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How You Can Make 300,000 To 3 Million Naira Monthly Online In Nigeria

Discussion in 'General Business' started by serome, Aug 7, 2018.

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  1. serome

    serome Administrator Staff Member

    On this thread i want to show you how you can be making 300k monthly online in Nigeria. There is every need that one will want to say it's not possible to make this amount in Nigeria but my friend is't possible to make even more if you know what you are doing and the best way to archive it more.

    Most Nigerians over look online business because they have tried all they could and didn't work for them. The fact was that you were doing the wrong thing thinking it work like that. Let me tell you the bitter truth, there are many ways people are making in physical but not really easy. Same goes to online business though there is every tendency that you are making your own company, it will not just come easily but if you love the internet and what you do, with more little time you should be making cool money online.

    I was in a seminal recently when i was ask to comment on online business conversation, when i was giving my speech, i notice people were really interested and and paying accurate focus. Dropping my comment, someone was forced to ask a question which was how about blogging why didn't include it when mentioning online business to venture into in Nigeria. I wasn't surprise at all, This is what we have believed that the best way to make money online is by blogging because become linda Ikeji makes money from blogging and become. Let me tell you, there are so many Africa entrepreneur who make more money than what Linda make in a month make in just one week but they don't about, isn't that cool?.

    I will want to share with you the ability of making more money online but don't think it will have to be a day something. I will be teaching you how you can set up a company online and make a living from it. Tkae note i will not be including blogging, reason because blogging is no longer a good way to make money online in Nigeria simply because it too competitive now, so many in news blogging already and too many in tech and other tutorial blogging. Search online for iphone 6 specs in Nigeria, you will see over 2k Nigeria blog who wrote about that same info. It has come too useless now in Nigeria, this was because everyone believed that blogging is the only way out.

    Now lets go straight to the major reason of this thread.

    1. Create Social Media Platform
    Now that blogging has cast in Nigeria, it time we think of doing something that is not competitive in Nigeria. There are so many social media already but we can think of something no one has never considered and then create it with whole lot of passion and ready to promote it to the public. I'm not telling you to create another facebook. Only fool that will do such, facebook is a unique platform and people has accepted it for what it is, so need of bringing another facebook. Sorry the chance of blowing another facebook worldwide will be really difficult so lets have our focus on something that doesn't exist or existing but no one has known about it yet.

    If we are creative enough to bring something unique to the public, they will gladly accept and make use of it then you will make money from it. I was shuck when i read that facebook owner Mark Zuckerberg for $19 billion wow. That is what i'm talking about, you can how rich the former owner of whatsapp become just selling one application alone. If i can remember very well, whatsapp is the only platform i have never seen promoted in any of the social media yet whasapp grow speedily without advertisement.

    It time to think straight and look aside blogging to setting up somoething unique. Nairaland is another example of social network in Nigeria. You don't have to stress yourself working all the time, typing and editing news and so on. How many time do Mark Zuckerberg find typing news etc? People work for him even without them knowing and he is there enjoying his money. how about whatsapp, twinter, instagram, nairaland?. You can see that it me and you that will still go there to post our pics, write and comment while they eat the money alone.
    social network.jpg
    That is what owning a social media platform is all about. Time to be creative and make the money we are strongly for. If it were to be now that blogging competitive has grown without mentioned, i wouldn't have go that far creating informationhood but thank God, it all good, it part of the journey that have set me this far.

    If you have interest in creating online social platform, even if you are not a developer, you can hire great teams of developers to help you have it done. Me and my team are available for any project work, if you are login you can use the contact button under above to contact me, the button only show to members that are login. You can register on this forum or login above using the login/register button. You can check one of my app release last month on google playstore https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.musicplayer.seroplaymusic . Is a music application where you can search and play any music online without downloading.

