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Idea Crops To Grow In Rainy Season In Nigeria

Discussion in 'Agriculture Business' started by Celestina Angel Serome, Jul 17, 2019.


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  1. Celestina Angel Serome

    Celestina Angel Serome Administrator Staff Member

    It all depends on the zone, rainy season in Nigeria usually starts from April to the end of October. Rainy season also called wet season is always characterized by low temperature. Therefore crops that suit this climate condition are widely cultivated; there are some adaptable veggies for rainy season that should be considered.
    Some specific crops planting in rainy season may need the assistance of pesticides or plant varieties of veggies that are suited to the humid wet climate.

    The soil for planting crops in rainy season matters a lot; better soil equals healthier plants ,which are less susceptible to insects or diseases, so it is advisable to add organic compost to the soil before planting.

    Veggies cultivated in rainy season
    Maize: This is one of the leading food crops in the world. It is highly consumed by everyone notwithstanding the age group as it is high in dietary fiber, vitamins, and minerals needed for human growth. It matures very fast and takes an average of 2- 4 months before harvest.

    The land for planting should be prepared before the rainy season begins. It requires at least 50 to 90 cm of rainfall. It is however not recommended to grow this crop in areas where rainfall is more than 100mm as it might destroy the crops. For better productivity, soils with good organic matter content with high water holding capacity are best preferred.

    Cassava: This is majorly planted within the first rains. It is consumed as food which can be made into Tapioca, Cassava Cake, Abacha (African salad), Garri amongst others. It is rich in starch which is one of the most important products for industrial purposes.

    This crop is very sensitive to soil water deficit especially during the first 3 months after planting which explains why it is best advised to plant just when it begins to rain. When planting of cassava is done early enough, it would produce the highest yields because the plants have adequate soil moisture during the critical part of the crop cycle. Once established, it can grow in areas that receive 400mm of average annual rainfall.

    Wheat: This is a type of grass grown only during the cold season for maximum yield. It depends a lot on water to grow effectively. Bread wheat, for example, requires at least 250 mm during the growing season for good productivity. It is highly nutritious and milled into flour which is used to make food products such as bread, biscuits, noodles, pasta, cakes. etc.

    Groundnut: For good growth, this crop requires 500 to 600 mm of rainfall well-distributed throughout the growing season. It is an early season crop and matures from 90-130 days depending on the variety. The land for planting groundnut needs to be prepared and worked on early enough so planting of the seeds can begin at the sight of a rainfall. Avoid planting when the soil is already soggy or waterlogged.

    Rice: This is one of most consumed staple food in Nigeria. It is rich in carbohydrates, vitamins, and fiber. It takes an average of 3-4 months from its time of planting to harvest. To grow rice, lands with moderately high water holding-capacity or waterlogged soils are best fit for better yield. The field is harrowed and crop seeded just before the first rain for direct seeded rice and for transplanted rice, the field is flooded with the first rains before planting begins.

    Vegetables: Most vegetables very common during the rainy season can easily be planted within your immediate environment or vegetable garden. They thrive when there is moderate rainfall as opposed to a heavy downpour that could destroy the taste and quality. Examples of Nigeria vegetables that can be cultivated during this season include: African Spinach (Efo Tete), Lagos Spinach (Efo Shoko), Water Leaves, Ebolo e.t.c

    Other food crops and vegetables that can be planted in the rainy season includes:


    Water Melon








    Have this in mind before planting any of these crops.
    Pests and earthworm thrive during rainy season, so you might need to monitor the vegetables as often as you can. Weeding should be done regularly to avoid the attraction of pests and lost of nutritional value of crops.

    Crop farming is essential to every country, and it's a basic occupation for survival, just like food is a basic need of survival.

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  2. serome

    serome Administrator Staff Member

    Wow so this is amazing. Thanks for this ideas angel. It seems that almost all the crops grows better on raining season. Don't you think Cassava grows better on raining period?
  3. Solknoday

    Solknoday New Member

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    Neha Tandan New Member

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