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How you can Start Clearing and Forwarding Business in Nigeria and make Money

Discussion in 'General Business' started by serome, Jan 25, 2018.

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  1. serome

    serome Administrator Staff Member

    This is one of the million splitting business in Nigeria. You can start this business and start making cool money. On this post you will learn everything regarding starting your own Clearing and Forwarding company in Nigeria.

    How you can Start Clearing and Forwarding Business in Nigeria and make millions

    We can't complete a communicate on importation and exportation business without regarding clearing and forwarding business. Importation and exportation are thriving agencies inside the global these days.

    No kingdom can say that she is not related to in importation and exportation. In this enterprise, there's the want to get some sellers for clearing and forwarding of products.

    The need to move product from one location to the alternative requires the provider of clearing and forwarding enterprise. This business is a service-orientated one. In it, you're handling humans, connecting the sender of a freight with the receiver(s).

    The business is meant to ease the stress of taking your proper from the airport, seaport or some other port. You are an intermediary between a few individuals, groups or organisation.

    Airports and Seaports For Clearing and Forwarding Business in Nigeria
    The quality enterprise surroundings for this business is the port. This can be any of seaport, airport or some other port you might think about. The airport won't have the time and area to help human beings clean and forward their goods to the preferred vacation spot.

    But the general intention of this enterprise is to make sure that the freight within the port is cleared and forwarded to the vacation spot. That is why the seaports best healthy this enterprise.

    Airports For Local Clearing And Forwarding Business In Nigeria
    Some of the airports where you can do your business are listed below:

    1. Akure Aiport, Akure;
    2. Akwa Ibom International Airport, Uyo;
    3. Benin Airport, Benin;
    4. Ilorin Airport, Ilorin.
    5. kaduna Airport, Kaduna;
    6. Magaret Ekpo International Airport, Calabar;
    7. Maiduguri International Airport, Maiduguri;
    8. Makurdi Airport, Markudi;
    9. Sir Abubakar Tafawa Balewa Airport, Bauchi;
    10. Sultan Saddik Abubakar Airport, Sokoto;
    11. Warri Airport, Warri;
    12. Yakubu Gowon Airport, Jos;
    13. Yola Airport, Yola;
    14. Zaria Airport, Zaria;
    Nigerian Airports For International Clearing And Forwarding Business
    But if your focus is to take air freights from Nigeria to other countries in the world, there are some international airports that you must consider.

    Some of them are listed below:
    1. Akanu Ibiam International Airport, Enugu;
    2. Mallam Aminu Kano International Airport, Kano;
    3. Murtala Muhammed International Airport, Ikeja, Lagos;
    4. Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport, Abuja;
    5. Port Harcourt International Airport, Port Harcourt
    Nigerian Seaports For Clearing and Forwarding Business
    If you want to have your business in the seaport in Nigeria, some ports that you can do your transactions are:

    1. Lagos Port Complex Apapa, Lagos State;
    2. Calabar Seaport Calabar, Cross River State;
    3. Tin Can Island Port, Apapa, Lagos State;
    4. Delta Seaport, Delta State
    5. The Delta Port: This includes the ports of Warri, Burutu, Sapele and the petroleum terminals at Escravos and Forcados.
    As you would possibly have located, maximum of those seaports are domiciled within the Southern and Sout-western place of Nigeria. This manner that your commercial enterprise region might be in Southern part of the u . S . A .. This can be South South, South West or South East.

    Profitability Of The Business
    Some importers and exporters do not know how to do clearing and forwarding business and the procedures involved. As such, by going into this aspect of the business, you become an important factor in their business strides.

    Some benefits of the clearing and forwarding business are:

    1. It generates more income
    2. It makes you hardworking, focused and diligent
    3. Make you know more about your country and others countries
    4. Ability to have connection with successful merchants in the country
    How much you need to start this business
    Freight commercial enterprise or clearing and forwarding enterprise is part of the improvement strides of the modern-day international. To venture into this commercial enterprise, you need to get a massive quantity of capital to start and run it correctly. The starting value may appear complicated in the beginning, however after you are able to begin the commercial enterprise, you'll get more fund to run the enterprise.

    Clearing and forwarding business requirements
    You need at least one vehicle for transportation of man and materials. This will help to move the freight that is being sent to the destination, whether to a country or outside the country.

    Storage Facility:
    You need to get a storage facility to keep the freight of your customers. The freights may not be cleared or forwarded on the spot or in a day. So, you need to keep their freights safe in your storage facility

    Technology aspects of the business

    You also can develop a software that will make your customers have an instantaneous verbal exchange channel or contact with you. This will make them believe you more than different clearing retailers who don’t have such. You also need to create a website where you feed people with statistics approximately your carrier.