    2. Develop Wordpress Themes to Sell Online
    There was a day i was making presentation Oriental hotel in VI. I mentioned this online business, some of the people that came to the meeting was like, but how? where do someone sell and how fast can that be? how about those that are not developers?. The questions were too much for me so i asked them to go get an ebook by US entrepreneur Katty William if they want to know all. But on this thread i will cover it without referring you anywhere.

    To become developer is not an easy job so if i should said develop themes to sell online, it will sounds as if i'm talking to developers only. The answer is no. I'm talking to everyone who cares to go into theme develop business. As you can see, wordpress is one of the most used cms worldwide. No one now has the time to start building blog from scratch as it suppose to be, everyone just go on wordpress and make a blog without stress that is why blog has become uncountable in Nigeria today.

    Do you now know that wordpress don't offer fancy and good looking themes? In order to create a website for business, you need a theme for that. To create a news blog you need theme that can handle that. To create classified ads website, you need theme that can handle that. You will never find good theme that handle good online business for free. Most people with amazing design blog or website today are using dynamic themes they bought from developers.

    If you can develop a very good working and beautiful wordpress theme, in just 3 months you will become a millionaira. Yes i mean it and i'm not here to type all of this to pull your legs, in fact i have my own legs so i won't be doing anything with your if i should pull them. Lol, but serious you will make this mentioned amount if you have a great them.

    Online today the minimum amount you will get a theme is $69 USD. For good themes, in just 3-4 month it will gain over 2,000 sales. Now let's make the calculation this money. At of the time i'm writing this post $1 is equal to N360 in Nigeria. That is to say N360 x $69 = N24,840 You will make N24,840 naira upon every sales. If for 4 months you made 2,000 sales that is 24,840 x 2,000 =49,680,000.00 wooooow this 49million naira plus. Ok lets say you didn't make up to that amount of sales, for example is you are making only 100 sales monthly that is 24,840 x 100 = 2,484,000 naira. This means you will be making 2Million plus for just 100 sales of your theme every month. Now let assume you have 10 themes for sale and each one is making 100 sales at least monthly, that is to say you will be making over 24 million monthly. Tell me how rich you can be than this in the next 2 years.

    Note that it takes a lot of effort to be gaining sales. you will need to still promote your themes online. You will need to be making all possible best to be growing your sales time after time. There are some places you can put your themes for sale to gain fast sales but they will be charging you a commission for every sales you make. Their chargers are from 10-20 % of every sales which will make you money drop however with them you don't have anything to worry about marketing your them.

    Also put in mind that if you develop a trash theme no body will buy your theme. You will see that even in a year you won't have 10 complete sales so you must take your time to develop a theme that will wow people. A theme that will get lot of attraction\. To develop such themes do take lot of time.

    How can i develop theme for sale when i'm not a developer?
    This is the question everyone wants to ask, Yes you are not a developer i know but you can as well have your own theme to sell. The thing to do is easy, just get a developer handle the project for you and give him the theme idea which you want to develop. There are so many developing company worldwide and even in Nigeria. You can contact my team for any theme development, we will get it to your choice. As a said earlier it take time to develop a good theme, therefore a good theme is very expensive or else you want a trash that won't sell.

    Where do i sell my themes and make money
    This is another important question to ask. After developing your theme the next thing is how to start selling it to make money. The archive you need some of the best websites that enable developers to sell their themes online. Some companies do create their own websites so they can keep the profit all to themselves. You can choose to develop your own website and sell your themes without paying any website a commission for sales made there. However as a beginner i will advice you start with selling on the already known website so you can make good sales.

    Websites to sell themes in Nigeria

    This are the two best online market for themes that pays Nigerians that i'm currently aware of. There maybe others but i have been using themeforest for over three months and they pay without delay.

