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Make A Consistent Income As A Franchise Of Enlighten Africa. Read More.

Discussion in 'Production Business' started by timedal, Jun 19, 2019.

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  1. timedal

    timedal New Member

    There is a business initiative called ENLIGHTEN AFRICA. It is new and holds a great benefit for its franchise. ENLIGHTEN AFRICA is an initiative conceived to empower Africans through e-commerce and production. ENLIGHTEN AFRICA for the first time is set to expand its business on the African soil and has chosen Nigeria as its starting point. In view of this, this company went to secure land in ile-ife, which was formally sold to them by Ooni of Ife, in other to have their own production factory in Nigeria, starting from Ile Ife.

    ENLIGHTEN AFRICA is Registered in Nigeria. ENLIGHTEN AFRICA is proposing several opportunities for interested individuals to benefit from like; the purchase of the franchise and Mobile store, Shareholding, membership benefits, and more. Earn 48% on sales as a franchise, and 18% on sales as a mobile store owner.

    I encourage you to give this opportunity a try. IT can be your main source of income and could also be a side income but whichever way, you will be making a substantial and consistent income just as I am, and other Nigerians who are taking advantage of this opportunity.

    ENLIGHTEN AFRICA Mall Setup in Lagos

    To become a franchise or mobile store owner, or For other information call these numbers:

    Ademola: 08034086600
    Olasoji: 07069096673
    Abosede: 08038025602

    We will guide you on the procedures. Thank you for reading. Have a nice day.

    A new business initiative for Nigerian...ENLIGHTEN AFRICA. Read More.

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