is a very transient sustenance. On the off chance that the homestead isn't arranged near the market, it is critical to make transportation courses of action in advance. Your items can likewise be straightforwardly provided to neighborhood organizations that procedure plantain into flour.

    End Conclusion

    At the present time , I'm very certain a great deal of you are bothersome and prepared to wander into this Agribusiness. Thus I wil make accessible the potential cost investigation to setting up a plantain estate in Nigeria.

    Land clearing: This is between N3000-N5000 per plot. In spite of the fact that this relies upon the
    area, and the thickness of vegetation.
    Land arrangement: This incorporates cultivate format, pegging e.t.c it is done at N500 per plot.
    Sucker obtainment: An ordinary sucker is sold between N50-N100 and keeping in mind that mixture is between N150-N200. In spite of the fact that, this relies upon your source and area.
    Planting: This is averagely N50 per sucker. This movement includes burrowing and planting of the suckers. Althought the expense normaly takes off contingent upon the hardness of the dirt. For a hectare of land, you will plant somewhere around a thousand suckers.

    This is how you start plantain farming in Nigeria and succeed in the business. If you have any question regarding plantain farming, drop it below.
  2. Lisa

    Lisa Moderator Staff Member

    Nice one... Thanks for this amazing plantain farming info.
  3. Tilda123

    Tilda123 New Member

    It is really good idea for business!!! This business is beneficial. I think you will succeed. But I, as a businessman, can give you advice. Do not think that to lead and control and conduct business is easy. This is hard work. You must have knowledge. I use application framework software in my business. It is useful. It makes my job easier.
  4. Rome

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  5. serome

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