    3. Affiliate Marketing
    Many people don't believe that affiliate marketing work in Nigeria. I'm not talking about what so every called nnu or wakanda. Affiliate marketing are working for Nigerians but only few know how to.
    For those who do not know what affiliate marketing means, this kind of marketing is done mostly online. You need to refer someone to a website and when they purchase an item, you will get 30 -40% of the purchase cost. Websites that offer affiliate program are eccommerce websites such as website that sale item online. In Nigeria we have konga and jumia with some others but only konga and jumia is well known as paying affiliate program. An affiliate program will not ask you to pay to join. To join any affiliate program is free and nothing is required. You can do affiliate marketing with website or without website. It's easy and all you need to do is market on social media is you don't have a website. If you have a website, blog is not the best website to create. You can create online store that automatically crawl items from jumia or konga, when click on order now it redirect to the page of the product on konga of jumia.

    But instead of konga i chooses to do my affiliate marketing on themeforest. I recommend themes to my friends and followers here on proudnaira with some other social forums that are looking for cool them. when they order using my affiliate link, i make 30% of the amount. This is one of the best affiliate marketing i'm currently into and it working very well for me. sharing my secret worth some cash but i don't have such ambitions that is why i created proudnaira forum so we can share information to help each other free.
    affiliate marketing.jpg
    You can be a student, house wife, job seeker and even an employed individual and still be doing this affiliate marketing. All you have to do is go on google and search for forum about wordpress and themes. Give your help and recommend them to download the theme on themeforest.

    As for me, i search google for "Best Wordpress Theme for news" On the comment page i will recommend a theme with my referral link. I go on different wordpress discussion forums to do my marketing. It's not my full time job as you already know, i have a laptop shop, i manage informationhood though i have writers, i manage and moderate this forum proudnaira.com, i have over 6 mobile apps i'm running updates on, i have my themes online and so many others, i guess you don't know i owned landsnaija and tebees, i still need the affiliate commission to still be attending to some things. I do my affiliate marketing two hours daily. I make over $250 monthly from affiliate marketing.

    You too can start affiliate marketing in Nigeria and still be making some income.

    4. Freelance Writer
    I guess you never thought of this lately, if you have then you must still be thinking if truly it work. Yes freelance writers make money online, dedicated ones make good amount of money monthly. If you have passion for writing then you can be making good amount of money from writing for companies and so. Some once told me that freelance writing is no in Nigeria. The fact is that it's few but it working in Nigeria. I have over 9 freelance working from their different location in Nigeria and aside Nigeria and each one get paid depend on how many post they archive monthly. some get over 50k, some 30k 25k 15k depend how many post they write.

    There are several online website where you can get freelance writing job done and get paid for it. Freelancer.com is one of the best place to get writing job easily. Free to register and make money. All that is required is your time and dedication.

    Freelance Writing websites
    I will have to end this post at this point now, if you have more question regarding this post. Please feel free to ask below.

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    Last edited: Aug 7, 2018
  2. Williams zaccheus

    Williams zaccheus New Member

    Thanks so much for this thread admin. It's obvious that in this life to stay relevant and alive is not one day job.
    I don't know if you can talk better by sharing your digits or even whatsapp I'm cool with it there is an idea I've had in my mind ever since. Maybe Gods is telling now is the time to turn it into reality.
    Andrew and serome like this.
  3. serome

    serome Administrator Staff Member

    Thanks you find this thread helpful. You are free to message me using the contact button blow my name on thread or the start conversation on my profile. I will give you my direct contact there.
  4. Andrew

    Andrew Moderator Staff Member

    Oga, oga... Wallah, this is one of the best business idea I have ever come online since I have been online. No one wants to share something like this for free. Thanks abeg. God bless. I love the theme stuff. Please how can I get started?
  5. Andrew

    Andrew Moderator Staff Member

    True talk, life if not friendly, making it is difficult only in Nigeria and some Africa countries that lack support for their youths. No how e be we will rise and be relevant in our societies. That is why we are proudnairans. Let the ideas flow greatly.
  6. Williams zaccheus

    Williams zaccheus New Member

    Okay boss
  7. ujoh

    ujoh Member

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