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How to Start Social Media Marketing Business in Nigeria

Discussion in 'General Business' started by Favour, Jun 3, 2018.

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  1. Favour

    Favour Member

    Social media marketing. You can handles calls for busy companies/agencies and get paid for it. Though the rate of social media marketing contract is low in Nigeria. If you can work your way through one job successfully and acquired good result, then there is a high chance you could be recommend to get other jobs. Or have you reused for next contract.

    How Can I Start Social Media Marketing Business in Nigeria

    The way this business is done is easy. If you get a contract marketing from pepsi for example, you will be responsible for answering customers calls, attending to complaints and sales calls. promoting of product on company page, such as Facebook page, Instagram, twitter etc.

    You will be responsible for writing creative post that will rank high on search engines such as google, bing yahoo etc. You will as well be responsible for writing engaging short post for Facebook, posts must be related to business plan.

    The major task will be to increase the company numbers of followers and likes and as well bring more sales to the company and have people talking about the company. In some cases you will be the one to handle online advertising campaign such as advertising on Facebook, advertising on different blogs and google AdWords campaign. Your job will include chatting with customers online and replying to support ticket of the company.

    You can charge approximately N300,000 for a month or two months contract. The good thing is that you can handle over 5 contract as same time. You may as well turn it into a company where you hire workers under you. At that point you will be recognise as social media agency and company. You see how lucrative this idea is. It as well good that you can start even without money. Yo can handle projects right from your home. Make sure you put all effort to see that you clients are happy with your service and as well get to value your service, they won't want to misa you. Try implementing new tips and skill to get your clients more customers and followers and as well have their existing customers write good review about their customer support.

    Requirement needed to start social media marketing in Nigeria are

    • Standard lasting batter phone to answer calls
    • Smart phone for browsing internet
    • Computer PC/ Laptop
    • Regular internet connection
    • A table in and chair to use as an office
    • Pen
    • Facebook app
    • Instagram app
    • Attractive customer care voice.
    • Ability to convince people
    • Patience in taking all kinds of mannerless attitude from customers.

    The bottom line of this business is that, nothing goes for nothing. You still need money to get some of this things even if they are not much.

    To start social media marketing in Nigeria, I would advice you go for the training even if for a short period of time to have idea of what you will need to do.
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  2. Eke Blessing

    Eke Blessing New Member

    I reside in Phc. Where can one go for training?
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  3. Angela Love

    Angela Love New Member

    I reside in Delta where can one go for the training and interested plsss
  4. ujoh

    ujoh Member

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