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Scrap Metals Business in Nigeria, Where to Buy and Company to Sell To

Discussion in 'General Business' started by Skyro, Nov 6, 2017.

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  1. Skyro

    Skyro Member

    helllo proudnaira business folk, let have some discussion regarding scrap metal business in Nigeria. Where to get material from, company to sell to and the current profit scale of the business. I mean how profitable is metal scrap business in Nigeria currently?.

    Let's share full details and experience here to help those coming into the business newly. I will do my best to list all i know about this business soon.
  2. Skyro

    Skyro Member

    I don't know much about metal scrap but I have done rubber scrap business and I know of company that buy whom I was selling to.

    All I have to say on this is that metal scrap business is a huge lucrative business. It's on of the best business to consider in Nigeria and for every reason you must gain.

    Another aspect to know is that it takes good amount of money to start the business, you need 1m plus to start and in return you can make over 500k on every trip you go. It a huge business. It pains me that Nigeria business folks that have money don't consider this business. It lucrative to be sincere, I know of someone who is now a millionaire from this business.

    It not easy to get materials but if you manage to gather 20 - 50 tones you will a millionaire.

    This is just my own little part I have to include, hope this help to get the mindset of those who have interest in this business?.
  3. Skyro

    Skyro Member

    If you have interest to start metal scrap business then go out and make your ground research physically.

    The things you needed to research on are as follows
    1. Where to buy the metal scrap: This is the most important part, without material the business is useless. You have to go from dump to dump looking for those that gather scrap metal, this is not an easy part so i would recommend that you make make the sellers good offer. Note that the amount you buy determined the profit you will make so don't give offer that will not be beneficial to you. Also be aware that scale is what is used, and it been priced by scale, so you could be told that the price is N100 Naira per Scale, it left to you to negotiate how much you can afford. I would advice you only negotiate after you must have know how much company will buy from you.
    2. Look for company that buy scrap metal in Nigeria depending on your location. If you are in Lagos, it will be very easy for you to get buyers because many Chinese company in Lagos are deeply in search for scrap metal supplier's. I will drop some companies contact details that buy scrap metal soon after making my research, but before then you can go around to make your own research as well. Know that online will not give you relevant answer because those who are into the business doesn't like exposing the companies they are supplying but I will do that soon I get hold on some.
    Hope this is helpful, I will get more details for you guys soon, just show your interest below.
  4. Sunny Ekebafe

    Sunny Ekebafe New Member

    Fantastic one from Skyro. Waiting.....

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