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How To Start A Sugarcane Farming Business.

Discussion in 'Production Business' started by Celestina Angel Serome, Jul 24, 2019.

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  1. Celestina Angel Serome

    Celestina Angel Serome Administrator Staff Member

    You will agree with me that farming business is a good source of income when it is done commercially, though it depends on the level of land it occupies, and of course it also depends on how fertile the land is; not forgetting the maintenance and cultivation of the crop.

    I'm glad to say that sugarcane farming is one of the most commercially grown crop all over the world. Sadly, some people think that farming is a complete waste of time and that it yields no or less income, and they consider it to be a dirty or a poor man's job. The truth is; farming is very profitable when done commercially and also when great maintenance is given to it, also when the soil is very fertile.

    Sugarcane doesn't require huge capital for a startup. You can start with one hundred thousand naira excluding land; except you are leasing. A hectare of land will yield 80-140 tones of sugarcane in the right condition.

    You can acquire loans from commercial banks. There are agricultural banks eager to help aspiring farmers. However, you need collateral and a guarantor in order to get a loan.

    Sugarcane is produced in; Kastina, Taraba, Kano, Adamawa, Jigawa, Kaduna, Kebbi, lagos and Sokoto state.

    Sugarcane is a perennial grass crop that grows the most in tropics and subtropics region which produces multiples of stems having a diameter about 3 to 5 cm and height about 5 m. However, this crop belongs to the bamboo family. Stems of this crops grow into cane stalk formed, and contributes about more than 70 % of the total plant when matured.

    A mature sugarcane stem contains about 11 to 18 % water-soluble sugar, 10 to 16 % of fibers, about 3 to 4 % of non-sugars content along with more than 70 % of water content in it.

    Basically, this commercial crop is native to India which is mainly grown or cultivated for producing sugar the most. Apart from this, it also supplies raw material for making alcohol and other beverages. The rest residue of sugarcane is also used as the nutritious fodder for the dairy cattle.

    The scientific name of sugarcane is Saccharum officinarum.

    One can create a huge income via growing sugarcane with suitable techniques and technology. So, let’s learn commercial sugarcane farming or cultivation and earn millions of this.

    Steps to starting a sugarcane farming business.

    1.Land for sugarcane :

    For optimum production, your soil should have fine tilth form for good germination. So, firstly bring your soil into fine tilth form for proper germination and healthy stem growth of this crop. Usually, about two or three deep ploughings with tractors are sufficient enough for bringing your soil in the fine tilth form.

    After first plowing, let it expose to bright sunlight for about three months period. Also, crushed the clods and leveled it well for optimum production. Land preparation helps in good aeration in the soil and remove the roots penetration of the previous crop. It is a good idea to incorporate soil with well-rotted farmyard manure, for about more than 35 tonnes per hectare to increase the productivity of the soil.

    Methods of planting sugarcane includes:
    Ridge Method

    Furrow Method

    Pit Method

    Wet Method

    Flat Bed Method

    Rayungan Method

    Trench and Jawa Method

    Transplanting Method

    Application of manure:

    Sugarcane crop is heavy feeder and long durational crop that also requires manures and fertilizers in more amount. So, it is a good idea to add about 50 tonnes of well-rotted farmyard manure at the time of soil preparation onwards

    Note: Your soil may not have ideal fertility or productivity. So, go for at least a single soil test before starting sugarcane production so that you can learn about the organic matter present in your soil.

    2.The type of Sugarcane to be grown:

    There are different types of sugarcane, so the purpose of planting the sugarcane will determine the type of sugarcane to be grown. Since it is for the sole purpose of making money out of it and not for personal use. The best sugarcane to grow is the syrup canes and the crystal canes.

    Syrup canes have a variety of sugar type that don't crystallize easily, but are good for making sugar syrup. They are used commercially and also in the home garden. While the crystal canes are largely commercial varieties with high concentration of sucrose used to make crystallized table sugar..

    3. Getting the stems for planting sugarcane:

    The next step is to get the stems that are to be planted. All you have to do is purchase the variety of the sugarcane you want to plant and then cut off the stems. This process is known as vegetative cutting of either the stem or some sections of the stalk. These are called setts. After this, then you can plant.

    You should know that it doesn't just ends with you planting, proper care has to be given to it. It has to be watered, weeded, and proper application of manure and fertilizers has to be done to ensure good growth.


    You alone can't handle the responsibilities of a commercial farm. So, you need to employ staffs that will help with the activities of the farm for better productivity of the sugarcane.

    5. Handling pests:

    Now the sugarcane has been planted, and it is growing just fine. But then the unwanted visitors of crops will surely come; i mean the pests and diseases. How do we handle them?

    Common pests like the red rot and the ratoon stunting disease are best treated with the appropriate fungicide and pesticide. Apllying the fungicide and pesticide will help in the growth of the sugarcane.

    6.Selling the sugarcane in the market :

    After planting and proper management of the sugarcane till maturity, it is harvested
    and sold to customers. The farmer is to look for companies to sell his sugarcane to and make profits.

    How and who to sell your sugarcane to earn money:

    The main aim of every commercial farming is to make profits. You can't make good profits when the sugarcane isn't sold or when they are in bad condition. So, you have to sell the Sugarcane at a reasonable amount in order to get compensation for your hard work.

    You can sell your sugarcane to beverage companies who use sugar as sweetener in the production of beverages, you can sell them to food industries, sugar mill factories and also export them to other countries.

    Now to round up everything. I would say that whatever your occupation is, be proud of it, plus farming is indeed very essential in every country and sugarcane farming is important and also a good source of earning, because sugarcane is used in the production of sugar and sugar is used all over the world.
  2. Beauty

    Beauty New Member

    Is this farming lucrative in Nigeria? I don't think so yet.
  3. Celestina Angel Serome

    Celestina Angel Serome Administrator Staff Member

    It is lucrative, it's just that only a few people own a sugar mill factory in Nigeria, because it is capital intensive.
  4. Ada

    Ada Member

    Yes you are right. We are yet to take this farming serious to a lucrative level in Nigeria
  5. Adedayo Oluwaseyi

    Adedayo Oluwaseyi New Member

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  6. ujoh

    ujoh Member


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