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How To Start Eggs Supply Business And Make Money In Nigeria

Discussion in 'Agriculture Business' started by serome, Dec 22, 2017.

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  1. serome

    serome Administrator Staff Member

    On this post, lets look on a post from wealth result that shows how someone can make money in Nigeria from supplying eggs to shops and retailers.

    How To Start Eggs Supply Business And Make Money In Nigeria

    According to wealthresult post, you don't have to own a poultry to start this business in Nigeria. There is much more ways to make money from poultry and supply of eggs to shops is another cool way to make money without owning a poultry or any farm.

    Eggs poultry cretes.jpg

    On the post everything has been stated on how you can start, the steps you need to follow.

    Is it accurate to say that you are a Nigerian searching for a remark as business or you simply moved on from the school and you are as yet sitting tight for that desk employments in Nigeria where you can hitch tie and put on that corporate suit and coat regular? Well given me a chance to acquaint you with a business that is quick returning benefit, not only somewhat one but rather benefit that you can advantageously depend on. This business I am discussing is eggs supply business.

    Eggs supply business is extremely lucrative and you can figure out what you need your benefit to resemble. Before we dissect the potential benefit of this business, let us know the points of interest and employments of eggs to see the reason the matter of eggs supply is blasting.

    Egg is high in cholesterol and this makes it an ideal eating routine for developing youngsters. It can lessen danger of numerous maladies, it supplies quality protein to the body, it is rich in vitamin An and this helps solid visual perception, it contains chlorine and this is utilized to fabricate cell layers which helps in creating particles in the human cerebrum.

    The employments of eggs are various, we utilize eggs in preparing distinctive kinds of dessert shops like bread, cakes, meat-pie et cetera. It is utilized as makeup prefer cleanser, conditioners, cleansers, cholesterol, confront veil and parcels more. It is likewise utilized as paste, the sticky nature of egg white clean some specific surfaces like cowhide. To influence it to clear, the interest for eggs in the Nigerian market is so high right now and will keep on being so.

    For you to make achievement in purchasing and pitching eggs there are a few hints to put into thought and here are a portion of the tips you requirement for your eggs supply business.

    Have Your Own Vehicle

    Egg business is more beneficial in Nigeria when you make it a portable business. Motivation behind this is to influence you to disseminate your eggs advantageously to your clients. Most shop proprietors more often than not feel excessively good once they are situated in their shops, thus they feel hesitant to go to the homesteads so as to pick eggs and furthermore they consider the quantity of split eggs they will acknowledge picking eggs straightforwardly from cultivate individually. This is the reason being versatile is imperative in egg business.

    Find Your Target Market

    Grabbing eggs from ranches isn't an issue, your objective market is the thing that issues to you. Your objective ought to be the exceedingly populated condition. It could be showcases anyplace, the portability angle influences you to spread your conveyance procedure all around. When you know where and whom to disseminate your eggs to, you will just need to go there straightforwardly.

    To begin purchasing and offering eggs, you should find at least two homesteads relying upon what limit you need to take a shot at, a poultry cultivate is the place you can get eggs available to be purchased. Before you can begin picking eggs from ranches, you should be an enrolled client with the homestead, and you should be reliable there, which means you need to dependably get eggs week after week.

    Other Working Tools

    The fundamental instrument required for this business is unfilled containers, it could be paper boxes or plastic boxes. You can purchase containers of 00 pieces at N10,000 or N5,000 in the event that you purchase the paper cartons , the aggregate number you should maintain your business now relies upon you. Note that the paper cartons are more defensive to your eggs, it lessens the quantity of breaks you will acknowledge from exchanging your eggs, and it is less expensive also however harms more rapidly than the plastic ones.

    Cost of securing an utilized vehicle constitutes right around 90% of your capital required around here. When you are versatile, the main cost you should maintain this business for a begin is N80,000, with this sum you can purchase 120 containers of eggs. A box of egg can cost N650 or less from cultivate contingent upon the size you purchase, any adjust left will be caused on energizing your vehicle and other street costs.

    Potential Profit In Eggs Supply Business

    Around here, you work for yourself and you will choose how much benefit you need to make in seven days. Contingent upon any size of egg you get, you will pick up benefit of N100 on a carton of egg on the off chance that you offer all in all dealer however in the event that you offer as retailer you can have benefit of N300 on a box. On the off chance that you limit yourself to offering only 100 containers of eggs week by week, that implies you will acknowledge benefit of N10,000 week after week and this is simply N40, 000 month to month.

    This is the means by which you decide your benefit. Setting an objective to offer 1,000 cases of egg for every week will mean you will acknowledge 100 x 1,000 = N100,000 week after week, duplicate this every month, that is a whooping total of N400,000 benefit month to month. In the event that you deduct your month to month costs from this sum am certain you will in any case have a sensible add up to spare.

    Purchasing and offering eggs may look odd to you however focus on how beneficial it is and quit sitting tight for productive work in that oil and gas organization that may not come until when your obligations are colossal. Keep yourself occupied and be beneficial.

    Don't hesitate to leave a remark, and in the event that you have any difficulties, don't dither to make inquiries, finding a homestead where you can get eggs can likewise be a test to you, make any inquiry we will readily react to you.

    Proudnaira is open to every business folk and whom that have interest in business. You are free to contribute to this post or ask questions, register or login it free.
  2. Abubakar Mohammed

    Abubakar Mohammed New Member


    We have fresh eggs in abundance for sale at a lower farm rate. Maximum order 600 crates Minimum order 20 crates. We offer free nationwide delivery for orders above 50 crates.

    * Big jumbo size egg = N650 naira per crate.
    * Medium Standard size = N570 per crate
    * Smaller Size = N460 per crate

    Abubakar Farms Holdings, Number 33, Oke-ile Street, Ogbogbo Ijebu North/East local government area, Ogun State, Nigeria.

  3. Ladila

    Ladila New Member

    what good chicken! How many do you have?
  4. Abubakar Mohammed

    Abubakar Mohammed New Member

    I'm a very large farmer with five 20,000 capacity layers poultries. You can be getting 1,000 crates weekly
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  5. Lisa

    Lisa Moderator Staff Member

    At what price and where is your farm located?
  6. innocent Gbaraka

    innocent Gbaraka New Member

    from the explaination its a good business but here in port harcourt egg is scarce and at a high rate ,how can we meet and do business.
  7. Abubakar Mohammed

    Abubakar Mohammed New Member

    Contact Us Today On 08103953855 For Your Fresh Crates Of Eggs

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  8. ujoh

    ujoh Member


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