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Tell The Truth—it’s Critical For Your Small Business

Discussion in 'General Business' started by Aaron Efuribe, Jul 10, 2019.

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  1. Aaron Efuribe

    Aaron Efuribe New Member

    A client of mine lie to me about the state of affairs of his company and two days of going through his records, I discovered the lie and I approach him.

    “Why did you lie to me about….”

    Before I could finish my statement, he interjected, ‘common, every business man lies “

    It made remember a client I worked for on a project for 18 months. I practically changed his name to ‘Linus’(apologies to anybody bearing that name)

    Every breathe about this man emit lies. It was so difficult working with him.

    My research instinct went overboard.

    In an article by the editor-in-chief of entrepreneur magazine, Jason feifer in his article, “Should entrepreneur lie, it’s a tricky question?” he said “Entrepreneur lie, it’s not like they lie to defraud, but the scrappiness of entrepreneurs inevitably leads to some kind of deception”

    So when actually does a lie go overboard and stretch the limit?

    We are not comparing business lies and deception to the greatest con and liar the world has ever seen, Bernie Madoff, who defrauded people with lies and deception to the tune of $65b,but we are looking critically to how the truth can lead to business success.

    Being truthful helps hone your vision for the company. While you may be tempted to hype sales figures or inflate projections to make yourself feel better, don’t.

    These little untruths will come back to bite you,I can assure that.

    Inflating your books of records and convincing yourself that things are great, or even OK, when they are really terrible creates serious trouble sooner or later.

    If you are sick, do you pretend to yourself, No, so, Successful business people admit they need help. They are willing to acknowledge mistakes and change direction; no matter how embarrassed or awkward it may feel.

    They base their decisions on fact, not fiction, and take responsibility for their actions. Telling the truth to your employees shows you care enough about them to share the good and the bad news

    If you are facing a cash flow crunch or major crisis, rally the troops around you, ask for their help, and work together to turn things around.

    Being honest with customers and suppliers is critical to forming strong relationships. If you make a mistake, quickly admit it and find out what it will take to remedy the situation.

    Making excuses, pointing fingers, and shifting blame will get you absolutely nowhere. Customers appreciate dealing with a company that admits it’s not perfect but works hard to untangle problems.

    Deal in an open and clear manner with all your vendors and suppliers. If your sales are slowing, and you know you won’t be ordering as many raw-materials as you used to,be open to your vendors and suppliers.

    So tell the truth and move along. People will respect you, and new opportunities will surely replace the ones you leave behind.
  2. serome

    serome Administrator Staff Member

    This is just the best way to grow your business. Some Nigerians are victims of these. They think when they lie is when they can sell.

    Retaining customers are customers that know the truth. As for me, if you lie for me to buy something, you will never see me again.
  3. Ada

    Ada Member

    65% business people in Ikeja gat no truth in them

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