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The Cost Price Of Mini Buses In Nigeria.

Discussion in 'Price List's' started by Celestina Angel Serome, Jul 22, 2019.

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  1. Celestina Angel Serome

    Celestina Angel Serome Administrator Staff Member

    The mini buses are the top means of road transportation in Nigeria, almost every body uses it for conveying their goods or themselves to their destination, and it's found all over Nigeria.The using of mini buses as a means of transportation has helped Individuals to make earnings, and it's also a source of livelihood for many people. Aside being a means of transportation, it can be bought by individuals for the personal use of the family.

    This is a line of business for many people. Some people or cooperations buy a great number of buses and give it out to individuals on hire purchase, thereby making profits by earning double the amount the bus was bought, other individuals who can buy just one uses it as a means of livelihood by transporting goods and passengers to their destination. It is widely used by many people, and they prefer the mini buses to keke and okada.

    The reasons why people prefer mini buses to keke and okada are:

    . People consider the mini buses to be more balanced when driving, even in smoggy roads.
    . It is best chartered for carrying many different types of goods from one place to another.
    . It protects passengers from rain without a single drop of water wetting their clothes.
    . It is much more comfortable for passengers to sit.
    . Keke carries a maximum of 4 passengers, but the mini buses carry over 4 passengers.
    . Keke and okada are limited; what i mean is that, keke and okada are restricted from some expressway, but mini buses are not.

    A complete new Suzuki mini bus ranges from 4.5million to 5.7million for different models in Nigeria.

    Tokunbo Suzuki minibus prices in Nigeria:
    Suzuki 2000-2001. 650,000-900,000

    Suzuki 2002 700,000-1million

    Suzuki 2003. 700,000-1million

    Suzuki 2005. 850,000-1million

    Suzuki 2013. 1.4m...

    Locally used Suzuki mini bus ranges from 450,000 to 850,000 in Nigeria.

    its no doubt anymore that the mini buses are a great means of income to as many that can afford it, because it is highly used and suggested by a lot of people, so i will say buying a mini bus in not a problem at all.
  2. LORY

    LORY New Member

    People consider the mini buses to be more balanced when driving, even in smoggy roads.

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