    Knowledge Required

    To be a terrific clearing and forwarding agent in a seaport or airport, you need to recognise the same old and auxiliary clearing and forwarding procedures in Nigeria. This is truly mentioned via and must be in keeping with the hints supplied by way of the Nigerian Customs Service.

    As an agent, you are the representative of your customers. Always understand that if your service is great, you'll get more customers. In reality, they may refer their friends to you, and you may make extra money in the method. Knowledge of the clearing strategies is a need to if you must succeed in this business.To reach this business, I will advice you enroll on a clearing and forwarding guides in nigeria and equip your self with the knowledge wished for the enterprise. The appropriate element is that there are such a lot of clearing and forwarding schooling in nigeria that you can join.

    Clearing and forwarding agent license

    Of direction there are licenses required to begin freight forwarding organisation. Before you start this enterprise, you need to acquire your clearing and forwarding agent license from the best authorities. This will allow you to function this business with none trouble with the affiliation as well as authorities companies and different regulatory bodies.

    Basic Clearing Procedures In Nigeria
    After the payment of customs duty, you should go to the sheds to effect release of goods from any designated releasing officer. The release procedure is done through the following units:

    1. Valuation
    2. Enforcement
    3. Custom Investigating Unit
    4. Tally
    5. PM provost marshal
    6. NDLEA
    7. Police
    8. DMI
    9. Standard Organisation of Nigeria (SON)
    11. State Security Service, SSS etc.
    N/B: Ensure that the goods you are helping your clients to clear or forward are legal.

    Business Registration
    It is essential to register your company name with the appropriate authorities of the Government. You need to first of all register with the Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria (CAC). After that, do the necessary registrations and clearance with the Nigeria Customs Service. This will help to prevent unnecessary delays in the progress of your business by the Nigerian security officers.

    In your office, either in the seaport or airport, you need to employ some competent staffs to assist you in this business. You will need the assistant of the following set of professionals:

    1. Freights forwarder(s)
    2. Motor carrier(s)
    3. Import-Export broker(s)
    4. Freight Monitor(s)
    5. Etc.
    Management and Sustainability
    The management structure should be in your business plan already. Make sure that you pay your staff as at when due. You must monitor what your employees are doing. As the owner of your company, you need to teach your staff how to get goals in whatever they are doing.

    As an entrepreneur, you must have a good leadership skill. You must be a problem solver. Additionally, you must be able to persevere amidst difficult times. Stay firmly to tackle the risk of the business. Ensure that there is a division of labour among your staffs. Also, make for efficient channels of communication in your company.

    There is competition in this business. All you need to do is to be diligent, committed, trustworthy and, also, efficiency. You must treat your clients very well. During the time of challenge, make sure that you remain focus and committed to success. See more business ideas here

    This is all you need to start clearing and forwarding business in Nigeria. Ask question and drop your contribution below.
  2. serome

    serome Administrator Staff Member

    Do you know that you can start this business even without big money. With as little amount as 5k you can start. I will tell you how.

    Go online and such as Facebook and create a Facebook page name it e.g " Sero Clearing Agency " add your address, location etc.

    Now go out and look for customers, you can as well do that online. Pay a good writer at least N1500 naira to write a good original article for you. Title the article " Best Clearing and Forwarding Agency in Nigeria or Lagos" depending on the locations you want to cover.

    After that then submit the post to Informationhood website as a guests post. Wait for your post to be accepted and hold on for the post to rank on Google. I recommend submitting it to informationhood because they rank very well on google. Note: don't submit the post to more than one website or google WL consider it as duplicate content and that will make it not to rank.

    When writing your article make sure you put your company at first. Informationhood will want to verify your listed company explain to then when they give you a call. Include you number and address. Make sure the article is original and have good amount of words, I recommend 2k words minimum in order to rank.

    Now go to other business forum such as this forum Proudnaira nairaland and other to post about your service. After that go of directory website such as vconnect and others to publish your business profile.

    After all this then go in search of people selling items, such as phone, tv, laptops and others. Tell them you can handle delivery for them even to other cities and states.

    When you start having customers, if any item is going outs the state, you can use God is Good motors to do the waybill. Note that you need to first collect your service cost and waybill money before processing on the waybill.

    You can learn how to do waybill here https://www.informationhood.com/waybill-send-item-lagos-state-location/

    If you need further details ask your question below.
  3. balogun Owomide

    balogun Owomide New Member

  4. Anslemo

    Anslemo New Member

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