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Nigerian Birth Certificate From National Population Commission

Discussion in 'General Business' started by next2u, Jan 14, 2019.

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  1. next2u

    next2u New Member


    The Nigeria birth certificate is a legal documents that indicate your full name,date of birth,place of birth and other relevant information about you,that will show that you are born in Nigeria.

    A Nigerian that is given birth in Nigeria,maybe in rural area (village)and do not have birth certificate can apply for birth certificate from NPC.

    A Nigerian who have birth certificate previously ,got missing or through fire incident, can apply for birth certificate NPC.

    A Nigerian or foreigner (non-Nigeria) that was given birth in Nigeria and don’t have the birth certificate but need it for admission,immigration purpose in Nigeria and abroad can also apply for the NPC birth certificate.

    National Population Commission is a federal government establishment, who is authorized to issues out birth certificate for Nigerians and foreigners who need birth certificate from NPC.

    For the processing of your Birth certificate from National population commission get in-touch with Mr Richard 08024995989 call and whatsapp.

    Email: focushilltop2000@gmail.com

    Other documents we help process is death certificate,bachelorhood certificate,spinsterhood certificate,authentication of your documents.

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