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See How You Can Make Money With Your Car In Nigeria

Discussion in 'General Business' started by serome, Apr 13, 2018.

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  1. serome

    serome Administrator Staff Member

    Good day Friends, having the mindset of making money in a legitimate way is a very good thing to consider.

    See How You Can Make Money With Your Car In Nigeria
    how to make money with your car in Nigeria.jpeg

    As we already, the country has grown beyond sponsoring anyone's dream or supporting any career currently. Our economic is very bad and our government again are not helping matters at all.

    At this point what do we need to do? If I should surprise you, in this bad economic country with it corrupted leaders, some people make more money that when the country was in a normal or manageable state. The truth is that they know what to do at the write time.

    It time to stop complaining and go into action by Starting something since your complaints won't solve anything.

    For those of you who have personal car and usually don't drive it all the time, even if you drive always, it time to monetize your vehicle and make money from your car. Do you even know that your car can give you more money than your current managing job. I guess you don't even known yet.

    Let me share with you how you can make money with your car in Nigeria

    1. Use it For Transportation (Uber)

    Uber is now the largest transportation company in Nigeria and worldwide. So many people don't understand how the company operates but I will tell you. Uber is a transportation company without their personal car. Uber is like a broker between a rider which is a car owner and the passenger. Those neat vehicles that comes when you order rider on Uber are not been owned by Uber itself but individuals.

    To make money with your car from Uber, all you need to do is go to Uber app and register as a rider. You will be invited for inspection box your vehicle. In some cases you must visit their office to register your vehicle.

    What happen is that whenever someone around your location order for Uber rider, they will get your contact and call you, as soon as the ride Begin, the passenger money start reading, it doesn't concern you the driver if holdup or not, in fact you should be happy when there is holdup because then you make more money.

    As soon the passenger drop, the total ride cash will show up on the reading device and the next thing is to give you your money.

    There are so many of these company you can register your company on and make money but the most popular ones are

    • Uber
    • Taxify
    • Jet Rider
    I have a friend who is making nothing less than 20k daily from Uber, if one car can make over 20k a day, how about if you have up to 3 cars running uber or taxify? The car my friend using is Camry Tiny Light, you can see it photo below.

    Camry tiny light car.jpeg

    Know that you can use any car/vehicle for Uber, Be it latest vehicle. There is a day I ordered for Uber and the next thing I saw a Venza Jeep park before me.

    You can download Uber Driver App On Playstore Here

    You can download Taxify Driver App Here

    Note that the driver app is different from the normal passenger app. It only driver or who want to register for a driver that should download the driver app.

    2. Airport Pickup

    Another way to make money with your Vehicle/Car is to use it as a drop from the airport.

    You can create a small website that explain your pickup from the airport details and how to contact you or book you. If you start it, there is no doubt that you will surely grow big because so many people are travelling everyday and with one person you pickup can introduce you to hundreds of people, friends and family.

    People are already doing this, but they haven't done it the right way. If I want to travel, I won't wait to get there before I start looking for a car to drop me at my house, I want everything ready, so what happen it that I go online to make my research on a car that can drop me from the airport I'm going travelling with. So this is still a fresh opportunity. You can start covering the whole of airport in Nigeria with time but first you can start with your single car.

    You don't have to put cat or taxi on it, leave your car as it's now, create a website for your pickup service, have some already established information website such as informationhood and others write about your company.

    With time when you make enough money, you can turn it into a company, register your company name and do some advert. You can let vehicle register under you or buy more cars.

    This is my idea I would want to share with you today. You can ask any question or suggest to this post how to make money with your car in Nigeria.

    Don't just seat doing nothing, if you don't have a car and your friend has, tell him/her to lend you and you be paying 5k everyday. Have a nice day friend.
  2. Lisa

    Lisa Moderator Staff Member

    Thanks for this wonderful idea shared. I really love Proudnaira.

    I want to ask, What car does Uber accept to ride on their platform? I heard it's so difficult to pass their car inspection.

    What kinds of car do they accept to ride with them?.
  3. nblinks

    nblinks New Member

    Hey guys, you have listed them all but I will like to add this to it. Car owners can make money with there car by allowing advertisers to advertise on their car. This is another way for car owners to make money with their car that is under utilized in Nigeria.
    You can start to capitalize on this.
  4. Angela

    Angela Member

    Nice idea but do you know any already existing agencies that does this? I mean if I want to allow advert on my car, where do I take it to? Please reply cos I really want to have good idea about this. I heard it work in USA and some other countries but haven't seen it in Nigeria before.
  5. Chinenye

    Chinenye New Member

    Yes,pls which company does this advertising,I haven't seen any in Nigeria
  6. Andrew

    Andrew Moderator Staff Member

    If there is none then this is an opportunity to create one. Are there no creative entrepreneurs here?
  7. ujoh

    ujoh Member

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