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How To Start Mini Egg Poultry Business And Grow Big In Nigeria

Discussion in 'General Business' started by Lisa, Jun 30, 2019.

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  1. Lisa

    Lisa Moderator Staff Member

    On this post i want to share with you guys how to start poultry business in nigeria and how to grow you poultry business without investing all your life savings. Poultry business is one of the business that gives money in Nigeria and yet it only few that are doing this business. Now why should you start poultry business in Nigeria? At your home how many times do you use eggs in your house? If not then you know the reason for yourself but i assure that egg is one of the most consumed thing in Nigeria. 70% of the people in Nigeria eat egg almost always. Beside egg is one of the thing with high vitamin b12 which boost blood.

    Why many people think this is not the right business?
    This business is not for everybody and it depends on your choice of investment. But one of the reasons those who have interest in the business don't proceed with it, is because of the customers area and delivery of the eggs after production. The mind of you need a car for delivery is there, you need driver and suppliers. Yes but you can archive this without having to heat the head on the rock.

    The process is easy, on my next post i will go straight to the point without any delay, if you have interest then start following this thread now.
  2. Angela

    Angela Member

    Thanks ma'am please ride on.
  3. serome

    serome Administrator Staff Member

    This is nice, we are waiting, complete it please.

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