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Miss Face Of The World

Discussion in 'General Business' started by Miss Face of the World, Nov 7, 2018.

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  1. Miss Face of the World is a global beauty pageant brand that is organized, produced and globally managed by Face of The World Organisation.

    Face of the World Organisation, a Multi oriented Media, Production and Global Entertainment Company, Fully Registered, Copyrighted and Trade Marked in 50 countries with over 100 Country Directors.

    Miss Face of World is a combination of Intelligence, Personality, Style, Elegance, Brain, Womanhood, Fashion, and Beauty.

    A Search for Beauty and Elegance. It is an international quest for beauty with brains with the sole aim of giving children global quality education, Education For All Children, A Total Support for GLOBAL CHILDREN EDUCATION.

    A Zero illiteracy campaign Project, A global campaign call on Global Children Education, EDUCATION FOR ALL CHILDREN.

    Miss Face of the World is an International beauty pageant, where Miss of all the Countries, come together to contest for World most admired girl, campaigning for a beautiful and peaceful world.

    Bringing all Female Beauties Together in one platform to celebrate Peace, Education, World Unity, understanding and Love, While Supporting Global Children Education. With the aim of giving Education to underprivileged children globally, mostly in the developing nations.

    Miss Face of the World is a Beauty Pageant with a mission, 'Education to Voiceless Children', She will be an Advocate of Reformed Education. It is a talent, educative and informative based competition. Over 100 Queens of Each country are expected to represent their Countries in this great event.

    Miss Face of the World ...world Most Prettiest Girl

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  2. TimLib

    TimLib New Member

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  3. Hermesso

    Hermesso New Member

    I think that only very beautiful girls can participate in such competitions. Of course, I love beautiful girls and I think that all guys will be interested to see brittany venti nude photos. This gorgeous blonde is fond of cosplay and share cool photos with her fans on social networks. Looks very attractive!

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