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The Price Of Gold Rose Sharply

Discussion in 'General Business' started by jerry0910, Sep 10, 2019.

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  1. jerry0910

    jerry0910 New Member

    Last week, Sino-US trade frictions will restart news of negotiations. Market risk aversion has cooled down immediately, and risk-averse debts have fallen. From the perspective of capital flows, we have observed investment-grade bonds that have been the leader of the bond market in the past few weeks. Last week, the total net inflow was 3.95 billion U.S. dollars, which was significantly lower than the previous week. The high-yield bond funds flowed out slightly, and the emerging market bonds were net inflows of 0.2 billion U.S. dollars. Therefore, the overall amount of funds from the bond market clearly felt the Sino-US trade.
    The news of restarting the negotiations has made the bond market weaker.

    forex - Technical Analysis (Gold XAUUSD):
    Today's foreign exchange gold (September 10) early in the morning at 1498.8 US dollars / ounce, from the technical analysis, the 1 hour level observation trend fell below 1,500 US dollars / ounce, lost support, the road pulled back sharply, according to the gold return line clear When you see pressure, it falls, so after the high point moves down, there is a chance to rebound and then there is a high point.
    At present, the pressure range above the short-term is located at 1498~1498.5 US dollars/ounce. In the downward direction, the initial support range is 1485~1485.5 US dollars/ounce. The operation mentality is mainly short. The investors who want to enter the market for a short time can consider the price of 1487.5 US dollars. To the 1489.5 US dollars/ounce range of light warehouse buy, MT4 set stop loss can be considered to set below 1485.5 US dollars/ounce.
  2. Derikler

    Derikler New Member

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