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Kids And Games

Discussion in 'General Business' started by helenwalton97, Nov 4, 2018.

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  1. helenwalton97

    helenwalton97 New Member

    What games are your children play? Can you recommend some good game for my daughter?
  2. Andretto

    Andretto New Member

    Check this to pick
  3. Kefezzo

    Kefezzo New Member

    Try to show her Frozen games. Frozen is a wildly popular animated movie made by Disney and Pixar, kids very like it! Here are many such games(Over 200! They cover every piece of life imaginable!) https://www.skywardgames.com/category/frozen
  4. Marinad

    Marinad Member

    I do not think that children should play online games
  5. Sakura123

    Sakura123 Member

    I also do not understand people who allow their children to play online games. I have two children and I do not allow them to play online games because I consider it harmful to their health. I buy for them developing board games in the online shop because it is much more useful and interesting for their age. I have been looking good sites for the purchase of children games because it is a very important for me a good quality of the product and the low price. My friend advised me to use coupons on this site. best buy promo code . If you are looking for something specific, but you can’t find it at any of your regular online shopping store list or the store doesn’t offer any discounts, FirstOrderCode may help you find a similar store and you will be able to get exactly what you want at a much more affordable price. :rolleyes:
  6. dora123

    dora123 New Member

    It is not very good, when children spend time playing computer
  7. nikolClayton

    nikolClayton New Member

    My daughter like to play BuildRoyale.io games http://iospace.games/buildroyaleio . She never fails to get us into the epicenter of the fun, and this time it is no exception. You will have to survive in the open arena filled with enemies till the last man standing. Quite interesting even for me:)
  8. Sakura123

    Sakura123 Member

    I do not allow my children to play computer games!
  9. Marinad

    Marinad Member

    My son is 14 years old and he plays Call of Duty Black Ops 4. At first, I didn’t allow him to play this game, but then I tried to play it myself and I liked it! In addition, I read an interesting article on this site https://bestgamingthings.com/call-of-duty-black-ops-4-the-best-settings-for-the-game/ about this game, put my son the best settings and bought high-quality equipment! My son is happy and I am glad that he spends his free time this way! Good luck)
  10. crown90

    crown90 New Member

    My kids are liking football, basketball, tennis.
  11. alisa7

    alisa7 New Member

    My kids like playing football, tennis, and basketball. As for me, I am currently playing golf and prefer https://golfclubguru.net/top-5-best-wedges-nowadays/ to buy different interesting things, bags, and other golf equipment.
    Some people are speaking that it's a boring game, that it's a game for retire people but I don't think so.
  12. macan

    macan New Member

    its cool, thx
  13. Marinad

    Marinad Member

    You are about computer games? I do not think that it is a good idea
  14. Sakura123

    Sakura123 Member

    I do not think that video games are good idea for kids. It is best to find alternative options for your baby. For example, I used to visit an escape room with my nephew. It feels like it's a computer game in reality! There are many rooms here https://nowescape.com/london-uk-escape-rooms in London. I think it's a cool replacement for computer games.
  15. macan

    macan New Member

    What now children just do not play. My son, at age 4, was already able to quickly build solitaire on his own without the help of adults. So I'm generally shocked at how fast the children are developing all the same. The main thing is that the passion for cards does not develop into excitement in the future. Although, in principle, I sometimes play in the play footy frenzy video slot and I see absolutely nothing wrong with that.

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